Equilibria’s Forever Sale.

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Equilibria Forever Sale

If you are a long time reader, you know alllll about my love for Equilibria’s CBD. I have been subscribing to their products since September 2019 (you can read all about my CBD journey in this blog post!). I love this company. They are female-founded (the nicest team), and their products really work. I have struggled with falling asleep (and staying asleep) for pretty much as long as I can remember and these products are the first thing that worked for me outside of prescription strength sleeping pills. That’s the number one reason why I love their products, but I also will take a few drops and/or a gummy during the day to calm down if I am feeling stressed.

Equilibria’s Forever Sale

I love their products and over the past three (!!!) years have talked about this brand constantly and heard from YOU how much you love them, too! This month, Equilibria is doing something special for my audience… but just for 48 hours. It’s something they NEVER do! For the next 48 hours, Equilibria will be doing a “forever discount” when you subscribe to their products. No matter what is in your cart, or how your subscription changes from month to month (I mix things up, but more on that below!) the discount is yours for life! Just use code graceatwoodforever ! Valid for new subscriptions but also existing customers who have never subscribed. After these 48 hours, my usual code graceatwood will work, giving you 15% off your first order.

Here is how it works! For the next 48 hours, graceatwoodforever will get you 20% off of your subscription…. for as long as you subscribe. It is worth noting that Equilibria’s subscriptions have an “always savings” of 25%. So when you stack the two, it’s a 45% savings! This is huge! 48 hours only.

Equilibria CBD products
I want to add that I am generally not a big fan of subscription products but Equilibria makes it really easy.

(I have two accounts: one for me and one for my dad, who subscribes to the soft gels – he finds that they really help with both sleep and his gout – a kind of random benefit!?). If for some reason you don’t like it or want to end your subscription, it’s easy to cancel. But more importantly if you want to skip a month or adjust your subscription, that’s easy too. For example, I realized my mom loves their bath salts so I added those to my dad’s subscription. But then I was over their house and noticed she had quite a few, so the next month I took that off her subscription. It is easy!!!!

For my own subscription, I subscribe to the extra strength drops and the 25mg soft gels. I find that the drops help me fall asleep and the soft gels help me STAY asleep. But I will update my subscription as I see fit. I also love their relief cream, bath salts, sleep gummies, daily gummies, and the new rapid sleep melts… so I will from time to time add those into my subscription and then remove the next month if I don’t need more!

Equilibria soft gels

I truly love these products so much and think you will too, if you haven’t already tried them. Once again, the code is graceatwoodforever… but the code will only last the next 48 hours. If you have any CBD related questions, leave ’em in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!

Grace Atwood x Equilibria Forever Sale
Equilibria Forever Sale
Equilibria's Forever Sale

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