Designer Spotlight: Roberta Freymann

Unless you live under a rock (or at least outside of New York,) then you know about Roberta Freymann’s jewelry.  The necklaces are gorgeous (but expensive) and really kicked off last year’s “bib necklace” craze.  And recently, the designer collaborated with Oliva Palermo to create 3 (amazing!) necklaces… each one more crave-worthy than the next.
I keep telling myself I’m going to eventually treat myself to one of the designer’s creations.  Either that or lock myself up in my apartment for a weekend with a bunch of fabric, beads, and ribbon… and attempt to create my own one of a kind, Roberta Freymann-inspired necklace.
But what I didn’t know, is that the designer also has a line of beachy, beautifully printed (and pretty well priced) clothing.  Obviously, I want it all… but the “Classic Kurta” cover-up is my favorite.
Below are a few of my Roberta Freymann favs.
(Jewelry not available for purchase online.)
P.S.  Kudos to my friend Alison for telling me about the cover-ups.

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