Drugstore Beauty: What You Need for Spring.


And we’re back with my third + final post with CVS Beauty Club! So far, we’ve been over everything you need for a DIY at home spa night… as well as an all natural skincare routine that works just as well as the pricier brands. Today, we’re going to talk about my favorite makeup… (and how to give your makeup bag a pretty update for Spring.

Admittedly, most of the cosmetics I use are not all natural. This is something I’m working on – it’s just really hard to find great color cosmetics that are all natural (especially at the drugstore.) So today I wanted to focus on the prettiest drugstore products that will have you looking lovely – without breaking the bank.

CVS has always been my go-to for drugstore makeup as they carry such a huge array of products (they always seem to have every shade in stock and I love shopping the limited edition shades on the displays at the front of the store.) With Beauty Club, I’m constantly racking up ExtraBucks, which I just use to try more new new products. And it always seems like they’ve got another buy one/get one promo going… which only makes my product addiction worse! For that reason, I’ve tried quite a few products… and I’m sharing the best ones with you today!


First thing’s first… FACE!

Revlon’s Highlighting Palette (in Peach Glow) is the absolute prettiest. It contains a combination of shimmery peaches + bronzes that blend together to leave you glowy (but not bronzed.) It’s like bronzer for those who are weary of bronzer (me, right now… I’ve been embracing a paler look.) It’s just shimmery enough to leave you feeling pretty but not overdone.

Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush (in Rose Petal) provides the perfect subtle pink glow. I apply this to the apples of my cheek and at my hairline. I can’t imagine this blush looking bad on anyone… it’s one of those pretty, universally flattering hues (not unlike NARS Orgasm.) The texture is a creamy powder-gel formulation, and the product feels a bit bouncy in the packaging, which is kind of cool. I love a cream blush… especially this time of year when my skin’s still pretty dry.


Next up… EYES. This is where my routine gets a little more comprehensive. I mean, not really.. but there are five products that I really love.

L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist Pencil is one of the best brow pencils I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried ’em all… from drugstore brands to the really expensive ones.) Though I’m fairer haired, I use “brunette” as it suited my brow color a bit better.

Covergirl’s Full Lash Bloom (in Blackest Black) is their latest launch. I’ve always loved Covergirl’s mascaras as the brand puts so much research into their brushes (and with mascara, the brush is the most important.) The petal shaped brush on this one coats + combs… leaving lashes soft and full (but not at all stiff or brittle.)

L’Oreal’s Eyeshadow (in Iced Latte) is a product I could write sonnets about. It’s so great. The color reminds me a lot of Stila’s Kitten (another all time favorite.) It’s shimmery and pretty and could probably double as highlighter in a pinch. The formula is extremely pigmented, and it stays on all day. Love.

L’Oreal’s Smokissime Pencil is all sorts of genius. Do you ever just wish you could get that “slept in my makeup,” sexy look without all the effort? This is what you need. The technology is really cool as it has this gel-powder inside of a foam tip applicator. So you just sort of smudge this on (I only use it at my lash line but you could totally be more adventurous) around your eyes for that chic, effortless French girl look.

Covergirl’s Bombshell Pow-der looks like liquid eyeliner, but it’s not. Inside that tricksy little vessel (that looks just like a bottle of liquid liner) is powder that can be used on your brows or as eyeliner, and a sponge tip applicator. I like using it as a liner but if you want to really define your brows, this is a good one.


Next up… LIPS! You know by now that I love a good red lip.

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm (in Provocateur) provides the prettiest, glossy red lips. It’s not at all opaque so it allows your natural color to shine through a bit.

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (in Cherry) is a great daytime lip color. And… it’s all natural. It looks very dramatic in the packaging but actually delivers just the sheerest wash of color. I’ve sworn by Burt’s Bees chapstick forever now (for me, it’s the only thing that nixes chapped lips in the winter) and I love that this has all of the treatment benefits of the regular lip balm.


Lastly, NAILS!

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish (in Get Mod) is a recent addiction as I haven’t been getting manicures at the salon like I used to. I really love how fresh a white manicure feels for Spring, and this formula wears almost as well as a gel manicure. Super shiny, and it lasts me five days (which is a lot as I am rough on my hands.)


So there you have it… my favorite beauty products for Spring. PS – CVS offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can try out your favorite Spring trends and if they don’t work out, you can get a full refund as long as you have your receipt– no questions asked.

What beauty trends will you be trying out this season?

This post was created in collaboration with CVS Beauty Club and Style Coalition. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Love the blush and highlighter! ❤

    3.17.15 Reply
  2. I love the “bouncy blush”- it’s so creamy and pigmented!

    3.17.15 Reply
  3. I recently just tried Essie’s Blanc nail polish and I loved it! White just looks so clean and neat and a major plus is it makes you look tanner (even against my stark white skin haha!)

    3.17.15 Reply
  4. Very cool palette!

    3.17.15 Reply
  5. Such a great post! Always looking for great new drugstore products to try 🙂 May have to give the blush and eyeliner a try 🙂

    3.17.15 Reply
  6. great picks grace!

    3.17.15 Reply
  7. Their Buy One Get one 50% off gets me everytime! Every. Single. Time. Doesn’t matter the brand either- I still stock up.

    I’m obsessed with the “Iced Latte” too! The way it works on my skin tone, it definitely brightens up my eyes, and everytime I wear it alone, (with eye liner and mascara) people always say I look so great! -Thanks to Iced Latte!!

    Clare | Understated Classics

    3.17.15 Reply
  8. I’ve been searching for the perfect red lipstick for spring! Thanks for this timely suggestion. I’m going to give the Revlon colorburst lacquer balm a trial run. Happy Tuesday 🙂

    3.17.15 Reply
  9. I accidentally bought the new Covergirl mascara last week and was pleasantly surprised by how well it works – definitely soft!

    Kristina does the Internets

    3.17.15 Reply
  10. I haven’t tried that line of nail polish yet, but it looks nice. Thanks for the review.


    3.17.15 Reply
  11. There is nothing better then finding the perfect beauty products at the drug store and not breaking the bank!! I’ll have to try out that nail polish, it’s right up my alley!!

    3.17.15 Reply
  12. Love those L’Oreal pigments!


    3.17.15 Reply
  13. Love this! Always like hearing about the latest and greatest drugstore beauty products – because they are totally affordable and some can do just as great a job as the designer brands.

    3.19.15 Reply