DIY: Tory Burch inspired Rope + Metal Ring Necklace


I originally saw this necklace on Tory Burch’s website and was inspired to create my own rendition.  I love how they took rope and wove it through metal rings to create something that feels very substantial.  The necklace is a mix of nautical meets edgy and I am pretty obsessed with the pattern that the metal rings make when you weave them together with the rope.


Materials:  Twelve Dark Gray (Hematite) Metal Rings // Twelve Silver Metal Rings // E6000 Glue // Rope (two pieces, each about 24″ long) // Four Silver Barrel End Caps // Lobster Clasp // Four Jump Rings // Masking Tape (not pictured)


1.  Pour a little bit of glue into one end cap.  // 2.  Glue your rope into the end cap.  // 3.  Repeat on the other piece of rope. // 4.  Allow to dry, and then tape the other two ends of your rope together.

Ropes+Rings 5-8

5.  Pull your rope through the first of your metal rings.  // 6.  Place the second (dark silver) ring over that ring, as demonstrated above.  // 7.  Weave your rope up through the space between the two rings.  // 8.  Add another silver ring below the dark silver ring as demonstrated above.


9.  Weave your rope back down through the space between the two rings.


Continue weaving your rope through the rings… a nice little pattern will form!


Once you’ve used all twelve rings of each shade, your necklace will look like the above!


Add two end caps to the remaining side, and then a clasp + a jump ring… and you are all done!

top photo by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. Rachelle says 7.16.13

    I have tons of rope at home I should make this, love it.

  2. so pretty! love it!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  3. So great, Grace! I spotted that necklace and thought, it has to be made. I’m so glad you did!

  4. Wow, really great way to recreate the original. Looks good!

  5. Chelsea says 7.16.13

    So pretty Grace! I think I would use gold rings but I love love love this idea.

    Chelsea & The City

  6. Bernice says 7.16.13

    Must try this as a bracelet as well!

    Bernice the Shoe Addict

  7. Why Buy It? DIY It! says 7.17.13

    I love this!
    Whybuy it? Diy it!

  8. BEST DIY YET! I cannot wait to try this out!

  9. Lizzer says 9.2.13

    Love this! How big are the rings?

    • Grace Atwood says 9.2.13

      Just over an inch in diameter!

  10. Samantha says 11.25.13

    Nicely done.

  11. Oooh where did u get those hoops???

    I m featuring jewelry diy tutorials on my blog too if u r interested 🙂