Diving into Designer.

Diving into Designer

My favorite thing about today’s post is that it shows you how differently two people can approach the items they choose to splurge on. Neither strategy is wrong, truly. It’s just interesting and depends on personal style. What is timeless to one person may not be timeless to another.

diving into designer.

I (Grace) love color and texture and look at my wardrobe almost like an art collection. The pieces I splurge on tend to be those bolder, over the top pieces. The key lime terry cloth Bottega Veneta heels I splurged on two years ago. A really beautiful caftan. My dress and caftan collection is really special to me. Meanwhile, Carly takes what is probably the more practical approach. Quality made basics; wardrobe foundations. Again, neither approach is wrong!


Grace's picks - Diving into Designer

Grace: I am definitely a collector when it comes to fashion. Jewelry. Caftans. Olympia Le-Tan book clutches. Honestly, any luxury item with a cat on it like the Judith Lieber minaudière pictured above (still my most favorite!). If forced to choose, I would so much rather splurge on special pieces that feel like art and save on more run of the mill basics (that are going to get worn out anyway!).

That being said, there are some basics in here too. The Row Gala Pant and High Sport’s kick flare pant are both wardrobe staples. I have always had such a hard time with pants and really need something with an elastic waist. I also really love Blaze Milano’s blazers. And of course you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of tortoise sunglasses. But: generally speaking, I get the bulk of my basics from J.Crew, Madewell, Amazon, etc… and splurge on the statement pieces. This may be totally impractical but it works for me!


Carly's designer picks

Carly: My style, unfortunately for me (le sigh), does not quite understand my financial boundaries all the time! While I feel so lucky to be surrounded by women who work extremely hard for the investment pieces that they build their closets around, I’ve developed a “watch and learn” approach to kick-started my interest in finding the right essentials to invest in.

Spending so much time online for work can be a blessing and a curse, but I choose to utilize my window shopping as an opportunity to find inspiration! Rather than feeling the pressure to invest in new pieces, I’ve gone the more sustainable (and affordable) route by seeing a great pair of slingbacks let’s say—like these Jil Sander ones—and hunting high and low on platforms like The Real Real, Poshmark, and Vestaire until I’ve found a pair that call to me (and my wallet)! I’ve acquired quite a few pieces from Prada, Proenza, and Miu Miu, but I refuse to spend more than $150 and have come to find that it’s totally doable challenge.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. Allie N.:

    Loved seeing your approaches to designer! I use a browser extension called Beni to find secondhand designer options directly from websites. So if I’m on Sezane’s website looking at a shirt, Beni shows me similar secondhand Sezane options from Poshmark, Vestiaire, the Real Real, etc. in one place.

    5.22.24 Reply
  2. m:

    I have my fair share of designer bags and shoes from years past, but they do eventually require maintenance and I don’t like having to throw more money or time at what was an already a pricey item. I love the feeling of a new shoe more than a worn out but refurbished one. Plus, I feel bad giving away my beat-up Prada, Fendi and Chloe to Goodwill but I also don’t want to spend time trying to repair and sell it. With this knowledge, I really stick to high-quality basics that I know I will wear to death but easily part with when the time comes. I love Vince, Kobi Halperin, Staud, Ann Mashburn, Veronica Beard, Sezane, Aquatalia… names but not NAMES. A lot of the time I’m buying these pieces on resale sites at a deep discount. It’s always interesting to read about how different people approach their clothing budget. Love this post!

    5.22.24 Reply