My Favorite Shoes for Fall.

loeffler randall corduroy boots
loeffler randall corduroy boots

Fall is my favorite season to shop for, and shoes are where I tend to spend a little more money. I really think that with a great pair of shoes (same with a great bag or coat) you can get away with anything. Today I thought it would be fun to really dive into shoes for Fall – the styles and designers I am most excited about, what I’m pulling out from last year, and what I’m putting away (probably) for a little while.

Spoiler alert: it’s all about being comfortable! Krystal had a really funny/relatable quote on her blog the other day, “When it comes to shoes, the older I get, the closer I want to be to the ground.” I couldn’t agree more. I want to look good but I also want to be comfortable!

What Shoes I’m Buying This Fall.

The big thing here besides boots because boots are just the best is actually slingbacks. I am very much into a good slingback right now.

Kitten Heel Slingbacks

Kitten Heel Slingbacks

I never really bought slingbacks before but I’m very into them right now – especially with a midi or maxi dress, or with denim. I just got this pair (in cognac) from Sarah Flint and am in LOVE. They’re so comfortable and that tortoise heel is such a fun little update. I really want the black – I’m really really hoping they’ll come back in my size soon. And M. Gemi gifted me these python slingbacks which make me feel like a total badass when I wear them. (Take $40 at M. Gemi with code GRACEA40!!)

My favorite shoe designers Right Now.

…Three designers that really stand out to me right now.

Loeffler Randall

My forever favorite. Everything they make just makes me so happy. The corduroy boots above are no exception. Love, love, love! Right now most of the things on their site are still pretty summery… I’m just over here stalking, waiting for more boots and fall heels to drop.

Sarah Flint

I was just introduced to this brand (we learned a little bit about her at our lunch with Cindy Crawford, who is an investor) and am very very into everything she makes. Each pair is made in Italy and there is a huge focus on craftsmanship so that you get a shoe that’s beautiful but also very comfortable. As I mentioned above, these slingbacks are everything!

Marion Parke

I have talked a lot about Marion Parke here before. She is a podiatrist turned footwear designer and everything she makes is amazing. She sent me these boots and I love them – they’re really, really comfortable. I feel like a broken record talking about her so much but am such a fan. More love for her shoes here!

What I’m Excited to Wear from Last Year.

I have had my Manolo Blahnik BB heels for years now and they are the most comfortable designer shoes I own. The BB heel is such a classic – it’s perfectly pointy and always in style. I have the black suede and nude patent in the higher (105mm/4″) height, and the grey and bright red in the lower (69mm/2 3/4″) height. I always reach for them and get the bottom little nub replaced every year. The lower heel is insanely comfortable but not very sexy so I tend to only wear them with jeans where the taller height is less comfortable but makes me feel like hot shit with a good dress.

I’m also really excited to wear my Gucci Jordaan loafers – last year I bought the brown and they were one of my best purchases. I’ve thought about getting a black pair but will probably just stick to the brown.

What I Put Away.. for now at least!

I’m not really into classic ballet flats right now. They’ll come back in style I’m sure, but for now I am sticking to loafers and my favorite Vince sneakers.

The other thing I’m less into is my suede over the knee boots. This makes me sad as there was a time where they were my favorite shoes! I loved my highland boots but they are a lot and I feel like I’m trying to be someone else when I wear them. I’ve just gotten a lot more casual. Maybe for a date, but I look at them and they just feel a little too extra. They were expensive so maybe I’ll fall back in love with them at some point… if not, I’ll likely sell them. I got a lot of wear out of them (I bought them in 2014 and they’re still in great shape) but I’ve just kinda moved on.

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says 10.1.18

    I love the boots you’re wearing in this post – the colour is so unique, and so fall-esque! Super cute. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • grace at the stripe says 10.1.18

      thanks so much charmaine!

  2. Allie says 10.1.18

    I love fall boots. I get so excited to pick out the best new pairs every year. I’m excited the lace up bootie seems to be back in style! And I love your corduroy ones! They are so unique and fun! Happy Monday, xAllie

    • grace at the stripe says 10.1.18

      thanks allie! hope you had a great weekend!!!

  3. Amara grace Jakobsen says 10.1.18

    I really love the boots you are wearing in that picture. The color is perfect.

    • grace at the stripe says 10.1.18

      thank you Amara!

  4. Katherine says 10.1.18

    Obsessed with those LR cord boots! So dreamy. I had a somewhat unrelated question…I was wondering if you’ve posted anywhere about your favorite blogs to read? I’m on the hunt for some good ones. Yours is currently the only one I consistently enjoy!

  5. LoveCompassionateLee says 10.1.18

    Beautiful options! I love camel colored and grey suede footwear for the fall.

    Happy Monday

  6. LoveCompassionateLee says 10.1.18

    Great selection! I love camel colored and grey suede footwear for the fall.

    Happy Monday

    • grace at the stripe says 10.1.18

      Thank you! Me too.

  7. elizabeth ashley says 10.1.18

    Yes to everything Loeffler Randall creates! & I would love to see a slingback round-up post, if you’re looking for ideas 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 10.2.18

      Thanks Elizabeth! xx

  8. Abby says 10.2.18

    I love that you included the section on what you are wearing again and what shoe you are retiring (not picking up this season at least). It’s such a good tell if someone in Fashion like you rewears shoes or owns couple of pairs(like the Manolos you mentioned). Great categories!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.2.18

      Oh good, I’m really glad you liked that part!!!

  9. Shana says 10.2.18

    I like the “what I put away” section 🙂 I can relate on the ballet flat front. The old faithful, tried and true, need a bit of a rest and I love loafers!!! I am always interested in non-suede recommendations because I LOVE suede but in the winter/rainier months down south I find it isn’t practical and I’m always worried I will ruin them. Great post 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 10.2.18

      Aw good, I’m glad you liked it! xx