DIY: Rose Gold + Leather Link Bracelet

You know you’re in too deep with the DIY projects when you start dreaming about it  These days, all I dream about is jewelry – whether it’s work-related or on the DIY front, my life is just jewelry, jewelry, jewelry.  I had the idea to try linking layers of chain together with leather cord and the results were even better than I could have imagined.

This DIY is a relatively simple and straightforward one… each took me about 20 minutes to complete.  Originally I thought I’d give them to friends for Christmas.  Now, I’m thinking I’ll keep them.


Full tutorial after the page break.

Start by cutting your chain into three even pieces.  Hook all three pieces to a jump ring.

Thread your leather cord through the first link of each piece of chain.  The links should be in the middle, with 15″ of leather left on each side.
 Thread each end through the next link.  The leather will intersect.  Pull tightly.
 Continue to thread the leather through all three chain links.
 You’ll develop a nice uniform pattern.
 When you get to the end, hook another jump ring, plus your lobster clasp, through the last three links of chain.
 Double (even triple knot) your leather cord tightly, and trim the ends.

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Leave a Comment


  1. This is exactly the kind of bracelet I want! Going to try it!

    3.15.12 Reply
  2. Awesome!

    11.6.12 Reply
  3. Martin:

    Hey! I’d like to do this for my girlfriend for Christmas. How hard is it for a guy who never did anything like this? 🙂

    12.18.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Aw, how sweet! I don’t think it should be that hard!!!

      12.18.13 Reply
  4. Mary Pollard:

    Awesome tutorials…. Easy to understand and follow

    4.16.16 Reply