DIY – Isabel Marant Inspired Beaded Cuff

Ever since I saw the Isabel Marant Ojibwe Boy Beaded Cuff, I wanted to make myself a beaded cuff.  Now, the truly awesome, die-hard way to go about doing so would be to run out and buy a beading loom…  but I am lazy.  When I found some cool beaded trim at M&J, I knew I was onto something.

Beaded Trim (bought at M&J, but I hear Michael’s and Tandy Leather have it too!)
Glue Gun
Embroidery Floss & Needle
Fabric scraps

Start by gluing the beaded trim to your fabric scrap.  I used a fun piece of seersucker from some bermudas that I’d turned into cut-offs… but you can use any kind of fabric.  Leather & suede would also look amazing.

Next, carefully cut it out… leaving room on the end for the snaps.  Make sure that it’s long enough to fit your wrists.

Then, take your embroidery floss and stitch the perimeter of the trim.  This step is not mandatory, but I wear my DIYs to bits and know the bracelet would fall apart if I only relied upon hot glue.  (I also like the way the stitching compliments the beads.

Finish by sewing on your snaps.

And you’re done!  For under $5 a pop, you’ve made yourself a brilliant beaded cuff.

top image, courtesy of net-a-porter.   all other images, stripes and sequins.

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