DIY Planter Gifts.

How to Make Planter Gifts For Christmas

This week I am going to be sharing some really easy last minute homemade Christmas gifts. Things you can make in a pinch – they won’t cost much money, and in my opinion, handmade Christmas gifts feel so much more special and personal!!!!

My personal favorite gifts to receive are candles and plants, so it’s only fitting that today we’d start with a DIY planter! I made these last week to bring as a hostess gift for a girlfriend’s party. I should note that I am obsessed with marble contact paper right now. I lined my desk drawers with it and I fantasize about covering my credenza in it. (Seems like one of those terrible ideas but maybe?) It’s such a fun, easy way to update household items.

DIY Planter Gifts

Plants make amazing gifts for family and friends! Just make sure that your recipient actually likes plants (lolz). Years ago my mom gave me plants and I killed them. I still feel bad. Black thumb. In my recent old age I’m a lot more domestic so I take great care of my plants. I love bringing one of these to a party with a bottle of wine or champagne. I like to give philodendrons – they’re pretty easy to maintain, grow nicely indoors, and don’t need tons and tons of light.

How to Make Planter Gifts For Christmas

Step 1 – save your old cans!

Easy enough, right? You can also buy cans (I bought and used these exact cans for this project!) if you haven’t been eating a lot of soup or you forgot. Whatever you use, give it a good washing to make sure it’s clean and that there isn’t any dust.

Step 2 – measure out a piece of marble contact paper.

Figure out how much you need, and then cut off a piece. I use this exact marble contact paper but I also bought this pink quartz contact paper – I think it would be really pretty too!

Step 3 – carefully apply contact paper to can.

Go slowly, unpeeling as you go. Press out any bubbles to make sure it goes on smoothly.

Step 4 – smooth out any bumps.

Inspect your work and make sure there are no bumps or bubbles.

Step 5 – punch a few small holes in the bottom of the can.

I used a metal skewer. I’d say to use a small screwdriver or really anything sharp and pointy. This was a last minute Denise Atwood (my mom) instruction; I was on the phone with her while I was making these and she warned me! The reason for this is that the roots of your plant could rot if there is nowhere for excess water to drain.

Step 6 – add soil to the bottom of the can.

This will really vary based on how much soil the plant you bought has (my plants were a lot smaller than the cans so I needed more). You might not need any, you might need a lot!

Step 7 – add your plants!

Carefully take your plants out of the container they came in and transfer them to the can.

Step 5 – tie with a bow!

This is optional but is a nice festive touch. I love a nice thick satin ribbon – I have this double faced satin ribbon on hand in a bunch of colors for gift wrapping.

DIY Planter Gifts

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  1. How cute! I love that this DIY reuses old cans as well. Practical, personal and good for the environment! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.17.18 Reply