DIY: Lizzie Fortunato Inspired Scale Bracelet

I am (and always have been,) a huge fan of Lizzie Fortunato‘s work.  Remember this rope necklace DIY?  That necklace was what sparked it all… and since then, I haven’t been able to get enough of her designs.  Unique, special… they get better and better every season. If I could afford to, I’d buy every single piece from her current collection.  (This necklace, being at the top of my list.)  When I saw the Scale Bracelet, I had to try creating my own… it’s the perfect addition to any arm party… wouldn’t you say?  And when you’re done… why not make these earrings with your left over fishbone chain?
Here’s what you need to create your own LF inspired bracelet:

 – 6 inches* of fishbone chain
 – approx. 25 inches* of two different shades of embroidery floss
 – one 10mm jump ring
 – two 4mm jump rings
 – a pair of pliers
 – a pair of scissors
*Lengths vary depending on the size of your wrist and how loose you want to make the bracelet.

Full tutorial after the break.
 Begin by attaching the two small jump rings to either side of your piece of fishtail chain.

Take the two pieces of embroidery floss (I chose pink + red,) and tie them together to one side of the bracelet.

Triple knot the floss to the bracelet, and trim the ends.

Begin to slowly and carefully wrap your floss around the chain, weaving it between the fishtails.

Wrap slowly and carefully, keeping the two threads together.

As you wrap, a pattern will emerge.

When you get to the end of the fishtail, wrap it around the last tail twice… triple knot.

Your bracelet is finished!

My own little arm party.

Bracelets (from left – Scale Bracelet, Cartier Love Bracelet, BaubleBar, homemade using this tutorial.)

Top image from Of A Kind; all other images by Stripes & Sequins.

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  1. Meagan Skeel:

    How do you keep the chain flat after you wrap it? I wrapped the thread and it twists up like a strand of DNA…

    5.11.12 Reply
  2. dany:

    Where did you get your fishbone chain? I clicked the link to the ohiobeads website but the chain they have on that page is an ugly version with like rounded tips 

    5.23.12 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Dany! I bought mine at New York Beads in NYC – you may be able to call them and special order it… otherwise, the Ohio Beads was the closest I could find!

      5.31.12 Reply