Everything I Wore in Harbour Island.

Everything I Wore in Harbour Island

GAHHHH. Our trip to Harbour Island was amazing. I had the best time and it’s amazing how incredible 3 days away could be for my mental/emotional state of mind. New York is cold and rainy and am already thinking about how to get back there again. I can’t recommend it enough. I don’t remember the last time I liked a place so much! Later in the week I will have another post up with everything we did + a review of our hotel but wow – it’s such a special place.

Today I’m sharing everything I wore during our trip. There are vacations where I’ll definitely wear the same pair of cutoffs and a tee the whole time, and vacations where I actually try a little. I tried this trip. I will also say that headbands were my saving grace. My keratin treatment has grown out so my hair is pretty much back to its frizzy ways, especially close to the roots. I don’t really mind it (a little frizz is cute on vacation) but this trend was really wonderful for helping to keep it under control.

Also guys! Got so many DMs about blondes wearing yellow! Blonde friends: yellow is your power color! I could not love it more, especially with a tan. Getting a lotttttt of mileage from this headband. And the Summersalt set which I bought this past summer and cannot recommend enough. Lastly, there were so many questions about this cat purse. It’s just the best. It doesn’t hold much but it does fit my iPhone, some credit cards, and a couple lipsticks. All you really need!

Here’s a list of everything I wore in Harbour Island:

Thursday Travel:

What I wore: Tie-Dye Sweatshirt // Lele Sadoughi Headband

Thursday Dinner:

What I wore: gifted CoolChange Dress // Roxanne Assoulin Bracelets // Figue Rainbow Slides // Kate Spade x Cats Purse // Fenty Beauty Lipstick in Dragon Mami (new vacation fav!)

Friday Beach:

What I wore: Summersalt Bikini Top, Bottoms, and Sarong (CAN NOT RECOMMEND THIS SET MORE!)// Quay Sunglasses


Friday Dinner:

What I wore: gifted Persifor Dress // Fenty Beauty Lipstick in Dragon Mami (new vacation fav!)

Everything I Wore in Harbour Island

Saturday Day:

What I wore: gifted Persifor Top + Shorts // Gold Birkenstocks // Quay Sunglasses // Lele Sadoughi Headband

Saturday Beach:

What I wore: Flagpole Swimsuit (I got so many questions about this suit… it’s actually about a year and a half old so it’s sold out in a bunch of questions but def recommend checking out Flagpole Swim! Their suits are definitely pricy but the fabrics are really nice (thick, high quality, etc) and the suits all fit really, really well. I wear a medium!)

Everything I Wore in Harbour Island

Saturday Dinner:

What I wore: gifted Cool Change Top + Skirt // Figue Sandals // Kate Spade Cat Purse // Lele Sadoughi Headband // Lele Sadoughi Earrings

Everything I Wore in Harbour Island

Sunday Day:

What I wore: CoolChange Dress // Lele Sadoughi Pink Headband // Kate Spade Cat Purse // Birkenstocks // Amazon Sunglasses

Everything I Wore in Harbour Island

Sunday Beach:

What I wore: La Blanca Swimsuit (old, available in light blue here) // Persifor Shorts 

(This pic is nothing special but I had to share it because these shorts are just everything for the beach!) Obsessed! I really really hope they make them in more sizes.


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  1. Marisa:

    Ring detail please! It’s fabulous!!

    12.10.19 Reply
  2. You look lovely, Grace! The matching purple top and skirt is my favourite outfit! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.10.19 Reply
  3. Katie:

    Love a good beach short! California brand Marine Layer often has some good linen or rayon elastic waist shorts each year. Also if you don’t put them in the dryer they can last for years. I have a linen pair bought from a cheap boutique in Santa Monica that are 14 years old! I can’t wait to check out Persifor!

    12.10.19 Reply
    • Oooh thanks for the tip! I’ve never had anything like these and just love them so much!

      12.10.19 Reply
  4. Becca:

    Hi! Love all these looks! I am going to Eleuthera and doing a day trip to harbor island next week! Would you say the vibe there is on the dressier side? My mom thinks it’s very chi chi so I’m trying to figure out if I should try harder that day because Eleuthera is super casual! Lol thank you!

    12.10.19 Reply
    • I think anything goes, but you can definitely dress up! My outfit diary pretty much encapsulates what people wear (the purple crop top set is maybe a little extra) but little sundresses and cute tops/shorts would be perfect.

      12.10.19 Reply
  5. Giving me all the inspo for my post holiday Florida vacay!! Looks like you had a great time, and omg in love with these persifor pieces!! 🙂 Happy holidays, Grace!

    xx Libby

    12.10.19 Reply
  6. Maria N.:

    I am living for the cat purse!

    12.10.19 Reply
  7. Katie:

    You are GORGEOUS and most importantly look so happy and healthy and rested in these photos! Vacation does the soul good, huh? 🙂

    12.11.19 Reply
  8. Betsie:

    Why why does Birkenstock not continue to offer the sandals in metallic gold. They’re so perfect.

    12.11.19 Reply
    • I think about this all the time. Do they not want money!? I get asked about these all the time and hate that they’re sold out!

      12.11.19 Reply
  9. Lori:

    Heading to Briland soon for my 5th straight New Year’s Eve (but we’ve been going for a decade). It really is a special place; a perfect mix of nature, fancy dining, and actual Bahamian culture.
    I hope you had a frozen goombay smash at Rock House; liquid happiness and a gorgeous sunset!

    12.12.19 Reply
  10. marys:

    You have a good golden skin color to wear yellow. I have a fair, rosy complexion and yellow looks terrible on me (as does orange, camel and peach). It actually makes me look sick. If I am going to wear yellow, I try to keep it away from my face for just a little pop–a purse, a pair of sandals, a belt. More power to those who can carry it off!

    12.13.19 Reply
  11. Daisy Carter:

    Wow, all the pictures are very beautifully clicked. I loved your dresses especially the last one and the one with golden sandals, Persifor top and short. Nice post 🙂

    12.17.19 Reply