Eyelet Dress.

blue eyelet dress 1
coat // dress // bag // espadrilles


I wore this outfit to a day of meetings in the city (before it got cold). The blue + pink pairing was actually an accidental combination… I reached for my little pink Cuyana bag and realized how cute it looked with my pale blue dress. Love when that happens. I’m going to try to mix and match more colors this Spring… I usually just pair single colors with neutral pieces…  it’s fun to experiment.

Also, my coat is sold out but this one is almost identical and costs much less than what I paid. It’s on sale, too! If you are in the market for a white coat, this might be the one to get.

Lastly, I know my dress is expensive. It was a big splurge. I tracked down a few more affordable options for you here (cute + casual), here (stunning!), here (probably the most similar to mine but with short sleeves), and here. It’s surprisingly hard to find cute eyelet dresses with long sleeves!

Outfit Details: Club Monaco Coat (sold out – this one is identical and on sale.) // Carven Dress (also here, + here in white… and check out the matching shorts!) // Soludos Espadrilles // Cuyana Bag //Celine Sunglasses

blue eyelet dress 2

blue eyelet dress 3

blue eyelet dress 4

blue eyelet dress 5

blue eyelet dress 6

blue eyelet dress 7

blue eyelet dress 8

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Gorgeous dress, the weather in London is a bit odd at the moment as well. It starts off warm and bright then all of a sudden…*boom* rain! ;(

    4.14.16 Reply
  2. carrie:

    This dress is EVERYTHING!!! I love everything about it and it looks really nice on you. If only it was about $400 less.

    4.14.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      I know. It was a big splurge. FYI, I just updated the post this morning with a few pretty eyelet dresses that are similar but a bit more affordable. I hope it’s helpful!

      4.14.16 Reply
  3. Natali:

    Super beautiful and feminine! I’m loving your shoes and dress very much. 🙂


    4.14.16 Reply
  4. Sara:

    Hi there, the comment below about the cost of the dress had be wondering how you justify spending $580 dollars on a dress? I am asking this out of curiosity (not trying to be snarky at all). When you add up the cost of the dress, the coat, and the bag the total cost comes out to over $1,000.

    4.14.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Sara,

      I’m not really sure what to say to answer this. Your question feels more critical than curious. When you ask me to justify a big purchase, do you want me to explain how I was financially able to afford it? Are you looking to understand what makes the dress worth the price tag? I’m not being snarky either. To be honest with you, I felt guilty buying this… usually I splurge on bags + shoes rather than clothing. That being said, I’d had a really good month revenue-wise and wanted to treat myself to a pretty dress that I can wear to a few upcoming events + speaking engagements. I’ve admired Carven’s designs for a very long time now, and I live in lace dresses this time of year. When I saw this one (and the beautiful detailing on the sleeves + the quality of the lace) I fell in love. It fit me perfectly and I decided to splurge on it.

      Anyway, thank you for reading and for the question. I hope that answers it?

      4.14.16 Reply
      • Sara:

        HI there – thanks for the answer. I was not specifically asking about your financial situation which would allow you to purchase this, it was more of a question on how you chose to make that decision, which I think you answered. I would like to note that by answering in a truthful and honest way about how you made that decision (and about how you felt a little guilty) make you much more approachable to your readers (many of whom would choose other things – like paying of school loans, or mortgage, or childcare over buying an outfit that costs that much)

        4.14.16 Reply
        • graceatwood:

          That totally makes sense. Thanks for your response back. I am lucky in that I don’t have any of those things (school loans, a mortgage, childcare, big responsibilities) which I think allows me to splurge more than a lot of people can. I know at some point (or at least I really hope) I will be married with kids and a mortgage and I won’t be able to do this anymore… 🙂

          4.14.16 Reply
  5. love the dress!


    4.14.16 Reply
  6. Just read the comments… First off, I love this dress! Secondly, I think you handled that question perfectly… I splurge on dresses that I know I will wear time and time again, as do most people.

    4.14.16 Reply
  7. Regine Karpel:
    4.14.16 Reply
  8. terri martin:

    This is so cute! I love the blue + pink together.

    4.14.16 Reply
  9. Rachel Long:

    Love this outfit – and your skin is glowing!

    4.14.16 Reply
  10. Kate:

    this might be one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen. Love it on you, I hope it goes on sale!!

    4.14.16 Reply
  11. Lisa:

    I always like to justify my big purchases by cost per wear. If I will wear it (or use it) again and again, then the big price tag isn’t such a huge deal in the long run. And if you love it, then splurge.

    You look very cute by the way.

    4.14.16 Reply
  12. M:

    Your Cuyana bag is gorgeous! I have the larger saddle bag and love it!


    4.14.16 Reply
  13. I say, if you love it, can’t stop thinking about it and know you’ll wear it, then get it! You do you, girl. I love this dress on you.

    Natalie Was Here

    4.14.16 Reply
  14. kelly owens:

    You look stunning in these photos!!

    4.14.16 Reply
  15. Kara:

    That lace is just so exquisite!

    4.14.16 Reply
  16. Such a beautiful outfit! Very girly and sweet, and I love the pastels combination; definitely one of my favorite looks of yours. ❤️

    4.15.16 Reply