DIY Lucite Clutch

Lucite clutches were all over every street style blog after this past fashion week.  (I pinned a few of my favorites, here.)  I knew of course, that I needed to have one… but if you break down the components, a lucite clutch actually looks quite similar to the acrylic boxes sold in home goods stores to store bathroom necessities and such.  All you need is some fun hardware, to dress it up however you please.  I was feeling floral, but the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do with it.

You’ll need:

Start by using your bolt cutters to cut the metal stem off of your drawer pull.  Get as close as you possibly can to the base of the pull.

Apply a large dollop of your E600 glue to the base of the pull…

And adhere the pull to the box.  (If you aren’t sure that you can eyeball it, measure the center of the box.)  Press firmly for about 30 seconds, and allow to dry overnight (preferably outdoors or in a well-ventilated space.)


Next, glue on your catch…

And your clutch is complete!  To give a neater look, I recommend putting your essentials in a pouch inside the clutch… no need to show the world everything inside your bag!

P.S.  I did a little Mara Hoffman inspired DIY project for Refinery 29.  Check it out here!

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  1. Natasha Fatah says 4.9.12

    Ridiculously genius!

  2. Tereza says 4.9.12

    This clutch s really cool, I love it so so much.

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  3. AvgGirlsGuide says 4.9.12

    So smart!!! Love the flower you selected, too! 

  4. Natalie says 4.9.12

    wow such a good idea!! love this!!

  5. My Dressy Ways says 4.9.12

    I love it Grace! 

  6. Becca Atwood says 4.9.12

    Really cool! One of my favorite DIY projects.

  7. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 4.9.12

    Your creative mind is amazing! I would never have thought about the details of this, but it came out perfectly!

  8. kuti says 4.9.12

    waow coool.. nice idea.. i love that clutch <3


  9. Denise Atwood says 4.9.12

    love it!!!

  10. Julia Rosinus says 4.9.12

    Um I NEED to make this — and I actually think I could!! Loving your DIYs as usual and can’t wait to catch up over coffee today! xo

  11. Jasmine // Web Haute Jas says 4.9.12

    truely amazing! i love this!!!

  12. [email protected] says 4.9.12

    Amazing, i love this!

  13. Erika Nolan says 4.9.12

    So adorable…must do it!  Love it..

  14. RealGirlGlam says 4.9.12

    So creative… and simple! Love the look of the little bag inside!

  15. Sarah Sequins says 4.9.12

    Cute! I’d love to do a painted one — I’ve heard that if you heat-set acrylic paint on plexi, it’s pretty durable. 🙂

  16. helenazurow says 4.9.12

    Love it! It´s so much fun to create clutches but to be honest, I rarely have the chance to use them in my daily life XD still, this doesn´t stop me from DIYing them lol

    just diyed a versace ss2012 inspired shell clutch, this is my blog

    btw, your blog is such an inspiration, looking forward to all future projects 🙂

  17. Megan Zietz says 4.9.12

    i love this, i’d def. try this.

  18. Alexa says 4.9.12

    OMG Grace that is amazing. Looks so professional!

  19. Laura Bergin says 4.9.12

    Wow that’s gorgeous! I love the flower!

    Laura xo

  20. what a great idea! You definitely made that feel accessible and easy! BTW, loved your feature on R29…congrats!

  21. Sarah says 4.9.12

    Ahhh this is soo cool! I agree that it needs to have a little bag (or SOMETHING not see through) inside though… I can think of a million reasons as to why but I think they’re pretty obvious.

  22. cherylpisha says 4.9.12

    This is fantastic!!!  I will be trying it for sure.  Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

  23. Bettina says 4.9.12

    Wow Grace, this one was so out of the box, I’ve never seen a DIY quite like this one. Love it! Even without using it as a clutch, adding the hardware makes it an even prettier case to store pretty things! 

  24. How fun is this?! Love the flower on top! xo

  25. Hira Ahmad says 4.9.12

    This is SUPER AWESOME!

  26. Tamra Sanford says 4.9.12

    I learned 2 fab things from this post, lucite clutches are the it bag and how to make them!  Man, I really need to crawl out of my work hole and walk around.  Loving me some lucite!

  27. Paige says 4.10.12

    This is really great! i love it! 

  28. BmoreLoveLeigh says 4.10.12

    This is absolutely incredible.  I need to make this stat!!

  29. so anthro says 4.11.12

    Literally obsessed. Cannot wait to make this. Amazing job Grace!!

  30. so cool. i love the idea of putting all your stuff inside a little makeup bag – its two bags in one!

  31. Rengurl says 10.18.12

    when Lucite clutches were popular in the 40’s, women would line them with scarves that matched their outfit!

  32. Tiffany says 11.7.12

    Wow. I just came to this tutorial from Luella and June. I am obsessed with this DIY! It’s toooooooo good. I’ve been drooling over those way out of my budget lucite clutches for ever! Thank you so much for this.

  33. You just plain rock. Brilliant and easy DIY. I’m going to have to try this soon!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  34. Jessie Springer says 3.5.13

    I’m ordering the supplies for this project today! I just hope mine turns out as great as yours!


  35. Cathleen says 3.19.13

    I made this, and I love it! Thanks for the DIY.

  36. Emily says 5.13.13

    Grace, I gave this clutch a try and am so pleased with how it turned out! Thank you for the directions! I’d love it if you would check out mine: