DIY: Pamela Love Inspired Skull Necklace

A couple weeks ago, Alicia posted a DIY skull charm on her blog, inspired by an incredible Pamela Love necklace.

I was instantly obsessed… and inspired.  Not only did I already have the skull beads at home, but I also had the spikes.  I decided to add a step to her DIY… taking a bit of E6000 glue and gluing spikes to the bottom of the skull charms.  Once you’ve made the charms, you have a few options:  keep it simple with one charm, or make a bunch and create a multi-charm necklace.

What you need:
Skull beads
Small spikes
E6000 glue
Jump Rings
Brass Chain
Lobster Clasp

 Full tutorial after the jump.

Make your skull charms by following Alicia’s tutorial.  Then, apply a tiny drop of E6000 glue to the base of the skull.  Adhere the spike to the base, holding firmly for approximately 30 seconds.  Work in a ventilated area, and allow to dry overnight.
 Using your pliers, connect the chain to your clasp & jump ring.
 Using smaller jump rings, attach your charms to the chain.  Space them out evenly.  I used 5.
 And voila, you’re done!  Get creative.  Use smaller spikes for a look more like the original… or go bigger!  There are so many ways to do it.  Either way, your necklace will be pretty badass.  Wear it with your most girly pieces!
Top images from here, all other images, Stripes & Sequins.

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