Emotional Support Bags.

Emotional Support Bags - Loewe puzzle fold bag

We haven’t done a handbag round-up in a bit and today, we have SO many great ones! Carly and I are each sharing our current handbag roster. Big and small, slouchy and structured… splurges and saves… we have a lot of great bags to talk about today.

emotional support bags.

What is an “emotional support bag,” you may want to know? I did! The post title was Carly’s idea (Vogue originally coined the term) and being the sometimes clueless but always detail oriented elder millennial that I am, I wanted answers. Did the bag need to hold all of my essentials? Did it need to be soft and cushy so that you could hold it (like an emotional support animal)? Carly lol’d. It’s any bag, really. So really, this is just each of our favorite handbags right now, with a fun post title.

Grace’s Bags

Emotional Support Bags - Grace's bags

Grace: Oh this was fun to pull together. I am definitely a handbag girl and love my collection of handbags. Over time I have found myself gravitating away from logos in favor of beautiful bags that are high quality but maybe a little less recognizable! My everyday most worn combo is this little Loewe bag (pictured above), and this Metier tote. Or if I’m being more casual the J.Crew straw tote which is just the perfect straw bag in my opinion. Savette is my latest obsession. The bags are stunning – beautifully made, stellar hardware… but still a little under the radar (at least here in Charleston!). This little bag is just beyond. She’s stunning in person and I love that you can wear her as a crossbody or top handle clutch. Speaking of crossbody bags, this one from Sezane is amazing. And while it isn’t exactly inexpensive, it is a value compared to other designer bags.

Carly’s Bags

Carly's bags

Carly: If you haven’t picked up on what I’m dropping off yet… my color of the year is brown. Yes, brown. The most multifaceted color that designers always produce in the most DELICIOUS patterns. I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT emotional support bag, and aside from this COS crossbody inspired by my friend Abby, I’ve set my sights on this Little Liffner shoulder bag. I understand it may not be for everyone, but it’s for me! Brown, suede, and slightly structured?? Need I say more?! As an alternative, I’ve been keeping my eye on this Reformation bucket bag. I’ve got to say, COS and Zara continue to impress me by the quality of their accessories. This folded shopper looks like it should be designer, and honestly I’m shocked it’s not. The same goes for this tote bag… and who can say no to this price tag? Sezane always seems to be the underdog for Grace and I, so if I were to splurge it would definitely be on this leather tote bag. By the looks of it, it’s deeper than Mary Poppins’!

Erewhon tote

The Erewhon tote sparks a lot of joy for me. A bit of a joke (I love it there and my boyfriend does not) but it’s a great tote! It stays in Charleston.

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  1. Colleen:

    Ha ha, love the title of this post. I’ m a bag fanatic so this is great. And, I got the Wishful Yo Glow on your recommendation, I ordered it while on vacation in California and it was the perfect thing post-flight when I got home and it was already here.

    2.26.24 Reply
  2. Rebecca G:

    Grace (and Carly!) – excellent roundup! How do you think the quality of Sezanne bags compare to J. crew? There’s definitely a price difference so I’m curious if it’s worth it to go for Sezanne (I’ve never bought a bag from them before). Thanks!!

    2.26.24 Reply
    • Hi Rebecca, I love both brands and recommend both but the quality is definitely commensurate with the price. Sezane bags feel a lot more luxurious and special. If anything, I would say that Sezane’s bags feel on par with more designer bags like Celine or Loewe. The quality of the level, the stitching, and (especially!!!) the hardware.

      That being said, we try really hard to have something for everyone at all budget levels and stand behind J.Crew as well! But if you put a J.Crew bag next to a Sezane bag I think the differences in quality would be pretty noticable.

      2.26.24 Reply
  3. Lauren:

    The Amazon mesh tote is so good! I bought it at your recommendation and have used it a ton!

    2.26.24 Reply
  4. The Olympia Le-Tan book clutches are forever on my wish list. One day! They’re just so special.

    2.26.24 Reply
    • They are!!!!! I love them so much. Pro-tip – set up a search on The RealReal, I have gotten several great ones that way (for a great price)

      2.26.24 Reply
  5. Juliet:

    I’ve seen the puzzle bag elsewhere, but the link doesn’t seem to work here, nor can I find the little puzzle bag searching online – I love it – want to hold it for a splurge.

    4.2.24 Reply