DIY: Finger Knitting Technique – and a Sparkly Necklace

I remember finger knitting as a kid… and how cathartic it was.  It’s one of those things you can just do from the couch.  No tools or materials necessary; just your hand and a ball of yarn.  I was playing around with some sparkly yarn and decided to try finger knitting with it.  I love how the results turned out..  it almost looks like chain.  Add a bit of chain and/or rhinestone trim, and you’ve got a beautiful new necklace.  I might add that these will transition quite well into Fall… adding texture to any look and pairing quite well with other knit pieces.  I recommend making a few – they look great layered!

 I’m also wearing my BaubleBar Monogram and a Madewell Tee.

 Materials:  Sparkly Yarn (I used Lion Brand Bonbons) // Silver Plated Chain // Rhinestone Trim // Clasp // Two Jump Rings // Pliers

steps1-4 steps5-8

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  1. Julie & Lauren says 7.30.12

    Saw all this fun inspiration on instagram. Love the final look, Grace!! XO

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      aw, thanks ladies! xox

  2. Alyson says 7.30.12

    so pretty! I’ve never done this before. Adore how you added a little chain with it to glam it up a bit. 

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks! You should give it a try. So easy, I swear.

  3. Courtney Pearce says 7.30.12

    This is such a great and easy DIY! I need to try this, even for the therapeutic properties of knitting!

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks Courtney! Exactly… it is so therapeutic! xx

  4. Taylor Curlyinthecity says 7.30.12

    I used to knit yards and yards of this! I think every suitcase in my whole family had about a foot of this tied too it all through the years! I used to lvoe using the yard that would change color – dorky i know! 

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Haha that is adorable! It is so relaxing.

  5. Audrey Allure says 7.30.12

    That looks so cute — loving the touch of pink & your nail color!

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thank you, Audrey! xo

  6. Meghan Donovan says 7.30.12

    such a crafty lady! loved seeing these in person on saturday 🙂 XO

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Aw, thanks lady. Loved seeing your pretty face on Saturday!!

  7. Thenowstylebook says 7.30.12

    How do you know all of this?!? You are my jewelry DIY yoda! Xoxo

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Aw, you are just too kind! So glad you liked the project.

  8. I think I could make this one…

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      I think so too. Or AJ could…

  9. Alexa C Evans says 7.30.12

    Beautiful Grace and I love those colors that you chose! 

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks, Alexa!

  10. Bianca Strzelczyk says 7.30.12

    This is so cool! I’m definitely going to be trying — looks easy (and relaxing!)

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      So relaxing, Bianca! I really hope you give the project a go! xx

  11. Nnenna says 7.30.12

    I love the way these look, especially layered! What a great DIY! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Hi Nnenna, thank you so much!  I’m so happy that you like the project… hope you give it a try!  On my nails is CND Shellac in Tropicx!

  12. Bettina says 7.30.12

    Omg, I totally remember finger knitting! You’re so creative with all these DIYs, I don’t believe I’ve seen this pastime brought back anywhere else!

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks Bettina… I try! 😉

  13. Sophie says 7.30.12

    Where did you get your lovely silver necklace? I love the style of the writing in the pendant! Is it one of those you order to have personalised with your name?

    Great DIY idea as well by the way!

    Sophie xo

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      It’s from BaubleBar, Sophie!  I actually link to it just below the photo.  So glad you like it. xx

  14. Cannot believe I forgot about finger knitting.  Never in a million years would have thought to use it for a necklace. So smart and creative! Love them layered. Can’t wait to see the navy + pink on you!

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks Carly!! xx

  15. Nice work Grace! Love seeing the classic craft technnique with a little glitz.

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks Erin! xox

  16. Clare says 7.30.12

    Cute and love your baublebar necklace! Can’t wait to give these a go!

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks Clare, please send me a pic if you do it – would love to see! xx

  17. Kkracky says 7.30.12

    Love this! I have some hand spun yarn that would be perfect for this.

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Yay – I hope you give it a try!!

  18. Allyson Fulcher says 7.30.12

    Love that shirt and the necklace!

    • graceatwood says 7.30.12

      Thanks so much, Allyson!

  19. tanya_caines says 7.31.12

    Never heard of finger knitting! It looks so cool! Book marked this page to try it myself 😀

    • graceatwood says 7.31.12

      Thanks Tanya! If you give it a try, be sure to send me a pic! xx

  20. Nicole Levine says 7.31.12

    sweet jesus you are crafty! This looks like so much fun! xo

    • graceatwood says 7.31.12

      Aw, you are too kind. It’s really easy. You should give it a try! xx

  21. MzHannah says 7.31.12

    Would love to try this! I looked up finger knitting just a few weeks ago and wanted to do something cool with it. This is cool

    • graceatwood says 7.31.12

      Aw, I’m so glad you like it! Definitely give the project a try. 🙂

  22. Thorunn says 8.2.12

    I used to do this finger knitting technique ALL the time when I was a kid. its very relaxing!! learned it at summer camp 🙂

    • graceatwood says 8.5.12

      Aw, so fun. I didn’t go to camp but did it a lot as a kid too. Definitely very relaxing!!

  23. mlg12geg says 9.8.12

    Looks like fun.

    • graceatwood says 9.16.12

      thanks, it is – so relaxing!

  24. says 2.16.13

    I can’t see steps 1 – 8 – would you be able to post those too? Thank you! I can’t wait to try it!

    • Grace Atwood says 7.7.13

      Hi there! So sorry – not sure what happened… just fixed the images!

  25. Sacia says 9.12.13

    Love it!!! I do this with my handspun yarn!

  26. Patty Simkins says 5.10.15

    I had a good time making this stuff & making necklaces & earrings out of it & so did the kids., so how do I top this for the next time.?

  27. Renee says 1.16.17

    Love it!

    • graceatwood says 1.17.17


  28. melanie goins says 8.2.18

    Excellent! They also sell a small weave tool to do this. I used colored string, contrasting e beads on every other row and finished off with a nice toggle closure.

    1. String numerous beads in advance.

    2. Weave in and out of the pegs for two rounds.

    3. Slip the e beads on every other complete round.

    4. Finish off with a pretty toggle which you will knot into place.

    5. The necklace can be as long or as short as desired.

    • melanie goins says 8.2.18

      P.S.: I used color combinations like brown string and turquoise beads; black string with a silver streak and silver beads; silver string with black and grey beads.

      You can use a color combination of beads from the start. Just alternate your beads when putting them on the string, then add a bead every other row. My tool looked like this and I used the larger end. See link below.