DIY: Anthropologie inspired Tulle Tendril Bib

DIY Anthropologie Tulle Tendril Bib

Today’s DIY is a reader request!  The lovely Lauren sent me this gorgeous Anthropologie Tulle Tendril Bib as an idea for a potential project.  The piece is stunning, but also very expensive.  (And if you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, I’m having a major moment with tulle right now.)  Always up for a challenge, I gave the project a whirl.  I’m not going to lie… this one involved a lot of glue and got messy at times, but I think the end result is worth the irritation and mess… I hope you give it a try!


Materials // Where to Buy:  Felt (I used an old sweater that I had felted by putting in the washer) // about a yard of grosgrain ribbon, about 1/4″ wide // 5 brass bezels // some tulle that you will shred up // about 14″ metallic lace trim // rhinestones, both small + large. // not pictured:  E6000 glue // fabric glue




And you are done!

DIY Tulle Tendril Necklace


Top photo by Lydia Hudgens; all other photos by Stripes & Sequins

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Leave a Comment


  1. Marie-Eve @aprettynest:

    The result is amazing ! Thanks !
    My Blog – A Pretty Nest

    1.16.13 Reply
  2. Nikki Rappaport:

    Ooh this is so pretty Grace! Love the big clustered jewels.

    1.16.13 Reply
  3. Chelsea:

    I think it is quite worth the mess. What a fun and whimsical piece- right in time for all of us who just can’t let go of tulle and rhinestones. Thanks! xo

    1.16.13 Reply
  4. Rachel:

    So pretty!

    1.16.13 Reply
  5. Stefanie // Life on the Squares:

    This necklace is STUNNING! You are the DIY queen!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    1.16.13 Reply
  6. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar:

    Always the best DIY’s! Fabulous necklace lady 🙂

    1.16.13 Reply
  7. Judy:

    It looks great, and pretty simple. I think I’ll give it a try.

    1.16.13 Reply
  8. Alyssa:

    You seriously keep topping yourself, Grace. I’ve actually seen (and lusted after) this Anthro piece, so I’m completely head over heels for this!

    1.16.13 Reply
  9. danielle @ lou what wear:

    I am seriously impressed! Love. Such a gorgeous DIY.

    1.16.13 Reply
  10. Paule Anne:

    Well done!!

    1.16.13 Reply
  11. Julie & Lauren:

    Fab DIY, Grace!! Lovin’ that lipstick color on you, too. Gorgeous as usual. x

    1.16.13 Reply
  12. whitney:

    wow, the result is so similar! this is a really great diy.

    1.16.13 Reply
  13. christin:

    AJ could totally do this one.

    1.16.13 Reply
  14. cathy @ Trinkets in Bloom:

    Love this necklace. You did a great job!


    1.16.13 Reply
  15. Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving:

    I realize I’m 100% biased here, but this is my favorite DIY you’ve done! You keep outdoing yourself, week after week, Grace. I can’t wait to try this out this weekend – thank you so much for taking the necklace of my dreams and making it possible to own!

    1.16.13 Reply
  16. Emily:

    This turned out great! One of my favorite DIY’s that you’ve done. I’m also having a major tulle moment!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1.16.13 Reply
  17. Kristina:

    Ooo this turned out so pretty!! Great job.


    Kristina does the Internets

    1.16.13 Reply
  18. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It:

    Ohh fancy! Nice DIY Grace, and way to not let the glue win 🙂

    1.16.13 Reply
  19. Bettina:

    Love this one, it’s so soft and beautiful!

    1.16.13 Reply
  20. Cassie:

    Wow, you did such a great job recreating this necklace. It looks so similar! Maybe I’ll make this my weekend project since I have some extra time.

    More Mascara, Please

    1.17.13 Reply
  21. RocksPaperMetal:

    This is really helpful! Love the end result <3

    1.17.13 Reply
  22. Emily:

    Ahhh obsessed with this, so well done! I’ve always lusted over Anthropologie’s bib necklaces, never even thought to try DIYing one!

    1.23.13 Reply
  23. Dana:

    I am DYING over this! I saw the anthro necklace too thinking I wanted to do some kind of DIY to recreate it-yours is beautiful!!

    2.9.13 Reply
  24. Hapiness, Everywhere:

    Oooh love this project!

    I m featuring jewelry diy tutorials on my blog too if u r interested 🙂

    7.3.14 Reply