DIY: Marni Jeweled Leather Sandals

DIY Marni Sandals 6

Over the weekend, my friend Elanah and I got together to recreate some crystal sandals we’d been seeing all over the blogosphere. In particular, there were two pairs of crystal sandals that we reaaaaaallly loved.  {Marni – as seen on Julia here, and J.Crew, as seen on Liz here} We both desperately wanted a pair but weren’t prepared to invest in the trend. {The Marni version retails for $480!}  So we went ordered some sandals from Nordstrom {I got these}, went to Toho Shoji in the garment distract during our lunch break and whipped these up in under ten minutes. Not bad, eh?

The project is insanely simple – but just in case, below are some fave embellished sandals… whether for shopping or for more DIY inspiration!

DIY Marni Sandals - Materials

Materials: Neutral Strappy Sandals // Rhinestones in settings — love what Wander & Hunt is selling // E6000 Glue

DIY Marni Sandals 1

Squeeze some E6000 glue onto a napkin. I used a kebab stick to apply the glue to the back of my rhinestones.

DIY Marni Sandals 2

Carefully apply the glue to the back of the stone.

DIY Marni Sandals 3

Start by applying the first two stones to the center of the shoe and work outwards.

DIY Marni Sandals 4

Continue applying… I chose to add two smaller stones to the edges of mine. Press each stone firmly for 15-20 seconds to set, and allow to dry overnight.

DIY Marni Sandals 5

All done… so easy, right?

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  1. They turned out so good!! I’d totally go for these instead of the 400 $ Version!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    5.6.14 Reply
  2. Such a great idea and they turned out so good! I’m making these this weekend 🙂 xo Nina

    5.6.14 Reply
  3. Such a fun idea and way more affordable than the designer version…might just have to give this one a try! 🙂

    5.6.14 Reply
  4. I am so doing this one, I am just looking for cheaper sandals.


    5.6.14 Reply
  5. jillian:

    Love these! great DIY! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    5.6.14 Reply
  6. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

    5.6.14 Reply
  7. Love this!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    5.6.14 Reply
  8. This is such an easy DIY! I would have been worried that they would look too cheap, but I think they turned out really nice! I might even have some old sandals that I could upcycle! Thanks for the idea!!


    5.6.14 Reply
  9. oooo I’m totally doing this!!! Love those sandals but can’t justify $400+ for a pair of them. I think this is do-able even for the DIY-impaired (like me). BTW – just got the frank scrub too – can’t wait to try it!

    5.6.14 Reply
  10. I love this fun DIY! This is one that I can definitely manage…
    xx, Kristi

    5.6.14 Reply
  11. This is my favorite DIY ever! I’ve been in love with the Marni/J. Crew options but this seems like an easy alternative!!

    5.6.14 Reply
  12. What a fun idea, so cute!

    5.6.14 Reply
  13. This is brilliant, Grace!!! Love how they came out.

    xo, Lindsey

    5.6.14 Reply
  14. PhotoGirl:

    This is fabulous! I don’t see the rhinestones on the page given in your link, though. Do you have any other resources you could recommend? Thanks, Grace!

    5.6.14 Reply
  15. I have been lusting over both the Marni and J Crew sandals but they’re out of my price range! Making a pair sounds like much more fun!

    Five Minute Style 

    5.6.14 Reply
  16. I love this!! I want to try it this weekend!

    5.6.14 Reply
  17. This is straigt up genius DIY status!! Why would anyone spend the $480 for the Marni pair when these look identical. Can’t wait to make my own!


    5.6.14 Reply
  18. Spring DIY here I come!!! Such a great idea!!

    5.7.14 Reply
  19. I’m not usually into DIYs but this is so simple with such a great result — I may have to try it out!

    5.7.14 Reply
  20. UMMMMMM guys i wasnt kidding… i wear a size 9…. you are both my friends so i think i should get some priority 🙂

    SO CUTE!!!!

    5.8.14 Reply
  21. So simple and so glamorous!

    5.21.14 Reply
  22. These are adorable!! I love that you totally made it your own. I just did a DIY Jeweled Sandals post, and honestly I like our versions better than the store-bought! Plus it’s the perfect craft date idea with the girls. Or in my case, a good distraction when you’re cooped up inside with a cold. Nice job Grace! Here’s what I came up with for the DIY project:


    6.6.14 Reply
  23. Cute sandals! The bling s so miu miu! 🙂

    I m featuring jewelry diy tutorials on my blog too if u r interested 🙂

    7.3.14 Reply
  24. These are so gorgeous! I have such a penchant for sparkly things!

    The Scientist Who DIYs

    8.4.14 Reply