DIY: Jump Ring “Coil” Bracelet


This coil bracelet looks like a masterpiece (or at least something you’d buy for quite a bit more money) until you get close and realize that it is actually just a ton of jump rings, strung tightly together to look like a more elaborate piece.  Drying time aside, it will take you maybe ten minutes to make.  This one has been a constant companion to my personal bracelet stack… it goes with everything!

For extra credit, make this in rose gold + silver and wear all three together!


Materials:  E6000 Glue // 300 or so 10mm Brass Jump Rings // Clasp

Two Brass Barrel End Caps // Rope (use about 1/2″ less than you’d like your bracelet to be)


Begin by using a little E6000 glue to add your first end cap.  Let it dry… for at least an hour or so.


Begin threading on jump rings, as if they were beads.  Note:  it may be easier to add a little bit of tape to the end of your rope for quicker stringing.



Continue stringing (and pushing them together) until you reach the end.


When you get to the end, cut your rope.  Fill your end cap with E6000 Glue and press the end of the rope into the cap.  Press firmly for a good 30 seconds, and then allow to dry for another hour or so.



Add a clasp to one side…


And a jump ring to the other… and you are done!


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  1. Justyna says 6.25.13

    It looks great! I really love this idea 🙂


  2. Dana says 6.25.13

    I love this! It looks so expensive and chic!

  3. Rachelle says 6.25.13

    I love this, you seriously need to sell your diy projects 🙂

  4. Alyssa Longobucco says 6.25.13

    This is really cool–I love how tough it looks!

  5. Lauren says 6.25.13

    Grace – I really really love this! I think I am going to try it this weekend. Thanks!

  6. ajminneapolis says 6.25.13

    This is so pretty! I am definitely going to make one – do the rings pinch or pull your arm hair at all or are they tight enough not to?

    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.13

      No pulling… They are tight enough not to!!!

  7. Usha says 6.25.13

    I am usually too lazy for DIY but this is too simple not to try!

  8. Stephanie says 6.25.13

    what a great idea! i love how the finished product looks. this is definitely one i’m going to have to try. thanks! xo

  9. Kristina Anderson says 6.25.13

    This is so cute, and looks like something I could actually accomplish!!

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  10. Jackie says 6.25.13

    Grace- I love your tutorials! I’m always overwhelmed with the bead stores/ trimming stores in Manhattan. Do you typically order your supplies online, or do you have a go-to place in the city?


    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.13

      I buy a lot online but I also love New York Beads!

  11. Samantha says 6.25.13

    Love. And love your end cap find.

  12. fabricpaperglue says 6.25.13

    How simple! But so lovely!

  13. lifeonthesquares says 6.25.13

    really cool! would love to make one in gold and one in rose gold and stack them up.

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  14. Lauren says 6.25.13

    such a simple but good idea– would’ve never thought of this. do you ever go to brooklyn charm? obsessed with that place! xo

  15. Mary Summers says 6.25.13

    Seriously Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Ayanna says 6.25.13

    You have such great ideas! Love!

  17. Lisa says 6.25.13

    Cute! It looks way more complicated than it is – I love that

  18. Deryl J. says 6.25.13

    Awesome DIY! What diameter rope did you use?

  19. Mckenzie says 6.25.13

    Great idea! Simple but chic.

  20. Saba Gee says 6.25.13

    Looks great! What color nail polish is that?

  21. Brandy says 6.25.13

    Love it! Already made mine in silver this morning. I used a piece of leather rope for mine that I had laying around, made it easy to string the rings on. Love your DIY’s!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Kara says 6.26.13

    This is the greatest idea! It does look very expensive.

  23. Monique says 6.29.13

    what nail polish are you using? love it!

    • Grace Atwood says 7.1.13

      it’s CND Shellac in the coral shade! 🙂

  24. Ree Groves says 7.10.13

    I agree with all that who have commented about your wonderful Idea of jump rings, even if you made them with a little smaller rope/leather or to what ever your base was going to be. The designing of several in different shades, how neat is that, ah! I wonder if you could make this bracelet out of small Hex nuts or small washes, anyway just a thought??? thank u for sharing I’m sure you have alot of us new idea’s, to try out Regards Ree

  25. Libby says 7.16.13

    Where did you find the end caps? I’ve been looking everywhere!

    • Grace Atwood says 7.16.13

      Hi Libby! I link to the source in my post… you can get them online!

  26. monique says 9.7.13

    love this project my daughters and i are going to make one each however we found all the material except for the rope can you tell me where i can purchase that item. thanks

    • Grace Atwood says 9.7.13

      Hi Monique! I link to the rope in my post… I got mine from 🙂

  27. Divya says 9.14.13

    looks simple yet classy and has so many possibilities – different sizes, colors, dangles..pining it

  28. I think i overinvested in jump rings so this is a good way to use then up! Either that or a chainmail DIY 🙂

  29. Rechelle carey says 8.18.15

    The best site for inspiration!

  30. Mary Joyce Edwards says 12.21.15

    Love it. Haven’t made it yet, but I will. I just like the design.

  31. ROBERTA HODGES says 10.4.17

    This is gorgeous I have got to make it thank you

  32. Sandi Hodge says 3.21.18

    Love, Love, Love…

  33. Vicki Mohajeri says 6.27.18

    Where and what size rope do you use? Thank you.

  34. Sassy says 9.17.21

    This is very pretty and something I wear or sale. What type and size rope did you use?