DIY: Delicate Chain Bracelets

All though it could be said that I’m the queen of “more is more,” lately, I have been obsessed with dainty little baubles…  especially in the form of delicate chain bracelets.  I’ve bought a few here or there, but then it dawned on me – why not make a few, repurposing some old chain necklaces that I no longer wear.  They’re incredibly easy to make… I made three – one with a safety pin, another with a gold tube bead, and one with a little star charm.

I’m wearing the homemade versions on the right side.  On the left side, my bracelets are Cartier, Gorjana, and Derng.

Materials / Where to Buy:  Old necklace or delicate fine chain // charm // safety pin (I used a tiny brass one that came in this set.)  // 3mm jump rings // 6mm jump rings // needle-nose pliers // tube bead //wire nippers (not pictured)

To make the tube bead bracelet:  1.  Take your necklace (leave the clasp on – you’ll skip a step,) and string on a tube bead.  // 2.  Snip off the excess so that the bracelet fits your wrist (usually somewhere around 6-7 inches.  // 3.  Add a 3mm jump ring. // 4.  Add a 6mm jump ring.

To make the safety pin bracelet:  1.  Snip off about 2-3 inches of chain.  // 2.  Add a small jump ring. // 3.  Connect the safety pin.  // 4.  Connect jump ring and chain to the opposite side of the chain.  // 5.  Connect another small jump ring and then your clasp… done!

To make the star bracelet:  1.  Take one of your necklaces and snip off 6-7 inches, depending upon the length of your wrist.  // 2.  Add a small jump ring to each side (and a clasp to one side.)  // 3.  Add a 6mm jump ring to the other side. // 4.  Add your charm to the middle of the bracelet… and you are done!

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  1. wonderfulandmarvelous says 6.25.12

    What a cute idea! I especially love the one with the safety pin.
    xo Andrea

    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.12

      Thanks, Andrea!  I hope you give the project a try!!

  2. PennyPincherFashion says 6.25.12

    Absolutely love this DIY – I cannot get enough of delicate jewely lately!  Looks like I’m headed to the craft store today 🙂

    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.12

      Oooh I hope you give it a go!!  If you do please send me a pic! xx

  3. inhonorofdesign says 6.25.12

    Okay especially love the safety pin one! These are beautiful! Going to make a few:)
    x, Anna

    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.12

      Yay!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.  🙂

  4. candids by Jo says 6.25.12

    really cute idea!

  5. The Avg Girl Guide says 6.25.12

    OK, absolutely love this because I am loving delicate jewelry lately. I have two necklaces I never take off because they’re so delicate you can even add on bolder pieces without them getting in the way. This is a must! PINNING! 🙂 

    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.12

      Yay, so happy you like it.  I do the same with my delicate pieces.  They’re great on their own, or really fun to layer with bigger pieces.

  6. Elizabeth Schneider says 6.25.12

    Ok please please please sell those safety pin bracelets, they could not be more adorable! I want a necklace too 😉 Now start that shop!

    • Grace Atwood says 6.25.12

      Haha, I will try!!!  🙂  A necklace version would be so cute.

  7. Jasmine // Webhautejas says 6.25.12

    simple. easy. cute. ….i love it! 

    • graceatwood says 6.25.12

      Thanks Jas! xx

  8. Cassia Lewis says 6.25.12

    Adorable! I need to try this. I tend to make massssiiive chunky jewellery but maybe I should try something new!! 

  9. MeganElissa says 6.25.12

    SUCH a good idea! I have so many necklaces that I just haven’t wanted to get rid of but never wear… Now I finally know what to do with them!

  10. Stephanie says 6.25.12

    Great DIY! I am a huge fan of simple, delicate jewelry. That star pendant is too cute!

    • graceatwood says 6.25.12

      Thank you! I love the star, too – so simple + easy to wear!!

  11. i need to do this. on the asap. love love love! 

    • graceatwood says 6.25.12

      Yes, yes, you do! I will be so proud!!

  12. Viviana Carmona says 6.25.12

    These are so pretty and delicate! I’ve been loving all the delicate jewelry lately so this is a must try for me!

    • graceatwood says 6.25.12

      Thanks, Viv! I hope you try it!!

  13. How lovely! I especially like that you re-purposed an old necklace and the safety pin is so fun. I feel like I have two jewelry personalities too: go big or go home or seriously minimalist.

    • graceatwood says 6.25.12

      That’s such a great way of putting it, I’m exactly the same! Big + bold, or just a few delicate chains. 🙂

  14. Lauren M. Ferreira says 6.25.12

    These look so pretty!  I’ve seen a few other really easy diy jewelry tutorials.  I may need to get some tools soon!  Love these!

    • graceatwood says 6.25.12

      Thanks Lauren! You really should – so easy and fun!

  15. The Curvy Girl says 6.26.12

    Love these!

    • graceatwood says 6.26.12

      Thank you!

  16. Courtney says 6.26.12

    Very nice!

    • graceatwood says 6.26.12

      Thanks, Courtney!

  17. Kara Endres says 7.7.12

    I can’t get over that safety pin one… it’s so cute.  I have to try making some dainty bracelets like this. 

    • graceatwood says 7.8.12

      You need some! xo

  18. Jacquie Rutherford says 8.13.12

    I can’t wait to make these bracelets!! They are so cute.  Thanks for sharing. 

    • graceatwood says 8.14.12

      aw, thanks Jacquie! So excited to hear how yours turn out! xx