DIY: Rose Gold Glitter Minaudiere

Rose gold is my favorite metal.  It’s elegant, goes with everything, and it’s just a little bit more fun than regular white or yellow gold.  I have been obsessed with creating my own minaudiere ever since seeing Honestly WTF’s Minaudiere DIYlast Spring.  Seeing boatloads of glitter all over the runway this year inspired me… I decided to create a glitter covered minaudiere with a crystal ball topper.  When I found out that Martha Stewart makes rose gold glitter, I knew what I had to do.

Coarse Glitter  (I opted for Martha Stewart’s Rose Gold)
Modge Podge Lustre
Small Dish
Small Foam Brush
Large Sunglass Case
Drill (not pictured)  The Honestly WTF girls turned me onto the Dremel 4000 – love.
Bolt Cutter (not pictured)
Gorilla Glue (not pictured)

1 and 2.  Carefully sand down the sunglass case to roughen up the texture of the case (this step is imperative to ensure that the glitter won’t flake off later when it’s dried.
3.  Mix up a mixture of 2 parts Modge Podge to 1 part glitter in your bowl.
4.  Begin painting thin layers of glitter mixture onto your case. Allow to dry thoroughly in between coats.

5.  Continue to paint thin layers of the glitter mixture onto the clutch (I used about 5 thin layers.)
6.  From there, drill a hole in your sunglass case, where the crystal knob will fit through.  I measured to find the center.  Pop the crystal knob through the hole, trim the knob with your bolt cutter, and you’re done!  (Refer to Honestly WTF’s postfor more details on how this works.)  I also opted to add a drop of Gorilla Glue to the base of the knob to further secure it.

And you’re done!!!  Take your clutch out on the town.  It’s big enough for all the essentials… cell phone, lip gloss, keys, cash and cards… etc.

And there you have it… the perfect little evening bag without a whole lot of time, effort, or cash!

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