DIY: Rope & Crystal Cuff

COFFEE_3Did anyone else catch MoutonCollet’s collection on Moda Operandi?  I did, and (surprise surprise) I wanted absolutely everything.  Especially this bracelet.  I decided to try my hand at making a version… using rope – and a pretty crystal that fell off a necklace I’d bought ages ago at Forever 21.  This is an easy one… and I’m pretty pleased with the result!


Materials // Where to Buy:  4 Barrel Cord Ends // About 12-14″ Rope (more or less depending on the size of your wrists.  I used this 4mm Rayon Twist, from M&J Trim) // Rhinestone Chain // Rhinestone Pendant (mine came off of an old Forever 21 Necklace.. you could also use a vintage rhinestone brooch) or Rhinestones // 8mm Lobster Clasp // Silver Jump Rings // Not Pictured:  E6000 Glue // Fabric Glue // Tape // Silver Craft Wire




Voila!  Top photo by Lydia Hudgens, all other photography by Stripes & Sequins.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Lyn:

    awesome how you do your DIY’s !
    love the result 🙂

    1.29.13 Reply
  2. Nikki Rappaport:

    You keep impressing me with these DIYs! I need to bring all my jewelry making supplied back with me next time I go home to my parent’s house. Gorgeous, Grace!

    1.29.13 Reply
  3. Kaitlin Foy:

    Your DIYs are always perfection! I need to work on my patience so I can finally try one!

    1.29.13 Reply
  4. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It:

    Adorable! I loved that collection on MO too– I have a diy from that next week : )

    1.29.13 Reply
  5. Rachel:

    I would never think to use rope- how creative!

    1.29.13 Reply
  6. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar:

    Looks simple enough! I need to try this!

    1.29.13 Reply
  7. ALISON:

    This is so pretty! The rope adds a rustic/elegant touch.

    1.29.13 Reply
  8. Alyssa:

    This is so pretty, Grace! My Forever 21 pieces are always falling apart, so reusing them is a great idea. Plus, this looks so simple!

    1.29.13 Reply
  9. Lia ~ Smart n Snazzy:

    This is absolutely gorgeous, Grace. I love the texture mix, and this couldn’t be simpler!

    1.29.13 Reply
  10. Novella:

    Love this DIY!
    I’m also a DIY-er 😉

    Visit my blog:


    1.29.13 Reply
  11. Nina:

    This is great! So fancy and pretty (and it really looks easy!). xx Nina

    1.29.13 Reply
  12. Molliee:

    omg loving this! I like that it is rustic and glam at the same time;)

    1.29.13 Reply
  13. Hannah:

    This is so gorgeous! I always love your DIYs x

    1.29.13 Reply
  14. Crystalin:

    Wow, I love this one!

    1.30.13 Reply
  15. aini:

    amazing! i’d love to try to make one. I always love you DIY, you’re very creative! 🙂

    1.31.13 Reply
  16. lara / the glossarie.:

    gorgeous, grace!! i want one 🙂

    2.3.13 Reply
  17. Gaby:

    Love love love this!

    2.9.13 Reply
  18. Hapiness, Everywhere:

    This is one of my fav projects! So gorgeous n easy 2 do!

    7.3.14 Reply
  19. Cheryl:

    such a cool design. Love this cuff and will try it! thank you!

    10.4.17 Reply
  20. tazzysmom phyllis jackson:

    definitely going to make the bracelet , it is beautiful

    11.17.17 Reply