DIY: Faux Fur Clutch.


I’m really excited as today is the launch of something I hope to do a lot more in these parts… DIY video! DIY was the heritage of this blog and I’ve really missed creating projects for you over here; alas I was in a bit of a creative rut this year… and wanted to find a more interesting way to show you how to do them. I hope you enjoy the video; and in the meantime… subscribe to my Youtube Channel! Lots more exciting stuff to come.

Last winter, I had fallen in love with all the fur + faux fur clutches I saw all over the runways + in my favorite boutiques but couldn’t bring myself to buy one. I promised myself I’d make myself some sort version of it to carry at fashion week this coming September, and when I found this Old Navy clutch, I knew exactly what I was going to do. Note: the project level for this one is easy… anyone can make it, I promise!

Sidenote -the quality of the bag is so good I ended up buying it in brown as well to wear on it’s own.



In case you need a refresher from the video, here are the steps..

  1. Lay the fake fur face down.
  2. Lay bag flat over fur.
  3. Using your marker, carefully trace the outline of bag on fur.
  4. Carefully cut the fur out. Take your time to make sure you get a nice, smooth edge.
  5. Apply Fray Check to the edges of the fur to prevent fraying (this step is crucial!!!0
  6. Apply a generous layer of glue to the back faux fur and carefully lay the bag down over the fur.
  7. Place a heavy book on top to help it set.
  8. Allow to dry.



Video + Photos by Giafrese.

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  1. Ellen says 8.13.14

    OMG! That clutch is so fun and cute! I wish I had creative and crafty skills like you. Great post!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. Dawn says 8.13.14

    Yay! Love your DIYs! I am so siked you’ll be trying to do more of them again. I have especially loved your jewelry diys; in particular the designer “knock offs” (I have made a few of them…).

  3. Tosin AK says 8.13.14

    Love it! I am going to have to try this some day!

    Tosin AK

  4. Heidi says 8.13.14

    Oh I can’t wait for more DIYs! This one looks fantastic.

  5. Fashion Posse says 8.13.14

    Nice DIY, the clutch is so pretty

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  6. Smash says 8.13.14

    I love the video! SO cool!

  7. Saša Rakovec says 8.13.14

    Wooow what a cool DIY 🙂

  8. IndianSavage says 8.13.14

    It’s adorable!!!
    I have to try it
    Thank you for sharing
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  9. Um, adorable bag but even more amazing video! i am SO impressed!!! if you ever have a free moment, i would love to take you out to lunch to talk video (plus other fun stuff). i so want to add video to my site and am super impressed with your skills. 🙂

  10. Samantha says 8.13.14

    LOVE this Grace! I can’t wait to try 🙂

  11. Kirsten says 8.13.14

    Such a cute and easy diy! Love that you did it with fur, but you could use a ton of different patterns and textures to switch up old purses!

    XO, k
    K OKAY

  12. Victoria says 8.13.14

    I’m sorry, this is your first video? You amaze me!

  13. Erica @ HonestlyWTF says 8.13.14

    So great, Grace!! Love it. More, more, more!!

  14. decadentdissonance says 8.13.14

    That is so cute! Good job! I need to work on slowing down enough to actually get crafty again like I was long ago…it certainly does a mind, wardrobe and wallet good haha 🙂

  15. Staci says 8.13.14

    Obsessed!!! So cool.

  16. Melissa says 8.13.14

    Such a cute post Grace! great idea and the bag came out fabulous 🙂
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  17. A Hint of Life says 8.13.14

    I looooveee this!!!
    so cute and fast in my opinion! yay for a new clutch!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  18. scallopedandbows says 8.13.14

    Love how you up-cycled the purse. And what a cute and fun result!


  19. Clare says 8.14.14

    This is such a great DIY! Doesn’t look super complicated either. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Meredith says 8.14.14

    I am OBSESSED! I will be making this as soon as I get home. It was so great meeting you the other day, Grace, hope to run into you again sometime!

  21. This is cute! Great way to up cycle old clutches 🙂

  22. Carolina says 10.28.14

    Amazing!!! I was thinking about buying a faux fur bag by this DIY gave me a different perspective and now I feel like doing one on my own – and I’ll probably buy the exact same fur as you. Have you already used the bag now? Did it work fine? Is the fur still on and properly glued? I’d love to hear your feedback on your project. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Grace Atwood says 10.28.14

      Hi Carolina!

      You should totally do one on your own! It’s a fun project – and so easy! I have used the bag a few (four or five?) times now and it hasn’t shown any wear or tear. The key is just to use a good glue, I love the one I used. Good luck! (Be sure to snap a pic if you do it!) xx