Everything I Wore Last Week, 12.21.22.

Everything I Wore Last Week 12.21.22

Everything I Wore Last Week, 12.21.22

Last week was packed with work but also lots of fun, especially with my family! The better part of my brand deadlines was Weds and Thurs so I was just head down, working. On Friday I took part of the afternoon to spend time with my dad and help him finish holiday shopping. On Saturday, my boyfriend, sister, and her kids all got to town so it was lots of family things (plus karaoke with my girlfriends on Saturday night) all weekend long! This week is just that last holiday push and then I had to California for ten days! I hope you are surviving the last of the holiday push..!


What I Did: Went to a holiday floral arranging class with girlfriends.

What I Wore: Tuckernuck Kaftan (sold out) // Porte & Pair Heels // Fendi Earring (via The RealReal)

Fendi Earring

I wanted to show you a close up of the Fendi earring. It’s so fun! I wore a diamond stud in the other ear.

La DoubleJ Dress | Everything I Wore Last Week 12.21.22


What I Did: Lunch at The Post House with Margaux + a few other influencers.

What I Wore: La DoubleJ Dress (from last year) // Veronica Beard Boots (several years old)

Walmart Tee + Everlane jeans


What I Did: Worked from home

What I Wore: Walmart Tee (wearing an XL for a loose fit) // Everlane Jeans (my uniform lately!)

Fuzzy Sezane Sweater


What I Did: Went out to lunch with my dad and helped him finish his Christmas shopping.

What I Wore: Sezane Sweater (tts, SO fuzzy and soft!) // Everlane Jeans // Vince Sneakers

Tory Burch tinsel cardigan | Everything I Wore Last Week 12.21.22

Friday Night:

What I Did: Met friends at Vintage Lounge

What I Wore: Same as during the day but swapped out my sweater for this Tory Burch tinsel cardigan.

Johanna Ortiz dress


What I Did: Went out to karaoke with friends.

What I Wore: Johanna Ortiz dress // Commando slip (this part is important, dress is fully sheer) // Sarah Flint Heels

Velvet faux shearling jacket


What I Did: Dinner at my parents’ house

What I Wore: Velvet faux shearling jacket (from my Stitch Fix box) // Everlane Jeans // Vince Sneakers

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  1. Tamara Kennedy:

    Hi Grace! Merry Christmas, happy holidays! Thank you so much for everything you do with the blog. It’s my favorite read every morning. My favorite feature is your weekly outfits. I always find new ways to coordinate my current clothes or find a new piece to add to my collection-especially with your new favorites. I’ve always trusted you for make up and skin care. Thank you! I just can’t say that enough. Best wishes to you and yours.

    P.S. what is that round hole looking thingy on the wall behind the treadmill? It’s making me crazy trying to figure out what it could be?

    12.22.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I have no idea, actually. It’s cool though! Old houses have such fun little details.

      12.22.22 Reply
      • m.:

        I had the same hole in my pre-war NYC apartment kitchen where a coal stove most likely once was. It’s probably some sort of old school heating/vent situation?

        12.22.22 Reply
        • grace at the stripe:

          ooh I bet you are right!

          12.23.22 Reply
  2. Stacia:


    Like Tamara I also love your weekly outfit posts. We have similar casual style taste and I also take away new ideas to put together my basics. I’d love to know where the blue striped shirt is from (under your Velvet shearling jacket). Also love your book suggestions as I also love mysteries and thrillers. I do lean more toward slow-burn mysteries (usually set in creepy European areas!) than thrillers but I’ve enjoyed your honest takes on what you’re reading.

    Would also love to say that I have very much appreciated your honest, personal posts that help to remind us readers that we’re all doing the best we can and to not try to emulate the image of perfection that lots of influencers put out there. It is what has kept me reading yours (and 1 or 2 others) after getting tired of the one-dimensional portrayals of other influencers. So please know that you have readers who really appreciate the honestly and authenticity of what you do.

    Happy holidays from Maine (though consider Charleston to be one of my favorite US based vacation spots!).

    12.25.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! The tee is quite old from Saint James. I don’t think they make that color combo anymore but this is the style: https://bit.ly/3GvTDQk

      12.30.22 Reply
  3. Lynn:

    I love these outfits of the week and your dinners with your family . I love the lipstick you wore with the furry Jacket that you wore this past week to dinner at your parents house if you don’t mind sharing that color with me . I almost snagged that white lace blouse from Anthropologie but realized that I really had enough since we don’t go out much since my husband got sick fairly fast with Alzheimers. Terrible disease . It’s very difficult with a partner on the relationship. I am sure to buy something from you unless I sit on my hands because you have the best suggestions for a bit warmer weather climate and I’m in a Florida Winter now . Loved your New Years Video . Stay Safe ❤️

    1.7.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I’m so sorry but I don’t remember!!! Hope you had a happy holiday, Lynn.

      1.8.23 Reply
  4. Fátima:

    I love your style and how the green tones match your eyes! #doingitright
    Happy New Year to you Grace, and thanks for being an inspiration 🙂

    1.7.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you!!!

      1.8.23 Reply