Diament Designs… and Giveaway!

A week or two ago, I spotted a gorgeous script bracelet on the wrist of my friend Liz, and had to know where it came from.  She referred me to Diament Designs, which is one of the coolest Etsy shops I’ve spotted in awhile.  Everything on the site is either handmade or vintage, and somehow she managed to find a slew of vintage nameplate bracelets from the 50s and 60s, which she sells for (prepare yourselves…) $12.00.  Yes, that is correct… $12.00.  I searched the shop for my name, and low and behold… they actually had Grace!  (Nobody ever has it.)  Besides my bracelet, I sort of want everything in the shop.  So many delicate little treasures – all of which beg to be stacked and layered in with my BaubleBar + DIY’d gems.

{my new bracelet – in love.}

Anyway – I’ve been wearing the bracelet every day, and I’m SO incredibly excited, because that Libby has offered one lucky S&S reader $50 to her shop.  (And that will go very far at her shop as everything is incredibly well priced – almost everything is under $25.00.

 A few more faves:  Knot Ring // Green Shield Ring //Wishbone Earrings //Betty Necklace

To enter, just visit her shop – then leave a comment below, telling me which pieces you’d buy with the $50.

Giveaway ends Thursday, 4/5/12 at 12:00am EST.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited.  While I do not announce the winner on my blog, it will be available by Saturday 4/7/12 by request.  By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Not valid outside the US.

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  1. Sarah Moran says 3.29.12

    I LOVE the name jewelry!  I wish they had my name.  But I do love all the vintage hair accessories.  I would definitely use those when I pull my hair back for work.  Thanks for a great giveaway!


    • Rebecca says 3.29.12

      I’ve got my eyes on the gold circle necklace and several pretty bangles.

  2. Beth says 3.29.12

    I love the name bracelet and they even have my name.  The navy knot circle studs and gold sailor knot ring are super cute.

  3. Jessica says 3.29.12

    I absolutely love the tiny vintage flower ring: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71923436/tiny-vintage-flower-ring-gold?ref=v1_other_2. Lovely shop!

  4. Gaby says 3.29.12

    What a fabulous shop! Thanks for the intro! One of my favorites is the braided mixed metals bracelet, but everything is gorgeous!

  5. Bri says 3.29.12

    I would buy the Oval Locket Bracelet.  Love it!

  6. Rachel says 3.29.12

    I would buy the white heart collar necklace and the red and gold colorblock necklace.

  7. AvgGirlsGuide says 3.29.12

    the knot ring has been in my favorites for a few weeks now so definitely that! what a fun giveaway… she has an awesome site. Thanks for introducing it to me (via your fun instagram shots).

  8. Supal says 3.29.12

    I’d probably get a know ring for me and two of my best friends. One of my friends is moving to Botswana for the Peace Corp in exactly 23 days and the other best friend is moving to Ethiopia for Engineers Without Borders in 19 days. Finally, I’m moving to Europe for grad school in a few months. Since we’ll be apart. I would give them a knot ring! This is a great giveaway and a beautiful shop! 

  9. Krista says 3.29.12

    Grace, I totally see why you like the shop! I love the wire triangles ring, and the gold sailor knot ring, and/or the single hook gold necklace.

  10. Marsha J says 3.29.12

    I would get te rope necklace. So so cute!

  11. Jackie-York Avenue says 3.29.12

    This shop is gorgeous! I might go for the knot ring, which I love. I’m almost tempted to go for the “Dorothy” bracelet-it’s my mom’s name and I just think it’s so cute that they have it-talk about a name you never see on anything! I also love the black crystal panel necklace. I’m so glad you posted this lovely shop!

  12. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It says 3.29.12

    Alas, no Erin bracelet! But I adore all the pretty gold locket bracelets.

  13. Johanna says 3.29.12

    This store is a gem, my goodness! I would purchase the Heart Initial Ring in M, because it is the first letter of my soon-to-be maiden and married last names (Mellis and Mason). I would then buy the Vintage Gold Coil Necklace, because I love the classic look of it. I would also buy the Mixed Metals Braided Bracelet, because I always mix metals together – gold, silver, rose, etc.! I know that that is over the $50 limit (it’s $52) but there are so many other items that I would buy (like the Coral Bracelet!) that it is hard to pick only a few! I will definitely be visiting this site to find my wedding jewelry 🙂

  14. Lucia H. says 3.29.12

    great giveaway! i would definitely choose the knot ring & the vintage hammered cuff!

  15. Shirobokova Poulin says 3.29.12

    I added the shop to my favourites! I’d buy a name bracelet it it were with “poulin” and the vintage shell belt 
    http://www.etsy.com/listing/93660304/vintage-shell-belt-small to wear with all my summer dresses.

  16. Viviana Carmona says 3.29.12

    Fabulous store! I wish she had “viv” available!! Sigh…
    But I would get the delicate gold crystal bracelet, the delicate silver crystal bracelet, and gold polka dot studs. 

  17. Andria Schuler says 3.29.12

    Love the Gold Bar Bracelet and the Gold Wire Bracelet – Circle Hook! Would look fabulous Stacked with my current pieces!

  18. Tiffanym says 3.29.12

    Oh my her jewelry is so adorable! I love the belt bracelet, the white and gold star cuff, oh and the turtle bracelet. Sadly she doesn’t have my name but everything is so cute!

  19. Rachel D. says 3.29.12

    The shell belt is amazing and so it the tiny gold heart ring! This store is really right up my alley–thanks for sharing!

  20. Erin says 3.29.12

    I’d buy those wishbone earrings! Love them. 🙂

  21. Laura @ Sweet Life a la Carte says 3.29.12

    There isn’t a Laura nameplate bracelet…so I’ll have to keep checking back for that! I am loving the heart initial ring with the L!

  22. kathryn young says 3.29.12

    that knot ring is so cute! and love the initial ring!

  23. Ann says 3.29.12

    The tiny gold anchor is calling my name….

  24. Christina says 3.29.12

    Love the gold vintage knot ring!

  25. Thread The Needle Blog says 3.29.12

    great giveaway Grace! I would pick the knot ring…


  26. Anne says 3.29.12

    Love that! If they had the right spelling of my name, I’d be all over it. But there’s tons of other great stuff, like the
    Coral Dash Bangle, to choose from!

  27. Migdalia says 3.29.12

    This lovely necklace will be mine! Thanks for this great share! Digging the store soo much! *fingers crossed**

  28. Caitlin Gregg says 3.29.12

    the knot ring, buddha studs, intial ring….the possibilities are endless!!! such a great etsy find 🙂

    Caitlin Gregg

  29. Kristen Climes says 3.29.12

    The peace sign necklace is my favorite! I’m obsessed with peace signs and you can never have too many. She doesn’t have my name, many people don’t, which is fine because there’s so much to chose from! That unicorn ring?! Adorable and it needs to be mine asap!

  30. Bre Dale says 3.29.12

    Love it, I would buy the black crystal panel necklace $48 🙂

  31. Jules says 3.29.12

    I cannot decide if I would buy the navy rhinestone bracelet or the braided mixed metals bracelet. Well, with the giveaway I could buy both hehe…

  32. Liz Perry says 3.29.12

    LOVE this! If I were to win, fingers crossed!, I would buy the delicate gold crystal bracelet, gold heart studs, & Elizabeth vintage name bracelet!

  33. Jacquelyn Giardina says 3.29.12

    I would get the Carolyn & Wendy bracelets to wear because they are my mom & grandma’s names!!! These are so adorable!!!

    xo Jackie…livingaftermidnite
    [email protected]

  34. Laut0022 says 3.29.12

    Purple Beaded Strand Necklace please!

  35. Kfrenkel says 3.29.12

    What an amazing shop with beautiful pieces! With 50 dollars, I would get a vintage name bracelet, tiny bow studs, and the turquoise oval studs!

  36. Sonia A. Langlotz says 3.29.12

    Great find Grace. I would for sure get the vintage L with a rose engraved in it! L for my new married last name and my Mom’s name is Rosa ! xoxo

  37. My Dressy Ways says 3.29.12

    I love! As much as I love statement pieces, I also love simple and delicate pieces! I”ll NEVER find my name, Ying. 😛 But I would love the oval locket bracelet, Blue flower oval bracelet, and the tiny rhinestone bracelets! Thank you for the intro Grace! I favorited the shop on Etsy!

  38. Putter says 3.29.12

    I love this shop! Hard to decide.  I really like the wishbone studs, wood block necklace, blue flower oval bracelet, the white and gold star cuff, the “Becky” hair clips for my aunt.  And that stick figure necklace is the cutest!

  39. fashionpulse says 3.29.12

    I would buy the rope knot necklace – so simple and elegant! 

  40. Meghan Ruckman says 3.29.12

    Beautiful shop!! With the $50, I would get 2 Vintage name bracelets (names to come) in honor of my future twin nieces! The Knot Ring and the Purple and Gold Beaded Bracelet!

    [email protected]

  41. Mama Fashionista (Quinn) says 3.29.12

    It would be beyond awesome if she had my name (or even one of my daughter’s names) but Quinn, Peyton, London, and Kensington aren’t exactly popular or common names! I’d spend $50 (plus some) on the Tiny Gold Star Ring, Silver Bow Ring, the Gold Wire Bracelet-Circle Hook, and the Delicate Gold Crystal Bracelet. So many pretties in one place! Love!

  42. Brightening_soul says 3.29.12

    I would love to get Silver Bow Ring, Painted Flower Comb, and Purple Vintage Cuff Bracelet.

  43. Lindsey Wheatley says 3.29.12

    There’s a “Patricia” bracelet – my middle name and the name of both of my grandmothers!

  44. Mai says 3.29.12

    so many adorable pieces! i’m loving the gold sailor knot ring, gold vintage seashell studs, gold dot necklace, & gold wire bracelet.

  45. lara / the glossarie. says 3.29.12

    i love diament designs! i have the sweetest bow studs from her. i’d definitely scoop up the diamond chip studs and sailor knot ring 🙂

  46. Cory Lopez says 3.29.12

    Loved this Etsy Shop! I would get the Gold Vintage Knot Ring for my mom who is tying the **knot** again this summer, the Gold Buddha Twist Ring and the Candy Heart Barrettes for my baby sister! How lovely!
    [email protected]

  47. Tiffany Tran says 3.29.12

    What a great Etsy shop find! I love the Gold Wire Bracelet with the Crisscross Texture and the Gold Sailor Knot Ring! Whether or not I win, I’m definitely going to get some pieces come next payday!

  48. Elizabeth Huston says 3.29.12

    I would go with the knot ring ,and the vintage name necklace.  I also love the turquoise oval studs!

  49. MIranda {onestylishdayatatime} says 3.29.12

    I’d buy a knot ring and a name plate bracelet! I have a serious addiction to gold delicate jewelry!

  50. Donna Tavakkoli says 3.29.12

    Oh my goodness thank you so much for introducing me to this site!!! I am so in love with all her stuff, and the prices are amazing!! Right now I’m obsessed with the vintage name bracelet (they actually have Donna!!!), the dainty beaded bracelet, and the small gold buddha studs. How unique and ridiculously cute!!

  51. Courtney {splendid actually} says 3.29.12

    LOVE that shop! I would get a name bracelet like yours, the belt bracelet, possibly the bow ring or the knot ring. Such fun pieces!

  52. Alex says 3.29.12

    wow what an amazing shop! I’d totally buy a bunch of her earrings – there are so many to choose from but the bow studs and heart studs are calling my name!

  53. Elizabeth says 3.29.12

    Love the Shop!  Ended up buying a few name bracelets for friends when I clicked over.  I am obsessed with the name hair clips, and I’d buy the Elizabeth bracelet. 

  54. Ashley says 3.29.12

    SO excited to have discovered another fab Etsy shop, all thanks to you! I’d be well over my $50 winnings on this site: The heart initial ring, the silver bow ring, the gold letter heart studs… The list just goes on, and on, and on, and…

  55. emily anne-marie says 3.29.12

    love the shop! i’d get the love the sailor knot ring, the E heart ring and the “marie” name bracelet  after my mom and grandmothers middle names.
    [email protected]

  56. Jessica says 3.29.12

    I love this all! I just scoured the site for a “Jessica” bracelet… no luck… going to have to keep stalking it! haha
    If I won (fingers crossed) I would get a heart and knot ring, a name bracelet, and a few other chic bangles! such great prices! thanks for the introduction to her shop!

  57. LauraG says 3.29.12

    Lovely shop! I would def. buy the vintage L neckalce, the wire triangles ring, and the turquoise oval studs.

  58. Helene says 3.29.12

    Definitely the Blue Flower Oval Bracelet and the Rose Oval Necklace. Thanks for the awesome store discovery 🙂

  59. Colleen says 3.29.12

    I love the gold sailor knot ring, the blue enamel circle studs and just about everything else in the store!!

  60. Lindsay H says 3.29.12

    Love the shop! For $50, I would buy the gold wishbone studs (amazing!), the elephant chain necklace (to die for), and a name bracelet! Since they don’t have a Lindsay, I would probably get Lois, after my grandmother.

  61. Cynthia Beard says 3.29.12

    HI! Love the Diament store! So fab! I would get the Dutch Circle Charm Necklace and the Gold and Black Home Keychain. Love Love Love!!!!

  62. Nuha says 3.29.12

    don’t worry, no one ever carries my name either.  I guess “Nuha” isn’t as common of a name in the US? hah  But I do love the belt bracelet.  so cute!

  63. Abby says 3.29.12

    I love the vintage small shell belt, would LOVE a bracelet with my name, or a necklace!

  64. Courtney Pearce says 3.29.12

    love this etsy shop! I too looked for my name but no luck. although i did find my cousin’s name which no one ever has so I guess she’ll get an awesome bday gift


  65. lola says 3.29.12

    Could I buy everything :p

  66. Reema says 3.29.12

    I’m so glad you introduced me to this etsy!  I know the #1 thing I’d buy from the shop would be the vintage shell belt!  I have been searching for a belt to wear to my sister’s wedding all over and it fits the bill perfectly! 
    I would also LOVE the simple gold hook bracelet.  My sister and I are all about “adult” friendship bracelets so I’d buy her one to match!

  67. 8westwood says 3.29.12

    Love the gold wire bracelets and knot rings.

  68. Sahara Rao says 3.29.12

    I will buy the Gold Cube Necklace.

  69. Lisa OConnell says 3.29.12

    Great etsy shop!  Luckily I have a vintage name, so I would love the bracelet…and the anchor necklace and the gold bow ring is fun…and…well you get the idea!

  70. Martha Autry says 3.29.12

    Absolutely love the gold script bracelets.  Beautiful and so affordable.

  71. Lisatella says 3.29.12

    I love the sailor knot ring….I would want to get them for all my friends!

  72. Alissakelly1 says 3.29.12

    Love her shop! I’d buy the wishbone studs, sailor knot ring, gold bar bracelet and tiny anchor charm! There are so many more options I’d get, too. Amazing prices and jewelry!

  73. Madeline B says 3.29.12

    Rats, no “Madeline” bracelets! No worries, those Gold Buddha Studs are WAY more awesome than my name! Thanks for introducing me to this etsy shop.
    ~Madeline, [email protected]

  74. Kira says 3.29.12

    Love the vintage name bracelets!

  75. Emily Lunstroth says 3.29.12

    I would go with the dainty little love knot ring, I have always loved them and her’s are beautiful! 

  76. Allison says 3.29.12

    I would definitely be getting my name in the vintage bracelets, so cute!

  77. Samantha says 3.29.12

    Thanks for this giveaway, and what a great Etsy find! I would get the Coral Heart Necklace, Branch Heart Necklace, and the Tiny Gold Heart Ring!

  78. Danielledee1123 says 3.29.12

    Grace this is another AMAZING referral!! Keep them coming. You have a brilliant eye for beautifully unique things. There are too many pieces I have already favorited to name them all but a couple that stand out the tea cups necklace would be something totally new for my collection love it! (would go well with BaubleBar bead bracelets from bud light collection). The twin owl bracelet is SO cute too! Pretty positive I need that…oh and the vintage D necklace is also incredible! Pretty sure that’s well over $50 but it was love at first sight LOL…thanks Grace!!

  79. Elizabeth Ahlers says 3.29.12

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this shop before!  I’d buy the vintage spoon ring – it would go perfectly with the vintage fork ring I already have.

  80. Tara Wondergirl says 3.29.12

    i couldnt wait! i bought a bracelet – ‘robin’ for my middle name! but now i want the hair clips! love this giveaway grace, sign me up!



  81. Jayme Evans says 3.29.12

    I’d probably choose a cute pair of “J” studs,  and the coral heart necklace.  Sadly, my name wasn’t there, let alone the spelling!  Luckily I’m waiting on my BaulbleBar monogram necklace to arrive any day now!

  82. Alexa says 3.29.12

    Oh Grace. I love the gold wire bracelet. That is just beautiful.

  83. Ann Marie says 3.29.12

    Ah I couldn’t wait to see whether I’d win or not 🙂 While my name “Ann Marie” wasn’t available, I ordered both “Ann” and “Marie” and will stack them :). I love mixing vintage jewelry in with some of my own (http://www.stellawishes.com/collections/all). Great find! 

    • graceatwood says 3.29.12

      I love that you couldn’t wait – and I love that you got both! That will be such a fun way to layer!

  84. Gabby Hayes says 3.29.12

    I would buy the Vintage Gold Belt Bracelet, The Twin Owl Bracelet, and the Vintage Drop Earrings!!!!

  85. Absurdlypeculiar says 3.29.12

    Love that bracelet you got!


  86. Marilyn says 3.29.12

    I’d buy all of them!! But if I had to pick, two of her beautiful knotted rings and the gold double key necklace. Thanks for showing us such a great store!

  87. Hannah says 3.29.12

    I would love to win the knot ring because it’d go with any outfit!

    [email protected]

  88. HilaryW says 3.29.12

    I love the Long Tortoise Chain Necklace!!

  89. Ceperk says 3.29.12

    I love so many items!! The gold bar bangle is such a classic 🙂 crossing my fingers to win!

  90. Bettina says 3.29.12

    I wish she had Bettina, but nobody ever has that one lol. I still love her shop and would totally get the delicate gold crystal bracelet, mixed metals bracelet and the gold polka dot studs!

  91. LyndaV says 3.29.12

    Thanks, added her shop to my Etsy favorites.  I’d love the dainty beaded bracelet, delicate gold crystal bracelet, and the gold dot necklace.  I went over a bit, so many more I could add to my list…gold knot ring, gold disco ball necklace.

  92. ShopSaveSequins says 3.29.12

    Omigod…I’m gonna have quite the shopping list! LoL! Okay…so, in no particular order: The vintage sunglasses earrings are too damn cute, the gold vintage coil belt, the gold bar bracelet, the blue and purple art deco hair pin!! Omigod…I know I surpassed my supposed $50 but I love everything….thx for the intro to her shop.

  93. francine s. says 3.29.12

    everything is gorgeous and so elegant. i love the simple gold hook bracelet, perfect gold circle necklace and probably a nme necklace! 

  94. Jordan - Queen of LA says 3.29.12

    i really really really hope i win, even though i am about to place an order anyway! i love the mixed metals bracelet!

  95. Erin Bloodgood says 3.29.12

    I’m madly IN LOVE with the vintage knot ring that’s in your post.  So simple, so feminine and delicate — and would certainly be included in my $50 purchase.  A pretty piece of vintage history on my hand… 🙂 The simple gold hook bracelets and vintage textured gold studs would add to the lady-like look.  I hope I win!

  96. Anna says 3.29.12

    So much to love! The bow studs, the turquoise and raspberry oval studs, the knot ring, diamond cuff… Gorgeous shop!

  97. Lauren Corso says 3.29.12

    I would order the sailor knot ring and the fleur studs!!!!

  98. Everydaychicny says 3.29.12

    I would totally get a name bracelet for myself and my daughter and maybe some of the oval studs. Super cute!

  99. Taylor says 3.29.12

    i love this shop! i would definitely chose the name bracelet! and the knot ring. adorable.

  100. Anna says 3.29.12

     I love the sailor knot ring and the vintage initial ring.  Such a great site. I’m a big fan of buying vintage jewelry.

  101. Sarah Livingston says 3.29.12

    What a cute shop – I’m hooked!  I would buy the sailor knot ring, the silver bow ring, the “Janice” bracelet for my mom, and the “Jean” bracelet for my MIL (perfect gifts for Mother’s Day!)

  102. Saniel says 3.29.12

    name plate with my name! soo cool

  103. Lindsay says 3.29.12

    Those Gold Sailor Knot Rings are precious! 

  104. Lauren M. Ferreira says 3.29.12

    What a great shop!  I love the gold diagonal wire bracelet, the dainty bead bracelet, the gold bar bracelet… I have a thing for bracelets. 🙂

  105. Shannon Hughes says 3.29.12

    I lurv this! This shop is amazing, I want everything. I would buy the Tiny Gold and Pearl Chain Bracelet for my sister-in-law who is about to graduate college! I love that it has 4 tiny pearls on it, one for each year she was in school 🙂 And I would get the gold vintage knot ring for myself 🙂

    [email protected]

  106. Kayla Russell says 3.29.12

    Amazing jewlery and so hard to pick what I’d buy! But out of everything I would have to have the tiny gold diamond shaped studs, the deco hairp comb in purple and of course the name bracelet in Kay. Here’s hoping I can wait until I find out if I can win or not!

  107. [email protected] says 3.29.12

    Oh my gosh, LOVE this!! i searched for my name and there isn’t a necklace or bracelet so i am absolutely going to message about a custom order… amazing. would LOVE To win the shop credit to get a necklace and the oval locket bracelet!!

  108. Danielle Chan says 3.29.12

    the sailor knot ring was so cute- love this etsy shop! the gold arrow necklace is very adorable too- even if i don’t win i’m definitely  keeping this shop in mind when i need new jewelry pieces! [email protected]

  109. Heather Moore says 3.29.12

    love the simplicity of the gold dot necklace (perfect for layering!) and the dainty beaded bracelet! what a great giveaway 🙂
    [email protected]

  110. Katie S. says 3.29.12

    Definitely the wishbone earrings – so cute!!

  111. Mary Campbell says 3.29.12

    I would buy the sailor knot ring! So pretty!

  112. Haley McLain says 3.29.12

    The Dainty Beaded Bracelets & the Tiny Gold Diamond Shaped Studs are too cute!!

  113. Grace says 3.29.12

    My name is Grace as well so of course I would love to get the “Grace” bracelet, as well as the Sailor Knot Ring, and the Gold Coil Belt 🙂

  114. Patti L says 3.29.12

    I love the Black Crystal Panel necklace.

  115. Diamentdesigns says 3.29.12

    Thank you so much Grace! You have a lovely blog and I am honored to be part of it. I really appreciate all of your kind comments too!

  116. Hannah says 3.29.12

    The Hannah bracelet and the knot ring for me! They’re both so adorable!

    [email protected]

  117. Liz - So Much to Smile About says 3.30.12

    Glad you found the shop and so happy you are sharing! Love it!

  118. Doralis González says 3.30.12

    oh man oh man! I need those Buddha earrings!!!! And the knot ring, and the heart ring! I want it all!

  119. Asticarrillo says 3.30.12

    What an amazing collection! But I have to say I’d love to get the Vintage Rectangles Necklace!! So unique and lovely 🙂

  120. Karesia says 3.30.12

    So exciting!  Diament Designs is amazing.  I hope I win!  I’d get the sunglasses studs, owl bracelet, and ‘K’ ring (since the name Karesia never shows up in those cool name jewelries!) ! 

  121. Courtneywyse says 3.30.12

    I would definitely get the little pink bicycle stud earrings! They are adorable. Never seen anything like them!

  122. lindsay says 3.30.12

    Love, love, love it all! Love the name bracelet – and actually love the vintage-y, name plate necklace (in block lettering). Also, the vintage harmonica necklace…

  123. tati says 3.30.12

    i would totally buy the vintage knot ring and the tiny rhinestone bracelet. loveee everything from the store^^

  124. Carly says 3.30.12

     I loveee the  Black Crystal Panel Necklace! I hope I win!!

  125. Celeste says 3.30.12

    Wire heart initial ring
    Small gold Bhuda studs
    Turquoise oval studs
    Wire triangles ring
    LOVE. I’ve definitely purchased from this shop before <3

  126. Erica says 3.30.12

    I love the vintage name bracelet – so cute!


  127. Vanessa says 3.30.12

    What a great shop! I’m especially loving the Gold Heart Studs, Gold Vintage Knot Ring and the Gold and Pearl Chain Bracelet!

  128. Alejandra Becerra Juarez says 3.30.12

    Love all of the but I will buy :
    Gold Vintage Knot Ring, Gold Bar Bracelet & Twisted Gold Cuff

  129. percentblog says 3.30.12

    The gold sailor ring for me and a name necklace for my roomie with her middle name. 

  130. MoniqueHasna says 3.30.12

    Oh gosh, I love everything in their shop, but I ADORE the 
    Blue Flower Oval Bracelet and Gold Circle Charm Bracelet. Thank you for this amazing giveaway and have a blessed weekend

  131. Sandi says 3.30.12

    I love the vintage gold belt bracelet soooo much!!

  132. Coffee and Cashmere says 3.31.12

    I would totes get that lil harmonica necklace. Luhves it. Or just any old retro bracelet. Cool shop!! Thanks for sharing!! 

  133. Kylie says 3.31.12

    HOLY MATRIMONY!!! This is my new favorite shop!! I LOVE the sailor knot ring and the gold tiny heart ring as well!! So gorgeous! I am messaging her to see if she can make a “Kylie” bracelet! Thanks so much for the introduction and crossing my fingers for the giveaway! I am in love with the delicate gold ring trend this season!! 

  134. ckn says 3.31.12

    there are way to many to choose from, they are all so beautiful and amazing. i would love to get the ‘Cathy’ vintage necklace, turquoise oval studs, the Buddha ring,  the purple and gold beaded bracelet and the knot ring featured in your post !!! i hope i win x

  135. b.e.a.h says 3.31.12

    Okay, this one was great, even though I didn’t find my name, (I’m from Sweden, named Beatrice) I loved finding beautiful names to use when I write, and I feel like finding my old name-necklace I had as a child. They were really popular in the late 90’s – early 20’s, at least here in Sweden. Love your blog!

  136. Punctuation Mark says 3.31.12

    i love those wishbone  earrings… Happy weekend!

  137. Alice says 3.31.12

    thank you soooo much for having this awesome giveaway!
    i recently came across this etsy shop and was blown away by all the pieces….i would absolutely love to be able to get my hands on any of them!

    if i won the $50, i would definitely want to buy two of the knot rings and that gorgeous gold bar bracelet! i would want to share the knot ring with my best friend since we live on opposite sides of the world. having a ring in common would be a reminder that we always have each other 🙂
    and as for that gold bar bracelet…how could you say no to something so simple and elegant?? i would love to wear that every single day (along with the knot ring!) to add a touch of classiness to every outfit

    thanks for the opportunity to win the $50!
    best of luck to everyone who enters this giveaway 😀

    [email protected]

  138. Joo says 3.31.12

    The knot ring for me : ) Thanks for this giveaway!

  139. Isabel says 3.31.12

    Wow, i love the jewelry! I would definitely get the knot ring and the gold bar bracelet! Thank you!

  140. Olivia Regan says 3.31.12

    Ooh…I’d buy a name bracelet and spend the rest on earrings!

    • graceatwood says 4.23.12

      Hi Olivia!  You won the giveaway!!  (Sorry for the delay.)  Please email me at stripesandsequins at gmail.com!

  141. Shannon Smith says 3.31.12

    I’m in love with this shop- thanks so much for introducing me to it! I would buy the vintage oval stud earrings, in turquoise and peach! 

  142. Sheila A says 3.31.12

    Her stuff is amazing and so affordable. I love it!!! There are quite a few things I’d love to get, but for the $50 I’d get the name bracelet with my name on it. There was only 1 left 🙂 (so I hope it’s still there). I’d also get the sailor knot ring, the vintage peach hoops, as well as the vintage gold belt bracelet.

  143. Shelley says 4.1.12

    I would get the Gold Dot Necklace if I won! Love it, so dainty!

  144. Jill_W says 4.1.12

    Told myself I’d just browse the store a little, and of course ended up looking at Liz’s whole selection 🙂 We must both have vintage names because Jill was right on a bracelet as well… adorable. Along with that, I loved the oval locket bracelet, long vintage whistle bracelet, vintage silver Buddha ring, silver ship wheel necklace, stick figure necklace, and silver cube necklace.

    Another few items added to the ever-growing wishlist 🙂

  145. Chelseac says 4.1.12

    i LOVE those wishbone earrings!~

  146. Lo says 4.1.12

    I love this store!  I would, with my $50 winnings, get the Lori bracelet and the gold link chain necklace.  I would then pay out of pocket for the vintage gold tube necklace and the vintage gold moon necklace.  Oh, and the gold dot necklace.  I will be buying the name bracelets for gifts this year! Thanks for turning me on to this great little shop…
    –NOW PICK ME! 
    lo 🙂

  147. Alison says 4.1.12

    She sells this adorable unicorn ring. Who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again?! And I’m also loving this tortoise shell hair piece with a gold chain attached. So lovely!

  148. Amber says 4.1.12

    Such a cute shop! I adore the Unicorn Studs, and  the Vintage Letter ring. So pretty, thanks so much 🙂

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  149. Lisa Ng says 4.1.12

    I love Diament Designs, she emailed me when she had the “Lisa” bracelet and I scrambled to get it into my cart! With the $50, I would get the tiny gold lady bug earrings, the summer shell studs, tiny bow studs, and the vintage sea shell studs.

  150. Kari Camacho says 4.2.12

    love everything!  especially the Navy tube necklace and the Sailor Knot Ring, so cute <3

    [email protected] 

  151. Kate L. Harris says 4.2.12

    Loving this Etsy shop!  I feel like I’m always on the hunt for ones that have affordable jewelry like this – too pretty, definitely snagging one.  Thanks for the rec!


    Kate L. Harris [email protected] www.wbyharris.com

  152. Eliza says 4.2.12

    I’m in the middle of watching Mad Men and all the women’s names are on those bracelets and necklaces! So cute (: Unfortunately Eliza wasn’t a very popular name (and still isn’t today, I always struggle to find my name at gift stores) but I found some adorable pieces such as the red resin ring, the tiny bow studs, and the gold pearl swirl studs!

  153. Lisa Olson says 4.2.12

    What a great Etsy shop! I would love the Lisa Vintage Name Bracelet (seriously, you’re so right–perfect layering piece!!) and the Tiny Bow Studs 🙂

  154. Angie H. says 4.2.12

    Loving the gold sand dollar ring, the knot ring, and the Angela bracelet!!!

  155. HelOnWheels says 4.2.12

    Love your blog and the great DIY projects you share with us.  And I love this giveaway!  I love the Black Crystal Panel necklace and the vintage name bracelet.

  156. Erintay says 4.2.12

    I love all the earrings, especially the little lion ones and the french rose earrings! The white confetti oval bracelet is tempting too, and I’d definitely have to buy the “Robin” bracelet for my little sister! Awesome prices and gorgeous jewelry, nothing better!

  157. Stephanie says 4.2.12

    Totally the knotted ring, or my own name.

  158. Kat says 4.2.12

    ahhh I want one!! I feel like Kat or my full name Katelyn might be a tricky one haha but I’m obsessed!

  159. squirrelCheeks says 4.2.12

    Thanks for featuring this shop! I love the jewelry and the prices are great 🙂 With the $50, I’d get my name “Robin” bracelet, the Wishbone earrings,  Gold Vintage Knot Ring and the Branch Heart Necklace. 

  160. Carolyn says 4.3.12

    Hmm with $50 I would buy a “Carolyn” name bracelet for myself, a wire heart J ring for my best friend because her birthday is coming up, and the gold aquarius astrology stud earrings :3

  161. socialyteco says 4.3.12

    Im dying for the cameo bracelet, kinda amaze! http://www.etsy.com/listing/96130212/black-and-gold-cameo-bracelet

  162. Alicia Pearce says 4.3.12

    still searching for my name plate, but i love the turquoise earrings, rope necklace and knot ring.  


  163. Jennifer Fenwick says 4.4.12

    I’d buy the Tiny Silver Knot Studs and the Black Crystal Panel Necklace…if I won, that is!  Thanks for the chance!

  164. Kristin Clark says 4.4.12

    Oh my goodness, I’m so in love this everything in this shop! Unfortunately, she doesn’t have my name (yet), but I would love to purchase a few of these for family members! I think the name bracelets are adorable, versatile, and GREAT for stacking (which I do on the daily). 

    Such cute stuff – thank you so much for sharing!!! 

  165. Kristin Clark says 4.4.12

    oops…my email is [email protected]:twitter .com 

  166. Nicole says 4.4.12

    I absolutely love the knot ring and tiny heart ring! if they had my name on a bracelet I would get it in a second!

  167. The Life of Clare says 4.4.12

    These are some stunning pieces!  I can’t wait to check out her shop!

  168. Piia says 4.5.12

    Beautiful shop,would love to win!!

  169. Carolyn says 4.7.12

    So who’s the winner??

  170. Melissa Aldridge says 4.23.12

    I visited her shop….how cute!  I found my name in a darling necklace(and bought it), but with an extra fifty dollars I’d buy a couple sets of stud earrings.  Simple tasteful earrings are so hard to find.  Her store was great and I’ve already recommended it to several people.

  171. shannon says 4.3.14

    I would absolutely get the signet ring…I’ve been web-stalking classic signet rings for a couple years now but haven’t made the jump to buy one yet.