Epic Holiday Thanks Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Holiday Giveaway Alert! (ends 12/19) | The Stripe Blog

Saying “thank you” is important. Right? Everyone knows that. I don’t know if I say thank you enough for coming here and reading every day… for your comments, your “likes” on social media, and so on and so forth. Blogging can be very isolating at times and it is your sweet comments, emails, snaps, and so on and so forth that keep me inspired and make me love running this site so much.

Today, in the spirit of saying THANKS, I have teamed up with two of my close friends + fellow bloggers, Jess Kirby and Julia Dzafic on a giveaway that can only be described as… epicThe three of us pooled our own money to buy a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom… and then reached out to a few of our favorite brand partners to secure additional, amazing prizes. The final prize is worth over $4,000. I’ve outlined everything you could win below, but all you have to do is enter your email address in the widget below! You can get additional entries by sharing the giveaway and/or following us + our brand partners on Instagram (it will prompt you to do so after entering your email address).

IMPORTANT: If you can’t see the widget below, you can enter by going to this page!


  • $1,000 to Nordstrom. Because, duh. They have everything.
  • $500 to vineyard vines. Because they have the coziest sweaters ever + beautiful holiday outfits.
  • $500 to BaubleBar. Because they have the greatest jewelry (and with $500 you can really go crazy!!!)
  • $500 to Design Darling. Because Mackenzie has an incredible eye and has curated the best stuff.
  • $500 to BareMinerals. Because their makeup is phenomenal and their new(ish) skincare line is so so good! Their face oil is my favorite.
  • $500 to Brahmin. Because everyone needs a classic handbag!
  • $250 to S.W. Basics. Because affordable, non-toxic beauty products that work are hard to come by!
  • A small framed print from Gray Malin. Because the man is seriously talented. I have five of his photos in my own apartment… they transport me back to my favorite places.

And because I don’t say it enough, thank you for everything! Even just reading. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

We’ll choose a winner next Monday, 12/19.

Holiday Giveaway Alert! (ends 12/19) | The Stripe Blog

Holiday Giveaway Alert! (ends 12/19) | The Stripe Blog

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  1. Marta says 12.12.16

    Such an amazing giveaway! I think it’s amazing that you decided to do something like this to thank your readers, we really appreciate it, thank you so much!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aw you are so welcome. Good luck!!! xoxo

  2. Diana Pearl says 12.12.16

    OMG, this is an AMAZING giveaway. thank you + thank you for the great blog year round! x

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Thanks Diana!!! xoxoxo

  3. Dana says 12.12.16

    What an amazing giveaway, ladies! So special to do something for your readers!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aw thank you Dana! So sweet of you to say! xx

  4. Christin says 12.12.16

    i wannnaaaa winnnnn! lol. but honestly, this is one sick giveaway to end all giveaways!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aww thanks friend. Good luck!!!!! Xoxo

  5. Mandy says 12.12.16

    Amazing giveaway! The widget says it’s in test mode … will our entries still go through?

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Soooo funny story… I am new to this platform and didn’t realize I had to switch it out of test mode (I figured it would do that when the giveaway started!) Luckily it let me manually move everyone over to live mode, so you are okay and all of the entries have been counted! Sorry about that. xx

  6. Amanda Robbins says 12.12.16

    I just adore your photos! And the giveaway is amazing. Hope you’re enjoying this time leading up to the holidays!


    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aw thank you!!! x

  7. Susannah Armstrong says 12.12.16

    Crossing my fingers 😉

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Good luck! Thanks for entering!!!

  8. Lauren Herterich says 12.12.16


    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Thanks Lauren – good luck! xoxo

  9. Bobby Buhowski says 12.12.16


  10. JoAnna says 12.12.16

    This is such a great giveaway. Everything is so fabulous! I hope that I win…I never win anything, but I really want this!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Best of luck to you (and happy Monday!), Joanna! xx

  11. Rachael says 12.12.16

    What an incredible giveaway! Just in time for my birthday ❤️

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aw – happy birthday, and good luck! Xx

  12. Sarah says 12.12.16

    Great giveaway, Grace!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Thanks Sarah! Hope you are having a great holiday season! XOXO

  13. Josh Campbell says 12.12.16

    I’m honestly stunned at how fantastic this giveaway is! The Christmas gifts I would give to my family and friends this year would be amazing!!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aw, so happy to hear that! Best of luck!!!

  14. aurelia says 12.12.16

    Wow! Such an amazing giveaway!!! keeping my fingers crossed!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Thanks Aurelia! Best of luck to you!!!!

  15. Swetha says 12.12.16

    Doesn’t hurt that I already follow many of these people thanks to your recommendations over the years! Thank YOU for the awesome content and happy holidays!

    • graceatwood says 12.12.16

      Aw, I love that, Swetha!!! So happy to hear. Thank you for entering (and commenting) and happy happy holidays!!!!

  16. Cy says 12.12.16

    Early Christmas! Thanks Grace

  17. Kenya F says 12.12.16

    WOWZER! This is an EPIC HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! Thank you so much and have an awesome holiday!

  18. Nelle says 12.12.16

    Very amazingly generous giveaway thank you!

  19. Shannon says 12.12.16

    Oh my gosh, best giveaway ever! Thank you for the chance and happy holidays 🙂

  20. Ruth says 12.12.16

    This is wonderful; thank you for the fun opportunity.

  21. Katie H says 12.12.16

    I’ve wanted a Gray Malin print for years! Fingers crossed 🙂

  22. Jamie J says 12.12.16

    What a great giveaway! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  23. Erica Forrence says 12.12.16

    Beyond holiday amazing!!!! You are so great to your followers. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  24. Mary Guzzardo says 12.12.16

    This wouldbe awesome to win . We have just moved into our first house .Finances are tight…two weeks to Christmas and almost no shopping done. Thank you for the opportunity.

  25. Danielle says 12.12.16

    The giveaway ends on my birthday! Would be such an awesome present to win 🙂 Thanks for putting this amazing giveaway together!

  26. Kristen Sanchez says 12.12.16

    Thanks for creating this giveaway Grace!

  27. Christine Cameron says 12.12.16

    This is amazing Grace! Xo

  28. Courtney says 12.12.16

    This is such a generous giveaway. It warms my heart to know you pooled your money. You really love your readers.

  29. Freya says 12.12.16

    Thanks for all your words!

  30. ashley coggins says 12.12.16

    what a fab giveaway! amazing partners = amazing prizes.

  31. Alison Cheevers says 12.12.16

    Such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  32. Lorin Montgomery says 12.12.16

    This is a totally awesome giveaway and thank you! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  33. Michelle says 12.12.16

    OMG this giveaway is epic! Happy Holidays!

  34. Holland Koehler says 12.12.16

    Thank you ladies, amazing giveaway!

  35. Amy Georgoulas says 12.12.16

    Great contest!! Fingers crossed!!

  36. Kathy says 12.12.16

    Thank you for the lovely give away. It is amazing!

  37. Marcy Sue Larkin says 12.12.16

    I received the email about this giveaway an hour ago and it says that the contest is now closed. I don’t see an explanation for that and it did come up as a new post dated today. Is the contest closed?

  38. Sheri says 12.12.16

    What an amazing gift to your followers. Loving your blog, and the bar cart in the pic above. I’ve been looking for one, thanks for the year-round inspiration! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  39. Loren says 12.12.16

    Amazing brands to have a giveaway with!

  40. Paula Rothman says 12.12.16

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Lorraine G. says 12.12.16

    Woo who!

  42. Grace Toy says 12.12.16

    Love the giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  43. Silvia M says 12.12.16

    This sounds amazing, good luck to all the entries!

  44. Laura Lutzker says 12.12.16

    THIS IS amazingg!!!!!!! <3

  45. Rebecca says 12.12.16

    This is great, thanks!

  46. Christina says 12.12.16

    Thank you for putting together these awesome giveaways!! Cheers & Happy Holidays! 🙂

  47. Monica says 12.12.16

    Thank you so very much for this spectacular giveaway! What a great way to show your appreciation to your readers and to give everyone a chance to make their holiday so much brighter!

  48. Julie Douglas says 12.12.16

    Thank you for always promoting such beautiful, relevant content!

  49. Samantha says 12.12.16

    By FAR the best giveaway I’ve seen this holiday season! Super generous and fun!

  50. isabel nicolaou says 12.12.16

    such an amazing giveaway and thank you for all your nice posts

  51. Arlene says 12.12.16

    I world love to have all these lovely items

  52. Breanna Marie says 12.12.16

    Omg, this give away is amazing, Grace! I am getting my fiancé a suit for Christmas and found the perfect one at Nordstrom’s. That gift card would be so helpful in paying for it!

    Thankful for your posts too!

  53. Kristin B. says 12.12.16

    This is the first EVER fashion blog I’ve followed and can’t get enough! Thanks for all the great advice and products you bring us! Keep up the good (and hard) work and keep smiling! You are greatly appreciated!

  54. Leslie Nardini says 12.12.16

    Thank you!

  55. Mary Tolve says 12.12.16

    This would be amazing

  56. Natalie says 12.12.16

    Wow! Such an incredibly generous giveaway – excited to hear who the lucky winner will be. Thank you!

  57. Lisa says 12.12.16

    Such a generous and fabulous giveaway!! Thank you so much for doing something like this for your readers! . I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

  58. Susan says 12.12.16

    This is exciting.
    Thank you very much

  59. Donna James says 12.12.16

    A beautiful, beautiful contest.

  60. Nancy says 12.12.16

    This is an incredibly generous giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. Colleen Lyons says 12.12.16

    So cool! Thank you so much Grace!

  62. Rachel Escobar says 12.12.16


  63. tess felber says 12.12.16

    This giveaway is incredible!!
    xx Tess |

  64. Lauren Davis says 12.12.16

    Such an incredible giveaway! I wanted to let you know that my insta handle is MJSISTA 🙂

    Thanks again!

  65. Amanda says 12.12.16

    Such an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for hosting! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! xoxo

  66. Catharine says 12.12.16

    Hope I win this

  67. Ashley says 12.12.16

    This giveaway is insane! That’s so thoughtful of you and your counterparts! Thank you for the opportunity. You are so sweet to your readers!

  68. Georgie Sawyer says 12.12.16

    Happy Holidays! This is a lovely giveaway for all of those who need some last minute inspiration. Cheers!

  69. Michaela says 12.12.16

    Love when I go to the extra entries and already follow all the accounts! Fingers crossed. ☺️

  70. Jennifer says 12.12.16

    This just might be the greatest giveaway ever!! Happy Holidays to All!! And thank you!

  71. Tracy Schwartz says 12.12.16

    First thank you for saying thank you and for coming together with my favorite other bloggers! This is a wonderful giveaway!

    Have a wonderful week, Grace!

  72. Lisa says 12.12.16

    Entered ty

  73. doris wood says 12.12.16

    Merry Christmas to all!

  74. Anita Carol Gambrell says 12.12.16

    You have the best giveaways!! I love reading your blog!

  75. jillian says 12.12.16

    ahhhmazing giveaway! you know it’s a good one when you already follow most of the accounts on instagram! xo jillian

  76. Brittany Dawson says 12.12.16

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much! ✨

  77. Casi Selph says 12.12.16

    This is absolutely AMAZING and so very kind! This would be a dream come true! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity

  78. Kerri says 12.12.16

    Wow! Incredible giveaway!!!

  79. Jessica says 12.12.16

    All this for one winner..what a crazy lucky person who win all that….I first though one thing per winner.. you are so generous… I followed all these amazing accounts.. Thanks for sharing and giving this year.

  80. Tara says 12.12.16

    You are truly fabulous! What an insane giveaway! Love your blog and style! Xoxo

  81. ETHEL GRACE says 12.12.16


  82. Angie says 12.12.16

    What an awesome giveaway!

  83. Beatrice Pierre says 12.12.16

    I love this giveway!

  84. Gaila Alaniz says 12.12.16

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of us! I would promise to pass it on and keep the Thanks going if I won, and give someone else a Thank you in my own way!!

  85. Laura says 12.12.16

    AMAZING! What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you!

  86. Michelle says 12.13.16

    This is awesome. I don’t know if I have ever been so excited for a giveaway, especially since I already followed most and love all of you!

  87. Mary says 12.13.16

    Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

  88. ROBIN TEAGUE says 12.13.16

    Great giveaway, something for all the lovely ladies in my life to share with.

  89. Marianne Bliss says 12.13.16

    Thank you!

  90. Rachel Gittler says 12.13.16

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway!! It’s an amazing idea and the gifts are outstanding!! I follow a lot of bloggers and this is by far the best giveaway. I really hope I win

  91. Kelly Bergen says 12.13.16

    Omgggg this is such an amazing giveaway! God bless u thanks for the amazing opportunity! Keeping my fingers crossed happy holidays

  92. Anne says 12.13.16

    What an incredible and most generous giveaway for the Holidays! Crossing my fingers and my toes 🙂

  93. Emily says 12.13.16

    Amazing giveaway – someone is going to be extremely lucky! Question though, my Instagram follow entries aren’t showing. I’ve followed all brands and it continues to say 1 of 11 entries are counted. What am I doing wrong?

    • graceatwood says 12.13.16

      Hi Emily,
      After you follow the brand are you going back to the widget and hitting the green “complete” button? That may be the issue!

  94. Danielle M says 12.13.16

    Love this giveaway!!

  95. Beverly says 12.13.16

    Wow!! Best giveaway I’ve seen. Fingers crossed.

  96. Sarah says 12.13.16

    Tis the season for an AMAZING giveaway! Merry Merry

  97. Bree D says 12.13.16

    These are like all of my favorite brands! So excited for this awesome giveaway – thanks Grace! 🙂

  98. Erika says 12.13.16

    This is an incredible giveaway! I’d seriously love to win at least half of those! Thanks a bunch!

  99. Erin says 12.13.16

    Good luck to all!

  100. Amore says 12.13.16

    Thank you so much for this giveaway Grace! I started following you a couple of months ago and you quickly became my go to blog. Your snap is also so much fun to watch. Thanks again for giving your readers this amazing opportunity.

  101. Liz says 12.13.16

    This giveaway is insanely amazing!!!

  102. ed ang says 12.13.16

    This is uber fantastic! Happy holidays.

  103. Julia says 12.13.16

    This would seriously make my holiday! Thinking of all the amazing gifts I could buy – for myself and my friends 🙂

  104. Jeanne Mallett says 12.13.16

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance!!

  105. Catherine Greene says 12.13.16

    This is such a fun treat to be entered in. TY for all of the collaboration!

  106. Theresa Zoellick says 12.13.16

    What amazing giveaway! Thank you

  107. Amy Sharifipour says 12.13.16

    Really enjoy your blog Grace!

    • graceatwood says 12.13.16

      Awww that’s so nice, Amy!!! It’s great to hear from you – hope all is well! xo

  108. Lisa zeng says 12.13.16

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. This is so amazing and thank you all for being so generious.

  109. Saniel Underwood says 12.14.16

    Greatest giveaway ever-what I could do with a $$$$ Nordstrom gift card! Thank you, thank you.

  110. Letta says 12.14.16

    What a great giveaway! Definitely playing. Looking forward to all new posts from some great sites!

  111. alicia says 12.14.16

    this is such an amazing giveaway! thank you for this opportunity <3 Merry Christmas to you and all!

  112. Daniel Hayward says 12.14.16

    Nice prizes

  113. Korie says 12.14.16

    What an absolutely amazing giveaway, especially around the holiday. Thank you for giving your readers some excitement with a chance to win these goodies! xx

  114. Jenn Lake says 12.14.16

    So amazing! Fingers + toes crossed!

  115. Ashley sydow says 12.14.16

    Thanks for all you do! Happy holidays!!

  116. Mai Nguyen says 12.14.16

    OMG this is absolutely amazing, thank you for doing this wonderful giveaway. even if I dont win, Happy holidays to you guys 🙂

  117. Jordan Brockman says 12.14.16

    I would love to win!

  118. ann says 12.14.16

    fantastic site………….thanks!

  119. cindy ivanovich says 12.14.16

    great giveaway

  120. Marilyn Holt says 12.14.16

    Love your site.

  121. christine clark says 12.15.16

    5 star Rating , thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway. “The stripe” gained a bookmark place on my desktop.

  122. Mavis Ronayne says 12.15.16

    Beautiful! Would love to win all of it!

  123. Mavis Ronayne says 12.15.16

    Beautiful! Would love to win all of it!

  124. Colleen Jolly says 12.15.16

    What a wonderful giveaway. This would be something to win…..

  125. Susan Muszczynski says 12.15.16

    I love your Christmas selection

  126. kristy allen says 12.15.16

    So Great!!!

  127. Renee Seger says 12.15.16

    Love your blog!

  128. Karen says 12.15.16

    Thanks for this great sweeps!

  129. Gabrielle says 12.15.16

    Wow, an amazing gesture for your followers! Thanks for continuing to share such fab content! Happy Thursday! <3

  130. erica a. says 12.15.16

    What an amazing set of prizes, all in my style, I would be floored if I won. I love preppy, traditional and fashionable looks, classics with cool textures, and shopping as a hobby. 🙂

  131. Sean Murphy says 12.16.16

    Best of luck everyone!

  132. Richard Robertson says 12.16.16

    Nice giveaway.

  133. Elizabeth says 12.16.16

    Thank for this opportunity!!! Birthday is Christmas Eve so I hope I win!!! Yay

  134. Tee Kay says 12.16.16

    What great prizes! Your blog is so pretty!

  135. Lisa States says 12.16.16

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  136. REBECCA STEPHEN says 12.16.16

    I do not have a cell phone

  137. Callie Clemons says 12.16.16

    Great giveaway!

  138. T Zinser says 12.16.16

    Great list of PREMIUM vendors. Thanx

  139. Nadia najor says 12.16.16

    Such a fantastic giveaway! Thank you for you’re amazing/inspiration content all year round! ❤️❤️❤️

  140. Patty says 12.16.16

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. Katie says 12.16.16

    Thanks for having this great giveaway!

  142. Kathleen says 12.16.16

    Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!

  143. Nora Grahe says 12.16.16

    Thank You for this most awesome contest! I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the chance to win! I can hope and dream to be the winner and I really need it. I wish my luck will finally change for the better and I can have a true dream come true… Thank You and Happy Holidays to you all!

  144. Mary says 12.16.16

    So wonderful and thoughtful!!!! What a holiday treat!!!!⭐

  145. Maureen Hartsock says 12.16.16

    Way cool

  146. Lisa S. says 12.16.16

    Awesome give away, Grace ! Fingers are x-d!
    Good for you for holding your ground !

  147. Monica Dockery says 12.16.16

    great giveaway Thank you

  148. susan h says 12.16.16

    this is amazing ,love all the gifts, i’d be in heaven

  149. mrsh says 12.16.16

    I am blown away by this giveaway!

  150. Susan says 12.16.16

    Wow! What a truly amazing sweepstake you are offering. I only wish that I could be lucky enough to win. Thank you.

  151. Olivia Rehman says 12.16.16

    Awesome idea! Love the packaging, it’s so festive 🙂 12/19 is my birthday! Would make it even more incredible 😉 happy holidays!

  152. Janice says 12.16.16

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter in your promotional give away. 🙂

  153. Marcy Sue Larkin says 12.16.16

    There isn’t a gift in this giveaway that does not meet a desire I have for this winter. Fashion and artwork are interrelated in so many ways. One expresses your living space and one expresses the skin that you live in. Favorite colors, patterns, designs… it all meshes. Plus as the year comes to an end, I always donate clothing that I have not worn often enough in the past year, either because the fit doesn’t attract my vision in the mirror or something is truly a one time wear piece. There are target demographics that could use these very gently used or nearly new ( sometimes completely new with the tags still on) pieces. Women returning to work, single moms that put their children first, even college students ready to pack for school. The possibility for charitable contributions leaves room in my closet for something new and more me. When I find those “me” pieces they will stay mine. I am not picky. I am choosy. This giveaway gives me the opportunity to live my choices from home to body.

  154. Margaret Friewer says 12.16.16

    What a great giveaway. Certainly would make for a Merry Christmas

  155. Kelly Richards says 12.17.16

    All the sponsors in this giveaway are amazing. This blog is equally amazing as well!

  156. Hi, may I ask if this is open internationally?

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  157. Arionna Stanley says 12.17.16

    Awesome giveaway! Excitedo and grateful. Thanks for the amazing content.

  158. Estefania White says 12.17.16

    Thank you so much for this amaizing chance ! Happy Hollidays xoxo I love the inspiration from your blog

  159. Vanessa says 12.17.16

    What an awesome giveaway with some great brands. Amd thank you for helping me to discover them thru this giveaway! I hope I win!

  160. Sandra A Beeman says 12.17.16

    Such a beautiful and festive collection of gifts. The winner will surely be blessed.

  161. Donna Cammisa says 12.17.16

    awesome giveaway

  162. Carl Haddon says 12.17.16

    Thanks for the chance to win these great prizes!

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    thank your the best

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    Merry Christmas!

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    What an incredible giveaway!

  166. Loretta Thomas says 12.18.16

    What a fantastic giveaway and so easy to enter. I love the Instagram pages.

  167. diane compton says 12.18.16

    Thank you for such a truly amazing giveaway ladies, i would totally cry lol fingers crossed! 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS Grace, Jess, and Julia!!!!

  168. Alicia Luna says 12.18.16

    Such a generous giveaway!

  169. Katt Lewis says 12.18.16

    Well you definitely caught my eye. What a great web site! New fan here!

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