Every Beauty Junkie’s Dream…

Every year, I look forward to Cosmetic Executive Women Product Demonstration.  It’s basically a demonstration of all the best beauty products that launched over the course of the year.  It’s a lot of fun.  Anyone and everyone (women, at least) in the beauty industry stops by – at least to pick up their gift bag.  I get to catch up with old co-workers… all the while, sampling fun products, sipping wine, and nibbling on delicious treats.

This year’s event did not dissappoint.  First of all, they served (my favorite!)  Baked by Melissa mini-cupcakes.  Meanwhile, Veet had hunky men handing out roses to all the women.  Crest was handing out White Strips and other Whitening products by the box, Nordstrom handed out cute tote bags, and most importantly, the bar was fully stocked so I could load up on wine.  (Did I mention they serve wine?)

On top of that, the crowd is highly fashionable, which makes for great people watching.  (I guess this shouldn’t be surprising… it is a beauty industry event, after all!)

But the best part?  (By far?)  The gift bag.  It’s like Christmas, packaged in a sturdy, zip-top Allure bag.  Filled all the way to the top with full-sized, top of the line beauty products…. (I could barely carry it home.)  Heaven.  My living room floor currently looks like the beauty counter at Saks exploded and I’m having the best time playing with my new treats.

What I’m most excited about?  Perfume from Memoire Liquid (smells sort of like vacation…) Kate Somerville Sunless Tanning Towlettes, A lash serum from FUSION Beauty, a luxe looking collagen treatment for hair, and a fun looking roller-ball from Garnier.

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