DIY: Lizzie Fortunato Inspired Rope Necklace

This one’s for my preppy friends… you know who you are.  I’m speaking directly to the section of you who relates to the “stripes” side of S&S just a tad more than the “sequins” part.  If navy blue is your favorite color, you live for weekends at the Cape or  Hamptons, and you’ve been coveting that Lizzie Fortunato rope necklace (remember?  this one) ever since it appeared on Chance, you’re in for a treat!

2 pieces of rope*, 35″ each.  Tape the ends to prevent fraying

*Note:  I bought my rope at M&J Trim.  They have tons of rope in their Manhattan store… but they only seem to sell the satin cord online.

Start by forming two loops with your rope, and intersecting them in the middle.
Cross one side over the other.
Thread the top ends through the middle.
Yank tightly!!
You are basically done (so easy!) and can finish it off any way that you choose.  The Lizzie Fortunato version  used metal caps on the ends, but I wanted to make a metal-free version.  (It makes for a super-comfortable, incredibly light-weight finished-product.)
I taped the two ends together, and wrapped the taped part tightly with twine.
I then formed a loop using a bit more twine (wrap it around a few times, and tie tightly!)
Here’s the final product.  (To secure the necklace, I simply tied the two loops together with a piece of string.)
And voila – the end result!  It took me less than 15 minutes to make it, and I’m truly, madly obsessed.  (And a little bit appalled that Chance sells this necklace for $155.  Really!?)

Get creative!  Try making it with non-traditional materials, too.  Satin rope, climbing and utility cord… or for a more colorful look, use a contrasting twine!  Whatever you do… wear it proudly.  I love it best paired with a striped tee, or a cozy t-shirt dress.

Top image:  Chance; All other images:  Stripes and Sequins

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