DIY: Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather Bracelet Final

I’m pretty excited about the leather bracelet DIY tutorial I put together for iVillage.  Pop on over and check out the tutorial!  This one is incredibly easy and makes for a fantastic holiday gift…. give yourself an hour and you can make one for every single person on your list!

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  1. Lynn Powell says 12.18.13

    This a great looking bracelet. Where did you find the hook closure? Thank you for all your beautiful ideas.

  2. Tina says 12.20.13

    Hello where can we buy the materials?

    • Grace Atwood says 12.20.13

      Hi Tina! I bought everything at New York Beads.

  3. fashionsbit says 1.20.14

    I think I am in love with all of your DIYs…

  4. Cheryl Tipken says 3.22.14

    I love this, I’m having a hard time finding the hook… Do you remember what it’s called? Thanks

  5. Love this, didnt know ivillage had a DIY section, will definitely check it out 🙂

  6. ozella says 5.24.15

    this link does not go DIRECTLY to the project. not good.

    • graceatwood says 5.25.15

      well, that’s annoying! It looks like ivillage is no more… this was a freelance project I had done for them years ago. I can’t find the link to the tutorial anywhere, it looks like the whole site is gone now. sorry about that.