Fashion Craving: Adam Lippes’ Asymmetrical Handkerchief Dress…

I’ve had a bit of a crush on designer Adam Lippes for about two years now. I bought a black asymmetrical dress… followed by a “tie-dye” blue & yellow one.  And then he had a sample sale last year at Chelsea Market where I proceeded to go a little nuts.

The guy just has a knack for architecture when it comes to his designs. (It makes sense… I read up on him and his bio says he concentrated on art history & architecture while in school.) All of his pieces are (in addition to being well made from supremely soft fabrics,) designed so that the pleats/folds/hems drape fluidly exactly right in all the right places, providing a beautiful silhouette on whomever the wearer may be.  (I’ve seen both skinny and curvy gals in his stuff… and everyone looks fabulous.)

So, I found him on twitter this week and proceed to (probably a little bit embarrassingly) profess my love for his asymmetrical designs. He suggested (excuse me while I gush for a second, yes, hello, Adam Lippes – or at least someone on his PR department – tweeted with me!) that I take a look at this dress, which totally just went on my Spring shopping list. I love all the colors – celadon, pink, and milk… but will probably buy the milk as I’m really really into the LWD (little white dress) for summer.

Knowing how well his other pieces fit, I’m sure this one will not disappoint.

The Asymmetrical Handkerchief Dress… $195.

P.S. He’s got a blog. Check it out here.

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