Fall Outfit Inspiration.

fall 2017 outfit inspiration | the stripe
get the look: glasses // jacket // dress // heels

I have been having so much fun going through my favorite magazines and street style blogs to figure out what I want to buy for Fall. My style this season is going to be rich and colorful. There are a lot of trends I really love (velvet, leopard, jewel tones).. and others that I don’t (pant suits, overalls, plaid)… and to be honest, I think watching Gossip Girl reruns has influenced me as well. It’s kinda amazing how the show is now ten years old but still so relevant (fashion-wise, at least). I’ve been bingeing that show hard and all I want to do is channel my inner Serena Van der Woodsen but I also know I need to squash that thought as I am (literally!) twice the age of the characters, at least in season one. How’s that for a depressing thought?

This post will give you an idea of what’s inspiring me for Fall. You’ve already seen (some) of it as I’ve started to do a little bit of shopping, but these are the things I am most excited about… and a peek at what’s to come. I’m sure lots will change after fashion week… and I’ll be sure to recap my favorite street style + FW trends, but this is a start!

so many great ways to wear over the knee boots!

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Shoes // I’m lucky that when it comes to shoes, I’ve built umm… quite a collection. My Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps are my old standby when I want to feel chic, especially if I know I am taking taxis. And I love, love, love my Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots. They’re surprisingly versatile – great over (thin) jeans, or layered under all my dresses and skirts. For days where I am in meetings in the city (and hopping on and off the subway/not taking taxis which is usually the case) I bought two more pairs of my favorite J.Crew Factory Wedges. They are indestructible and insanely comfortable. I’m also loving leopard. My go-to Clare V clutch (not shoes but whatever) will be in major rotation and this pair of Kate Spade heels is so cute. Also, these Loeffler Randall sandals (in pink) are totally haunting me. I bought the black + multicolor version last year and still wear them all the time… but these have a lower, chunky heel and are just so fab.

Dresses // I get teased by my friends a lot as I stick to what I know and love but I will always love my cold shoulder silhouette. Add an a-line silhouette and I’m in love. I picked up this one from Maje and it’s everything – soooo flattering. I will be shooting it for the blog soon but if you need a great dress, jump on it. And you’ve already seen this velvet dress (in this post) but it’s pretty much the greatest… I will be wearing it all Fall, and then in the winter with tights and boots.

Flared Denim // This isn’t a trend but when we shot this look, I realized how leg lengthening they can be! This pair is fab. You can expect to see more flares here, paired with wedges and/or platform shoes of course. The combination is so flattering as it makes your legs look a million miles long. The trick really is getting your shoes right. I have been wearing mine with these sandals but once things cool off I would pair them with my BB Pumps or a slightly pointy boot like these (not round-toe, I don’t know what it is but I hate how round-toes look with flares).

Beauty // While I traditionally go for a red or red/orange lip, I’ve been seeing a bold pink lip everywhere. Not past seasons’ hot pink or fuchsia… this one is deeper and more sultry – almost a pinky purple. I am loving NARS’ Powermatte Lip Pigments. American Woman is a dark pink that’s very wearable and good for everyday, whereas Give It Up is a bit more editorial/dramatic… perfect for parties! I’m also favoring a navy blue manicure/pedicure (Chanel Mariniere is my favorite). Deep navy, so dark that it’s almost black.

oversized sunglasses | fall 2017 outfit inspiration | the stripe

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Big, Bold Sunglasses // Big, crazy old lady tortoise sunglasses are my everything. I have a big face so need to wear larger sunglasses anyway, but I’m taking things to the next level this season. We’re going Olsen twin/crazy old lady. I am completely obsessed with this pair. They are expensive though. These are nearly identical, and for something ultra affordable, these are really cool. And these are only $8!

Jewelry: I’m feeling simple and bold this season. Minimal color and lots of gold. Oversized gold jewelry pieces in simple silhouettes (like a great cuff, or bold earrings). My favorite BaubleBar drops will stay in rotation, and I need a simple gold cuff like this one. And of course my Julie Vos pieces. I’m never without this link bracelet and this cuff.

bright yellow coat | gossip girl inspiration | fall 2017 outfit inspiration | the stripe

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Blair Waldorf Inspired Coats // Blair may have been “queen,” but really… she was queen of the coats. I’m especially into the idea of a yellow coat – in season 3, Blair has the most gorgeous yellow coat – it was all I can think about. On the non-yellow front, this Kate Spade coat is so gorgeous… I love the velvet trim and big shiny gold buttons!

little red dress | jenny walton | fall 2017 outfit inspiration | the stripe

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Red // I will never tire of red, which is a good thing as (according to Elle at least) “power red” is the color of Fall 2017! I love a great red dress and will definitely be adding one or two new ones to my closet this season. This one is on sale and would look good on pretty much everyone, and the I love a good red wrap dress. I plan on bringing my vintage red Chanel bag out to play as much as possible too. I don’t really love red shoes… most tend to be a little much, unless it’s a flat. My red Repetto ballet flats are an old standby.

image sources: Leather Jacket + Slip Dress, Highland BootsSunglassesBlair’s Coat, Red Dress,


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  1. Red and taller boots are so on my agenda this fall! Been wearing so many light colours in summer, now I feel like it’s time for a change to bolder colours for the cooler weather!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.6.17 Reply
  2. Such a great post – I like how you incorporate some things you already own as well as newness 🙂 I am all about the red dress – have been eyeing the Realisation Par wrap version forever. Also, I love that you mixed in Gossip Girl inspo – so much nostalgia and memories!

    9.6.17 Reply
  3. Bets:

    The Julie Vos pieces are just so gorgeous! Love your approach to the season. Can you share how you care for your footwear. I seem to be so rough on my heels.

    9.6.17 Reply
    • Thanks Bets!

      In terms of caring for footwear, honestly… I have shoes I can bang around (i.e. the J.Crew wedges) and then the rest of my shoes I’m just super careful with (I won’t walk around the city too much in them, they’re more for parties and events when I’m taking cabs, etc.) After wearing my nicer shoes I dust them off with a soft cloth and then store on a shelf. And every year I get the little plastic nib on the bottom of the heel replaced!

      9.6.17 Reply
  4. Ahhhh loving everything you listed here Grace. I can’t wait to style more pieces for the new season!


    9.6.17 Reply
  5. Totally agree with you about sunglasses. I always gravitate toward the bigger frames. I actually tried on those enormous, square Gucci frames the other day and may have fallen in love…

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

    9.6.17 Reply
  6. Heidi:

    Love the SW boots. I got the Tieland version last year because it has a shorter, chunkier heel but I got water on them the first day I wore them and it made some pretty bad spots. I literally cried since I ruined my $800 boots on the first wear.

    9.6.17 Reply
  7. There’s so much I love about this post! I have got to rewatch Gossip Girl. I am older than you are so the fact that I still want to be Serena is a little much. 🙂 The fashion was so, so good. I wanted that Prada Marfa piece in Lily’s apartment and finally bought it a few years ago. We only brought 2 pieces of art on our recent move to LA and it was one of them!

    Back to the fall trends, I love your post because it summarizes everything in one spot. The flare jeans you wore the other day looked fantastic on you and made me wish I hadn’t just donated my only pair. To the mall I go…

    9.6.17 Reply
    • Hahaha we can still try to be her… just maybe with longer hemlines and a little less cleavage.
      I love that print from Lily’s apartment – so, so good!!!

      And yes, to the mall you go! They aren’t a trend… but they are so flattering!

      9.7.17 Reply
  8. I love all your Fall picks! Some great finds. And you’re right- Blair was the queen of coats! I love her style so much!

    9.7.17 Reply
  9. Lisa:

    Such a fun, fun, fun post, Grace! I loved everything about it! I’ve been searching high and low for some comfy pumps (for work), but no such luck. Maybe I’ll check out those wedges! And Gossip Girl – oh my, I am such a Blair! LOVE her style so much, and hey fashion should be fun and not discriminatory against age! I’m 32, but I still like having bows and ribbons in my hair – ha! 😉


    9.22.17 Reply