Emi Jay Hair Ties – No More Ponytail Dent!

Recently, while perusing one of my favorite sites for all things hair (Lock and Mane,) I discovered Emi-Jay hair ties. 

They promise not to dent or pull your hair, and come in an array of adorable colors.  I decided to give them a try and wasn’t disappointed.  During the work day, I pulled my hair into a bun.  My hair stayed put and the elastic didn’t even attempt to fall out.  Later in the day, when I took it out, my waves weren’t even slightly dented.  Major hair victory as usually, once I pull my hair up, it needs to stay up. 

Better yet, these are so much cuter than my usual hair ties.

My personal favorite is the pearl collection (bottom right) – a collection of soft neutral shades.

Each Emi Jay hair tie is hand-dyed and hand-knotted.  Get your own here.

P.S. If you’ve never visited the Lock and Mane website, do so immediately.  It’s the perfect place for all things hair!

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