Fave Sunglasses.


For the longest time, I wouldn’t buy sunglasses. I wore the same (scratched up) aviators over and over and over again because I never seemed to be able to find a pair that I really, truly loved. I have a giant head (most of that being in my forehead) and sunglasses just don’t tend to look great on me.

That said, this summer I found myself finding several pairs I really loved. (I think I stopped caring so much?) It started with my mirrored pink aviators (I feel like such a badass wearing them – except they’re pink!) Then I also ended up scooping up these Supers (my absolute favorite of the group by far — the neutral shade looks amazing with blonde hair.  And then there were these heart guys – because they were only $12.00, and they’re just so cute. I was pretty done, and then my friend Lexi sported her (insane!) colored Coco + Breezy shades. (See them on her here!) And I had to have a pair too except I got the neutral tortoise version. And it ended when Warby + Into the Gloss collaborated on these bad boys… pretty much the most perfect aviator ever. Oops. Too many sunglasses. Is it bad that now I have my eye on these? #cryforhelp.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Lauren:

    Grace, great picks! Loving those white shades!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    7.15.14 Reply
  2. jillian:

    i love the pink pair! xo jillian – cornflake dreams 

    7.15.14 Reply
  3. Nan:

    Love all these options! Those pink aviators are a fabulous find, such a great new take on the classic. But those Supers…swoon!
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

    7.15.14 Reply
  4. Jenn:

    The hubby surprised me for my birthday over the weekend with the pink ray-bans. They are fantastic. And they look killer on blondes…so….yeah. Total badassness.

    7.16.14 Reply
  5. Kelsie:

    I have those heart shades!! I love wearing them to the beach or pool! Eyeing those pink aviators tho…too cute. I’ve seen some really cute blue reflective aviators that are amazing too!


    7.16.14 Reply
  6. Eyemage:

    Fave Sunglasses Collection really good Australia Sunglasses

    7.21.14 Reply