DIY: Celine Inspired Cuff

Oh, Celine.  The brand is the embodiment of French style.  Clean, minimalist, chic… perfect.  I also sort of want to be Phoebe Philo (their creative director.)  She’s completely transformed the brand and made it cool again.  I also love that she left Chloe in 2006 to spend more time with her family. Like I said, the woman is impressive.  It’s rare to see those sort of priorities in the fashion business.

Anyway, when I saw the studs cuff, of course I wanted one immediately.  All the same, I knew it could easily be recreated at home (using office supplies, no less,) for much less than the $650 price tag.  And so, I got to work!


Full tutorial after the break
Begin by using your wire nippers to clip the ends off of your brass fasteners.  After clipping off the ends, push the top part into a hard surface to ensure that your newly created “studs” will lay flat on the bracelet.

Carefully glue your “studs” onto the bracelet, in rows of two.  Try to be careful, but don’t stress – you can easily peel off any remnants of glue later on when it’s dry.

Let it dry, and you’re done. Easy peasy.

Top image from here.  All other images, Stripes & Sequins.

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