Decking the Halls.


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I am one of those people who starts decorating for the holidays (and playing all of the Christmas music!) the day after Thanksgiving. I love the holidays – and having a Christmas tree makes me so happy! Last year I didn’t do a tree. The year before I had got a natural tree and it was a disaster with my cat. But not having a tree just felt sad! So this year I bought an artificial (pre-lit – so convenient!!!) tree from Pier 1 Imports. I decided to go with an all white theme… layering a beaded tree collar over a faux fur tree skirt… and then adding two of these white beaded garlands and an assortment of all white/silver/glass ornaments. To keep it interesting, I played with a lot of different textures… the feather swans, the mirrored stars, antiqued Santa Claus… etc! (And who can resist a snowman wearing a straw hat!?)

It can be tricky to decorate for the holidays (and find room for a tree) when you live in such a small space, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out. My tree is 6 feet tall which I think is the perfect size for a studio apartment. Any bigger would overpower my space, but any smaller would just be too small! My tree is currently sold out online, but Pier 1 has a huge selection of trees available here… there are so many great options!

Tree Details: Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (see more trees here!) // Beaded Gold & Silver Tree Collar // Snow Leopard Faux Fur Tree Skirt // White Beaded Garlands // Santa Claus Ornaments // Rustic Snowman Ornaments // Mirrored Star Ornaments // Rustic Twig Snowflake Ornaments // White Glitter Shell Ornaments // Feather Swan Ornaments // Gilded Royale Champagne Flutes // Gold Star Topper


I started with the pre-lit tree (+ beaded tree collar) and went from there! Setup was a breeze. The tree came in three parts, I put it together in minutes… and because of the pole to pole technology you only need to plug it in once to light all three parts.


If you ask me, the most important part of the tree is the star! I love this one – it’s bold, beautiful, and covered in glitter. The spiral makes it easy to adjust and fit to any tree.



My cousin came over on Sunday to help me put the final touches on the tree. I pulled out a bottle of champagne and these gorgeous gold-rimmed champagne flutes… aren’t they pretty! I have so much glassware from Pier1 – the quality is great and the prices are always fantastic.. (can you believe these are only $8 each!?)

While we’re on non-tree related things, I also picked up this embossed birch wrapping paper and these furry wine bottle covers for my holiday gifts. Pier 1 really just does have everything a person needs for the holidays… from the tree + all the trimmings, to glassware and entertaining essentials, to gift wrap!





If I had to choose a favorite ornament it would probably be these mirrored stars. I love that they add a multi-dimensional effect to the tree since they are reflective.








Created in Partnership with Pier 1 Imports.

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  1. Tracy Schwartz says 11.30.16

    Gorgeous tree, Grace!

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Thank you Tracy!

  2. Jess Zimlich says 11.30.16

    It looks like the perfect size! Our apartment here in Chicago is significantly smaller than the one we had back in Kansas City and I’ve been struggling with what to do as far as a tree goes – might need a desktop one this year! haha. I don’t think there is any harm in decorating early if it makes you happy 🙂 I won’t tell you when I started listening to Christmas music…

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Hahaha I love it. I think you definitely need a tree – even if you do a desktop one… it just adds such a festive, happy touch! I didn’t have one last year and it made me sad!

  3. Dana says 11.30.16

    So beautiful! Love how festive your home feels! Also, can’t go wrong with a bottle of Veuve 😉

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Aw thank you Dana! I am so happy with how it all turned out – coming home to the tree all decorated + lit up makes me so happy!!!

  4. Sara Elizabeth says 11.30.16

    So festive! And it looks incredible in your apartment!

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Thank you so much! I’m really proud of how it all looks!!

  5. Breanna Marie says 11.30.16

    I start humming carols while washing dishes on Thanksgiving! I love the faux-fur tree skirt! It adds a lot of warmth!

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Ha! Love that. And agree on the skirt – definitely lends a nice cozy feel!!! xx

  6. Jenn Lake says 11.30.16

    So cute! This is giving me all of the holiday feels! Love it!

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Aw thank you Jenn!!! I love the holidays!

  7. Denise Atwood says 11.30.16

    Love this Grace, and love Tyrion’s stocking!!

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Aw thanks Mom 🙂 🙂 love you! xoxo

  8. Ashley says 11.30.16

    Where is your dress from???

  9. Sharon says 11.30.16

    Love the tree, but I’m obsessed with your dress! What brand is it? I have to get it for the holidays!

  10. Cy says 11.30.16

    You look so pretty with your hair up! Love the decor and the the dress. How do you keep Tyrian from taking down the tree? Minnie would be going crazy ( my kitty)

  11. Mary says 11.30.16

    I adore your shoes and your dress! So pretty!!! 🙂

  12. Sarah Lagen says 11.30.16

    Your tree looks great! We used to have a little skinny tree like this but I lost a few of the legs … (I’m not sure how you lose them, but I did!) I hope you had fun with your cousin decorating for the holidays!

    xo, Sarah

  13. Saba says 12.2.16

    So pretty! Do you have a post that is a “tour” of your apartment in general?

    • graceatwood says 12.2.16

      I don’t! To be honest my apartment is very small. Not sure I’d say it warrants a tour. But you can check out the “home” category for more pics 🙂