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CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe
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So, for today’s post, we are doing something a little bit different… by (semi?) popular demand… my first Q&A. I LOVED getting your questions on Snapchat… and am thinking of making this a weekly feature over here. So, if you enjoy this and have a question… feel free to comment below or snap ’em to me (I’m grace.atwood) and I will answer them next week. I have to say, I was so impressed by your questions. I wasn’t sure what to expect. These were really fun to answer… so thank you for making this so enjoyable! (And if you have more questions, send away!!!)

Outfit Details: CCH Collections Striped Sweater // J.Crew Factory Shorts // Clare V Leopard Clutch // Gold Birkenstocks // BaubleBar Pisa Cuff

Okay – onto the questions!! We’ll start with an easy one.

Where do you get your brows done?


I go to Benefit, downtown in Soho! I try to remember to go once a month… I’ll get them tinted slightly darker and then shaped. 🙂

I just moved to LA and live in this awesome apartment. I am obsessed with your gallery wall. What is a budget friendly way to decorate your apartment and find gallery wall worthy pieces?


First of all, congrats on the move – and finding an awesome space in LA! This is such a good question. I really took my time planning my gallery wall, selecting pieces one by one and then slowly assembling the wall together. Something I don’t talk about over here very often is that I’m actually really, really into art. I try to go to at least one art exhibit or show a week and I have a few artist friends (my friend Aly!) who gave me pieces for my wall, so I started with those and just sort of added to them. At first, I hung the pieces I knew I loved and had to have… and then I bought frames that would complement those pieces. In the early stage, I actually framed ads and magazine editorial pages that I found and liked. And then I’d look for a print the size of the frame, and replace the magazine page with the print. It took me a while (over a year!) but now I love it.

So, here are my tips for assembling a gallery wall on a budget. First of all, for art, figure out what you are looking for and then find a few prints you love. My favorite resources that are on a budget are Etsy and Minted. Then, find a great framing resource. I personally love Framebridge. They do such an amazing job. And look for some smaller frames to do a DIY job. My own gallery is a mix of pieces I had professionally framed + frames I found that fit in well. This frame set from West Elm is really great (I have it on my own gallery wall). It’s definitely more of an art than a science!

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

What’s your best advice for staying organized and timely between all of your events, traveling, working out and blogging?


Oh man – that’s a hard one as sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m all that organized. I constantly struggle to find a balance… but I’m always working on this. The biggest thing for me has been learning to prioritize and say NO without feeling badly. I place a very high value on my time and if an invitation I receive isn’t a) something I genuinely really want to do, b) something that will help me to grow and develop as a person, or c) something I am being paid to do, I usually say no. Those are my big three criteria… especially the first two. I get that the being paid part might sound lame, but if you only focus upon doing what you love and growing + developing, you might end up broke! 😉

When I was working and blogging full-time, the two things I felt the worst about were not seeing/talking to my family enough, and not working out enough. So now, those are my top two priorities. I really put an emphasis on exercise and living healthy. I work with a trainer and we schedule our workouts at the beginning of every month. And then I go in and fill in classes/alternate workouts for the days that we don’t see each other. Scheduling in my workouts as if they were meetings has really helped me to get into better shape. From there, I sort of just fill everything else in. I do a lot of my core “work” (blog posts, content creation) at off hours (at night and on the weekends). I might have mentioned this but I’m definitely a night owl… I do my best work in the evenings. The biggest “work” thing is to find the time to respond to all of the emails… there are so many, and often times I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle just trying to respond to everything. Prior to blogging full time, I worked in the corporate world for eleven years. I easily get quadruple the emails in this job than I did from any other. It can be brutal!!!

Events come last. I don’t particularly love them but they are a necessary evil to the job, and networking is really important. I’ve started doing something where I always ask for a plus one, so that at the very least I can see a friend while at the event, or use it as a networking experience. And having someone I know with me makes it a little bit easier.

Also! I put every meeting, appointment, etc. in my google calendar and synch my phone to my calendar. For meetings + events, I always add the pertinent details (the name of the person who invited me, + their contact info; the location). This is hugely helpful – if my calendar were to be deleted, I would be totally lost.

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

What are your favorite Face Masks?


Oh boy. It’s fitting that I would get asked this as I’m always masking on Snapchat. 😉 I LOVE a good face mask. My all time favorite is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask as it does all of the good things. It exfoliates, leaves your skin ultra glowy + radiant, and tightens everything up. In a pinch (especially if my face is bloated) I love Roloxin Lift (it’s like an instant face lift and tightens everything up immediately). And two that are just fun: this GlamGlow Mask – it makes you look like the tin man while it’s on, and leaves you super glowy… and this magnetic mask. It’s a weird/amazing new discovery… I’ve truly never seen anything like it!

Any advice for dark circles? Mine are terrible!


Ugh. I wish I could tell you some skincare product that will work, but so far the only thing I’ve tried for dark circles that truly works is The Cure for eyes. It’s magical (and also tinted, but that means you can skip concealer). It’s expensive but worth every. single. penny.

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Where do you store all of your stuff? I struggle with this in my small apartment and wonder how you do it.


Okay, I’m going to answer this question in two parts. First of all, I promise – today on Snapchat, I will do a little “storage tour,” if that makes sense. I’ll show you where I stash all my things. Follow me on snapchat at grace.atwood!

Secondly, NYC situation is probably not the norm. When I moved, I was looking at one bedroom apartments, but chose my current (lofted studio) because the layout was more conducive to my lifestyle. I also chose to live in a less cool neighborhood (I’m on the cusp of Murray Hill and Gramercy depending on how you look at it, but really… it’s Murray Hill!) I dream of a cute apartment in the West Village, but… hiiiii… my apartment has two giant closets. One houses all my dresses + coats, and the other houses my tops, pants, and skirts. That being said, there are a few tricks that help. I love slimline hangers and I keep all of my odds + ends (scarves, clutches, hats) stashed in these pretty baskets. And I have this giant mirror thing to hold all of my jewelry (a serious problem after working for over four years at BaubleBar!)

I also edit, religiously. I sell/donate all of the time. I bring bags of clothing to Crossroads at least once a month and donate the rest to Goodwill. I may be too stringent on what I keep or donate, but I know that if my closet is overly cluttered, I won’t see/wear the pieces I truly want to!

A great resource is Marie Kondo’s book…. it really helped me. I love the idea of only keeping the things that bring you joy!

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Can you talk about your journey and how you’ve gotten so independent? You always seem so happy, even just by yourself, in your own company!


This is a strange one but I will try to explain it the best, most honest way that I possibly can. If you went back four years ago, I was in a very serious relationship and a completely different person. During those four years, my biggest fear was that the relationship would end. I was incredibly needy and dependent upon my boyfriend. So needy. The person I am today would NOT have been friends with the person I am today. If you want the whole truth, I am actually pretty embarrassed by that girl. When the relationship ended, you would have thought I would have become a huge mess (I was, for a few months) but the opposite actually happened. The worst thing I could imagine had happened, and I became fearless.

I put all of my energy into figuring out myself. What I wanted, the things that make me tick, the things that bring me (as an individual) joy. It was very weird, as I had always been in relationships. Prior to the 4 year relationship, there had been a string of others that lasted from anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years. I realized I’d had a nasty habit of taking on my boyfriends’ interests and putting them first. (I still do think you should always put your significant other first, but not to the same degree). So, at 30 years old, I was not even a fully formed human. I’m being serious. I was just a shell.

After that breakup, I spent a good year just working on me. I decorated my apartment, I got my own interests, I made new friends, and I just focused every drop of energy on being selfish and figuring out my own stuff. It was not easy, but I did it… and I learned so much about myself in the process.

That breakup was three years ago, and now things are a little bit different. I finally feel ready for an actual real, serious relationship but sometimes I worry that I have become TOO independent! I still haven’t met the right person, and that can be really hard. At the same time, I do recognize that someday, I’ll be married, hopefully with kids… and I won’t have the opportunities I have right now. You have to just sort of seize the day. So, sometimes I just do the things I want to do because that’s my only choice. Do the things, live the life, or sit around waiting to have someone to do them with. I spent New Years in London. I rang in the New Year with dear friends, but I spent the rest of the time mostly going to art museums by myself. This could be seen as depressing, but I made it an adventure… stopping into galleries, chatting with strangers, and doing all the things I wanted to do (shopping at Harrod’s, sipping on a Negroni at the Chiltern Firehouse). The me from four years ago would not have recognized this little adventuress, and that made me feel really proud.

At the end of the day, you are all you have. Of course, you have friends and if you are lucky, a great significant other. But if you aren’t able to be happy on your own, and you aren’t doing the things that nurture your own individuality, you aren’t fully living. That’s just my two cents.

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

What are your golden rules for professional etiquette? What do you wish people did more of? What small acts of professionalism have gone a long way with you?


Gahhh! Another great question! My golden rule is to treat everyone with respect. I try to respond (even with just a quick “Pass, thank you”) to every email I receive, as long as it is addressed to me personally. If an email is addressed “Dear blogger,” or worse “Dear Fashionista,” I am inclined to send it to SPAM. I used to be better at sending hand written thank you notes, but this summer got a little crazy. I need to get back to that. I felt like they went a really long way with the brands I work with.

On the other side, what goes a long way with me is when a brand/publicist has actually read my blog before they reach out. You’d be surprised how many people just buy lists and send emails without putting any thought into them. This is just a waste of everyone’s time. Nothing makes me happier than receiving a genuine email. From there, it’s usually very easy to connect and chat about whatever the work-related topic may be. I remember once that a brand I wasn’t sure about working with put together a huge PowerPoint detailing out my current content and how we could work on that specific partnership. My initial reaction had been to pass, but I accepted as they’d clearly figured out a way for us to work together in a way that my readership would enjoy.

Last but not least (as I said before) I place a high value on my time. So if someone reaches out and is able to do so concisely, that also goes a very long way. This may sound rude or cut-throat, but I never fail to be amazed by the number of meetings that could be phone calls, or phone calls that could be emails. Efficiency is so underrated!

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

What is one thing you would change about your job?


Oh gosh. This is difficult to say but I will just be brutally honest. I wish that blogging full-time were a more respected profession. I wake up every morning SO excited to get to do what I love, and SO grateful to get to do it, but I work my butt off running this blog. I easily work 60+ hours a week (a lot of the time it doesn’t feel like work as I’m doing what I love). I’m so tired of having to be defensive or educate friends/family/acquaintances on how my job actually works. I went on a date once where the guy said, “So basically, you get paid to just walk around and look hot.” Yes, he really said this. I know he meant it as a compliment, but it really stung + pissed me off a little.

The thing is, this is my business and I treat it as such. Photoshoots are about 5% of my work week. Writing is (sadly!) only about 10-20%. The rest of the time is spent doing all the things regular people do in their regular jobs. Recording analytics into spreadsheets, going over legal contracts, more spreadsheets, social media upkeep, accounting, invoicing (I’m always following up with brands to make sure I get paid… yesterday I followed up on something from February!), countless back and forth with the brands I work with… and a lot of unglamorous stuff (running around like a maniac tracking down product before a shoot – it’s almost always late and brand often give you unattainable deadlines to produce content), going to my mailbox and carrying home countless boxes of stuff I never asked for or wanted (PR mailings can be fun, but they can be a nightmare too… think of lugging a 50 lb. box 10 blocks home, only to get styrofoam peanuts all over your apartment and open up a box that contains every single shade of a brand’s new foundation). It can also be lonely. I’m home by myself all day, and I never feel like I’m allowed to complain to my friends and family because they have more conventional jobs with bosses that yell at them and annual reviews and all of that stuff. I’ve been there, and can assure you… working for yourself is just as hard… it’s just different.

Like I said, every job has it’s ups and downs. I love the flexibility I have. I love the community of readers I have. I adore this job and would not trade it for any other one. But just like any other job, it’s also really hard work. When people only see the pretty pictures, it can look like we (bloggers) live in this constant state of lattés, pretty clothes, and sunsets. But trust me, we are working just as hard as you are.

CCH Collection Striped Sweater + J.Crew Factory Cutoff Shorts - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Maggie says 8.31.16

    Love this post, thanks for doing it on the blog!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw haha you are welcome. I just can’t talk to my phone for that long. I get too awkward. Definitely better with writing. 😉

  2. Meredith says 8.31.16

    I loved this post, especially the question about how you’ve become more independent. 🙂

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      aw, thank you!!

  3. Masha says 8.31.16

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with figuring out who you are and how to take care of yourself!

    Going through a similar phase now too, although in a wonderful relationship. It can be so hard to just be selfish! Being an introvert but a people pleaser can be hard to manage sometimes haha. Thankfully I’m learning how to be more independent, have enough alone time, and then use that energy to build meaningful relationships and spend quality time with loved ones.

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Hi Masha, I think we are the same – introverted people pleasers. It can be a bad combination!!! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment… I’m really happy you enjoyed the Q&A.

  4. Carly Martin says 8.31.16

    This was so fun to read! And thanks for being so honest. I really relate to your response on the last question about defending working from home/for yourself and feeling guilty about complaining to friends and family. In an age where more and more people are working away from a traditional office (which I personally believe everyone should be able to do), it’s exhausting that I still have to explain that just because I might have more flexibility with WHERE I work, doesn’t make my time any less valuable than others in a traditional 9-5 office. Looking forward to future Q+A’s!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      I am so glad that you enjoyed it, Carly. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I don’t know if you saw this article, but a fellow self-employed friend shared it and it really hit home for me. I think you’ll enjoy it if you haven’t already read it. 🙂


      • Carly Martin says 8.31.16

        Thanks so much for sharing that link- excited to read it!

  5. Amanda Robbins says 8.31.16

    Loved reading your responses! Seeing into the life of a full-time blogger is definitely interesting – it’s easy to forget how much goes into it at every level. I’ll also definitely keep an eye out for your storage solutions on snap! The constant struggle.


    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thank you Amanda! It really is. I just need to tidy my apartment a bit before posting the snap… it’s currently a disaster!!! 😉

  6. Dana says 8.31.16

    Loved this post so much, Grace! I love that you touched on a ton of different aspects and really put thought into your responses! Looking forward to more of these posts!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw, thank you Dana!! I appreciate it. 🙂 xo

  7. Sarah says 8.31.16

    I’m loving the top – pretty color on you!

    x Sarah

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thank you, Sarah!

  8. Breanna Marie says 8.31.16

    Grace, this is such a wonderful Q&A! I loved reading more about your journey! I was particularly interested in your last question where you discussed the more business aspects of your business!

    Any recommendations on analytics programs or special tools you use?

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thanks Breanna! I am a big fan of Google Analytics. It’s the most universal but also the most useful. I’d recommend taking a class if you have the time… there is so much to learn! I also love Iconosquare for Instagram, and I spend a lot of time with my Facebook insights.

      A lot of the tracking I do is manual, unfortunately… logging in #s and looking at growth and what posts worked each month, what go the most traffic, etc! I’ve been thinking of working with ChloeDigital as I know they do some really fantastic monthly reporting!

  9. Erica says 8.31.16

    Your Q&A is fantastic Grace! I feel like you were able to go more in-depth into your responses on the blog vs. what you would have done on Snapchat. And I agree with you, your readers had some great questions! I look forward to the next one!!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw, thanks Erica! I think so too. I tend to be long winded and would probably be talking into my phone for an hour. Nobody needs to see that! 😉

  10. Gillian says 8.31.16

    I absolutely loved reading this! It was so refreshing to read an honest take on the loneliness that can come from blogging. I’m looking forward to your next Q+A!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      So happy to hear that!!! Thanks for telling me. Xx

  11. Samhita says 8.31.16

    Thanks for answering my question about the gallery wall! I found your blog MANY years ago through pinterest when you did that velvet hair bow DIY tutorial. Since then I have followed your blog on various forms of social media. Kinda cool to see you interact with your readers. Thanks for the link to West Elm’s gallery frames. That’s a really good idea!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw, that was you! I love it. Thank you for telling me how you found my blog… I love that! That post was a very very long time ago! Thank you for continuing to read. 🙂 Glad you like the West Elm Frames, they are so pretty!!! Xx

  12. Cori Schwabe says 8.31.16

    Love this new series. I always enjoy your candid honesty and outlook. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thank you so much Cori!! I’m going to do another one next week so send me any questions! 😉 xx

  13. Megan Shockney says 8.31.16

    I absolutely loved this post, Grace! And I have so many of the same feelings about working for yourself, from home. It’s always nice to know that someone else understands the challenges. xo

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw, thank you Megan! It’s comforting to know someone else gets it. Xx

  14. Caroline Knapp says 8.31.16

    Absolutely love this post and all of your answers. I feel ya on the last two 😉 Hope you have a great rest of your week pretty lady!


    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thanks pretty lady!!! Hope you have a great rest of your week. (Miss you!) xoxo

  15. Thuy says 8.31.16

    I’m totally on board with you putting quality time with your yourself, your loved ones, and your healthy active lifestyle first. Part of the reason why I didn’t date in the first 21 years of my life was because my Dad was really overprotective but it was also partly because I didn’t find anyone that was a good fit. And I also thought it was more important to focus on yourself first before you could be a good partner!


    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thanks Thuy!!! Agree, it’s so important to focus on yourself first. 🙂

  16. Cy says 8.31.16

    This was so great and really interesting! Our American ( and indeed global) work culture has really changed. We probably see it even more on the coastal cities. Here in San Francisco, my friends and I are always laughing. Doesn’t anyone in this city work? But, of course they do, just not always within the conventional hours. When you work for yourself, you work longer hours than most people! I’m a hotel Concierge and work mostly evenings which I love. We never close and also cater to visitors from all over the world. The Spanish want to eat at ten, etc. actually our carreers are very similar. I’m always working on keeping up with the pulse of the city. I love your jewelry soulutions( especially as Minnie, my teenage kitty is getting into everything) I wish it came in other colors. I look forward to more posts like this!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thank you Cy. I know… I used to think the same thing… especially wandering through Soho during the week. So many people out and about. Then I realized most of them are freelancers or tourists. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post. Xx

  17. Sarah says 8.31.16

    I really enjoyed this. Do more of them please 🙂

    In regards to the impersonal emails from brands – I get the occational “Dear Admin” or “Dear Sir” which are THE WORST. I don’t know how I even get on these lists. Yuck yuck yuck.

    My question for you – what do you do for a little box for Tyrion?! Where do you put it in your apartment and how do you keep it from being too much of an eye sore?? I feel like this is a constant struggle with our kitty!

    • Sarah says 8.31.16

      ha I meant “litter” box not little box…

      • graceatwood says 8.31.16

        Bahahaha – I keep it in the shower! It’s annoying to take it out when I shower, but it keeps it away, and the water washes away any litter that he tracks out. 🙂

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Dear Sir is the WORST! Like, really??? hahahahahaha.

  18. Tracy Schwartz says 8.31.16

    I really enjoyed reading this post and hope you will continue to do similar ones. Your answer to the Journey of Independence question really hit home. Your honesty in every answer and being open was very touching.

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw, thank you so much Tracy!! Means the world that you enjoyed it. I’m going to do another one next week, so feel free to send any and all questions! 😉

  19. ariella says 8.31.16

    this. is. so. good. please do another! love the realness, especially your answer to the independence question – should be required reading for all girls!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      aw, thank you so much ariella!! have a great night 😉

  20. Great QA!

    • graceatwood says 9.1.16

      Thank you so much, Erin!!!

  21. Elana says 8.31.16

    I absolutely love this post, Grace! Your answer about relationships really resonated. I totally agree that you have to find happiness and confidence internally for it to stick. It seems like you’ve done that! (And will continue to get happier as a result!)

    • graceatwood says 9.1.16

      Aw, thank you Elana! Appreciate the sweet comment. I’m trying my best! 🙂 xx

  22. Claire says 9.1.16

    Love this Q&A! So great to read your thoughts on being independent but still hopefully finding someone to share life with! Being single does really allow you to get perspective on this!


    • graceatwood says 9.1.16

      Thanks, Claire!! xo

  23. Jenn Lake says 9.1.16

    So cute lady! Love the tip about adding the contact person to the calendar event details! Happy Thursday!

    • graceatwood says 9.1.16

      Aw, thanks Jenn! xx

  24. alyson says 9.1.16

    LOVED this, Grace, and I totally hear you about the last one. Even doing it part-time I get similar responses about how glam it must be to get free stuff and style outfits. I’m sure we both could go on and on… so appreciated your candor, and loved reading your honest response about finding your individuality after your relationship. As someone who’s been married since I’m 25 (sounds crazy to say!), I’m working to find ways to be independent and to do things on my own. Definitely something I have to work toward since it can be easily to default to the other person.
    Keep doing these! xoxo

    • graceatwood says 9.2.16

      Thanks pretty lady! Oh god the questions about free stuff (or worse, if I complain about the nonsense that arrives in the mail every day that I never asked for!!)
      Doing another one next week!

      Hope you are well – have a great weekend! xo

  25. Natalie says 9.1.16

    Your openness and honesty is really appreciated. This was a great post and I enjoyed learning the “truth” behind the blogger job. I love reading your content every day but hadn’t considered just how much goes on behind the scenes. Thank you for what you do!

    • graceatwood says 9.2.16

      Aw, thanks Natalie. I’m glad you appreciate the honesty. I try to always keep things real and honest over here. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  26. Sally says 9.1.16

    Real talk: I’m still in the phase of my breakup where I’m trying to be okay by myself again. I feel like I’m the exact same where I put my partner in front of my needs & fight for the relationship over myself. It’s scary as hell, but I hope to get to a place where I can look back and know it was the right decision for me. Thanks for being so open with your story, it’s encouraging for me (and probably others!) <3

    • graceatwood says 9.2.16

      Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that Sally, it’s so hard. I’m glad this post was encouraging for you! Hang in there, it gets easier day by day! Sending a big hug from New York. xx

  27. Emma Ruth says 9.1.16

    This was such a lovely post Grace! I really love the Q&A type of articles where we get to know what your like in real life… But I see that on Snap and you’re a lovely person! I know you visit Charleston a lot (it’s where I live!) & totally think if you ever decided to move, you’d love it! Take care!

    • graceatwood says 9.2.16

      Aw, thank you Emma!!!
      Lucky girl, living in Charleston! I’m coming for my birthday 🙂 maybe I’ll move there someday! xoxo

  28. Allie says 9.1.16

    I love this post SO MUCH. Your answer about being happy on your own was really something I needed to hear right now. Thank you!

    • graceatwood says 9.2.16

      Aw, so happy to hear that, Allie!!! Makes my day to hear that it was something you needed to hear. Have a great weekend! xo

  29. Belen Baquerizo says 9.6.16

    I wish people would take blogging more seriously as well.

    – visit my blog, great for career women! A Hint of Life

  30. Lisa Tran says 9.7.16

    Another interesting post! I especially enjoyed reading about the brand that went above and beyond to pitch their idea to you in a creative way – I’d be curious to see that post! 🙂

    Also, I read your other Q&A post, and would love suggestions on publicists to potentially work with. Not sure what the costs are, but it sounds fun and maybe worth the investment! 😉


    • graceatwood says 9.7.16

      Thank you Lisa! Feel free to shoot me an email and I will share the agencies I’m thinking of. I do know it’s pretty expensive, but a few bloggers I know have found it to be really worth it.

      As for that brand, it was BIC! It was a four post series around Making Your Own Sun. I originally wasn’t sure about the campaign but they put so much thought into the pitch (and the creative concepts) that I immediately said yes after our meeting!

      • Lisa Tran says 9.8.16

        Awesome! I’ll shoot you an email shortly 🙂
        I’m going to check out that four post series, if I can track it down! 😉

        • graceatwood says 9.8.16

          yay! Thanks for reaching out – hope it helps 🙂

  31. Rox-Anne says 9.8.16

    I have loved getting to know you Grace through these Q&A’s. Count me as a new regular reader! xx Rox-Anne, Celebratingthislife.ca

    • graceatwood says 9.8.16

      Aw, thank you Rox-Anne!!! Appreciate that 🙂 x

  32. Deb says 9.17.16

    Hi grace- I really enjoy your blog! A lot of great details which is helpful! Quick question if you wouldn’t mind- I’m looking for a loft apt in the same area you’re in now. Presently with a roommate at e 27th but it’s time to get an apt each alone so a studio would be perfect! Could you share your bldg or Mgmt company? Did you work with a realtor? Finding an affordable apt in nyc is so difficult! Thanks so much!! Cheers!

    • graceatwood says 9.18.16

      Hey Deb! I’m going to email you as for safety/privacy purposes I would rather chat about where I live via email! x

  33. Tess Felber says 9.18.16

    I love this post so much! You are so authentic and thoughtful with your responses and it’s great to read! Thanks for sharing <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    • graceatwood says 9.19.16

      Aw, thanks so much! Hope you have a great week!