Designer DIY: Holst + Lee Earrings


These days, it takes one very important thing to get me crafting. Friends who want to craft. Also, wine. So when my pal Natalie {the amazing designer behind Holst + Lee} suggested we do another round of DIYs, my answer was an immediate YES. She came up with these incredible earrings {I’ve been wearing them pretty much non-stop since we made them} that are just so perfect for summer. My taste is more basic so we went with a simple neutral pair, but you can definitely get more creative or bold {scroll to the bottom of the post for inspiration – we made a few more colorful pairs!}

PS – We did something different this time around. Since some of you are DIY’ers and some of you are BUY’ers, you can actually purchase the earrings if you’d like on Holst + Lee’s website, right this way!



Materials: Eight Brass Headpins // Two Brass End Caps // Twelve Brass Ferrules // Beads // Ten Brass Jump Rings // 4 inches of Raffia Trim {hard to find but this is very similar} // Two Hoop Earrings {you could also go to Claire’s…} // Needle Nose Pliers {not pictured} // Wire Cutters {not pictured} // Lighter or Blow Torch {not pictured} // Needle & Thread {not pictured} // E6000 Glue {not pictured}


Tightly roll up your raffia. // Stab the roll with your needle + thread. // Pull the thread about six inches through the little bundle and begin to wrap the thread around your bundle. // Wrap 3-4x around and then tie a knot {by threading the needle back through where you’ve wrapped and tying off} and then trim.


Use your blow torch {or lighter} to seal the knot of your thread and bond the raffia together.// Allow to cool and then apply a small drop of E600 glue. // Push the tassel into an endcap.


Trim your tassel to your desired length // Add a jump ring to the end cap. // Thread your new “charm” onto the hoop earring and add two ferrules.


Add a large bead to a headpin. // Bend the end and trim {leave about a half an inch.} // Using your needle nose pliers, form a loop. // Add a jump ring.


Make the bead charms following the previous steps, and string onto your hoop… adding ferrules between the bead charms. Voila.. you are done!



{We may have gotten a bit carried away!}


Top photo by Lydia Hudgens, all other photos by Grace Atwood for Stripes & Sequins

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  1. Love the neutral ones you made.

    4.23.14 Reply
  2. So obsessed with how these turned out – amazing!!

    4.23.14 Reply
  3. Lauren W.:

    LOVE this DIY! I am super inspired to try making these this weekend. I live in NYC – did you happen to pick up these supplies somewhere in the city? Or did you order them all online? I’d love a one (or two) stop shop where I can load up on everything. Thanks!

    4.23.14 Reply
  4. These look amazing!
    xx, Kristi

    4.23.14 Reply
  5. These are so much fun!! And budget friendly, I love it!

    4.23.14 Reply
  6. these look amazing — love those fun orange and blue ones (says the florida gator; need those for football season! haha).

    4.23.14 Reply
  7. So cute! I love big earrings for summer.

    4.23.14 Reply
  8. love these earrings! they look great. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    4.23.14 Reply
  9. Love these – they are so pretty!

    4.23.14 Reply
  10. fashionsbit:

    So amazing DIY! I love the white big beads&turqoise ones!

    4.23.14 Reply
  11. Super pretty! R u wearing them in ur pic below?

    I m featuring jewelry diy tutorials on my blog too if u r interested 🙂

    7.3.14 Reply
  12. What an awesome diy! Can’t wait to try this…. seriously! 🙂

    10.12.14 Reply
  13. wow they look gorgeous :))

    2.18.15 Reply