Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Hope you had a great long weekend! Mine was nice – productive but also really fun too. I went to The Fulton for dinner on Friday night, and then on Saturday night Becca and I checked out Le Crocodile at the Wythe Hotel. In between: yoga, lots of work, and just general life admin. I got my closet area redone yesterday (you can see more on Instagram… I hired New York Closets to do it based on your recs in the secret Facebook group). This was really exciting as having shelving above my hanging items is a real game-changer… as is having clothing racks that aren’t constantly falling over, ha ha, the little things, right??

I also watched (and LOVED) the Ralph Lauren documentary (Very Ralph on HBO). At the risk of sounding trite, it was so inspiring! I loved getting to learn more about how he built his brand (it was FASCINATING seeing how he approaches his design process – I think it is really different than how other designers think) and also really nice learning more about his family life. Highly recommend it.

Anywho, this outfit diary is def a longer one as I was out and about quite a bit last week. I had the Veronica Beard show on Monday (so fun) and a bunch of parties and also friends staying with me every night until Saturday. So I was out a LOT.  As a result, I will be in a LOT this week. I decided that this week I am going to take a week off from alcohol… my body def needs a little break!

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Saturday Night: 

The occasion: The Daily Front Row party at The Fleur Room.

What I wore: Kate Spade dress (via Rent the Runway, I’m obsessed! Use my code RTRGRACE to get $100 off your first 6 month trial!) // Bird Glitter Hoop Earrings // old J.Crew Coat // Tamara Mellon Heels


The occasion: Watching The Oscars – had a few friends over.

What I wore: Splendid Puff Sleeve Top (on sale!) // AGOLDE Jeans // Vince Sneakers

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.


The occasion: Veronica Beard’s first runway show!

What I wore: Veronica Beard Blazer, Dress, and Boots – also here (all gifted) // Emily’s Dress + Blazer. Her belt is from B-low the Belt, I went home and ordered it afterward! (PS – follow Emily, she is really awesome and kind and also has incredible style!!!)


The occasion: Dinner at Polo Bar.

What I wore: Rebecca Minkoff Dress -honestly didn’t love this one as much; felt like it made me look a little thicker through the middle but wore it anyway // (via Rent the Runway, I’m obsessed! Use my code RTRGRACE to get $100 off your first 6 month trial!) // Express Tights // Veronica Beard Boots // Holst + Lee Earrings.

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.


The occasion: Dinner at Cote.

What I wore: Tibi sequin top (old!!)

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Friday Day: 

The occasion: Working from home.

What I wore: Kondi tracksuit (gifted)

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Friday Night: 

The occasion: Dinner at The Fulton.

What I wore: ASTR dress (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale find from a few years ago, still a favorite!) // Veronica Beard Boots // my coat is very old J.Crew. I wanted to post this selfie because I loved my lip color – it’s the Glamsquad lip balm in nude!

That’s it for everything I wore last week!


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  1. Love your outfits, Grace! Always so pretty! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.18.20 Reply
  2. Stacey Hoffman:

    Love that splendid top, I think I might need to buy! Also your Veronica Beard outfit is amazing, love that bright pink blazer.

    2.18.20 Reply
  3. Ezgi:

    This is my absolute favourite weekly series, not entirely sure why. But it is.

    2.18.20 Reply
  4. That pink dress/blazer look is SO good on you!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    2.18.20 Reply
  5. Kim:

    Hi! Can you please tell me where the striped phone case is from? It’ s so cute!

    2.18.20 Reply
  6. That RL doc is on my list to watch but I keep putting it off! I can’t wait to watch it – I’ve heard it’s beyonddddd inspiring. Loving the pink blazer and red tracksuit!! x http://www.essellesse.com

    2.18.20 Reply
  7. Kris:

    Hey Grace! Newish reader and I love these roundups. Not sure if you’ve answered this before, but I would love a post about what treatments you do regularly (massage, facial, lasers, etc.) and how often? Also, do you do Shellac or gel on your nails? Love your blog and podcast! xo

    2.18.20 Reply
    • Hey Kris,

      So glad to hear you love the roundups.

      Sure! There isn’t any real rhyme or reason. The only constant is that I try to go to Christine Chin 2x a year for a deep cleansing facial and Glowbar every quarter (they usually do a lactic acid peel, dermaplaning, and microcurrent but it depends on what the aesthetician recommends.. they mix it up. Massages I’d love to get more often but are a nice to have so I get one when I want to relax or am really stressed. I don’t do any lasers or other things. As for Shellac, sometimes? Just depends on my mood and if I’m traveling or going to be hard on my hands. Right now I don’t have any polish on. 🙂

      Hope that helps.

      2.18.20 Reply
  8. That black dress with brown boots is so cute on you.

    2.18.20 Reply
  9. Love all of these looks but especially that last one!

    xx Chelsea

    2.18.20 Reply