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As I’ve gotten older I have started to think a lot more about the ingredients in the products that I’m putting on my skin.  It feels like every day I find out about some ingredient that has scary side effects.  Parabens, Sulfates… to be honest I can’t even keep track.  But it scares me.  I will always love trying new products… but the ones I use every day are the all natural ones… the ones where I can read the label and more or less understand what every ingredient is.  One line I really love right now is Farmaesthetics.  They’re based in Newport Rhode Island… I first came across them during my trip to Terrain, when I picked up their eye bright.  Hailed as being three products in one (anti-inflammatory, make-up remover, and line smoother) I was curious about it.  It lived up to the hype – I use it every night to take off my makeup.

Recently they sent over their Midnight Honey Oil and oh my god… this stuff is incredible.  I used it after a bath, on a particularly stressful day.  The oil glides on and hydrates without being too greasy.  But the best part is the scent.  It smells exactly like (gourmet) honey.  I wanted to lick it off of my skin.  Gross, but kind of awesome, too.

Besides the products, I love the packaging.  Let’s be honest, we want things that look pretty on our vanity.  The glass apothecary bottles and minimalist tins do just that.  Consider me hooked…. next up I want to try the honey scrub and the deep lavender rub.


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