Emerald Green Fringe Earrings from JewelMint

In case you hadn’t heard of it, JewelMint is Kate Bosworth’s jewelry line/jewelry club, where similar to sites like Just Fabulous, you join… and every month, (if you choose to,) you can select a piece of jewelry for $29.99.   Anyway, I’m a huge fan – of both the actress and the jewelry club, as she has the best style.

Most months, I end up skipping… but this past month, she did a gorgeous pair of 24-karat gold plated fringe earrings with large emerald-tone stones. I was immediately obsessed as fringe is so hot right now…and emerald green is my favorite.  I ordered them and they came in the mail yesterday… so pretty! 
They are a little larger than I’d usually go for, but they’re super fun.

I definitely recommend signing up for her site.  You can skip a month if you don’t see anything you like, but the jewelry is generally very high quality for what you pay.  Give it a whirl here.

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