Fashion Rambling: I Miss Calypso’s Julia Dress

I’ll never understand why Calypso stopped making their “Julia” Dress.  (It was their gorgeous wrap dress… it used to come in a wealth of shades of rich silk dupioni.  Everyone was a fan of it… even Oprah!)  I have it in two colors (blue and bronze) and am terribly sad that they stopped making it because I desperately want a new one… (preferably in a summer yellow or kelly green.) 
There are infinite ways to wear it and it really does look great on everyone.  And packing it is a dream because the fabric looks best a little wrinkly.

The same goes for the “Pazzi” dress… but I’m a little bit less sad over that.
I really, really hope that at some point, Calypso reintroduces both of these styles to their line!

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