December + January Beauty Favorites.

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for a beauty video! In December’s craziness, I forgot to post a beauty favorites video SO there is quite a bit to talk about! There are eleven really fantastic products that I’ve featured this month (sorry, in the video I lie and say there are 10, evidently I can’t count). Oh and here is the sweater I am wearing! It will be in it’s own little outfit post soon but I am obsessed. Original Gangster for the win!

And for those of you who prefer to read vs. watch I provided a little more information about each product below. But videos are fun, so watch it if you can! And if you’d like to subscribe to my Youtube Channel I would be so very grateful… 🙂

Products Mentioned:

Olay Ribbons Body Wash // This body wash is so luxurious and creamy and the honey scent smells just like dessert. It’s a good one, and it’s also ultra affordable. If your skin is really dry like mine, your routine should start in the shower with something ultra rich and creamy like this.

Vapour Deodorant // GAHHHH you guys, I have raved and raved about this deodorant on my instagram stories but it just smells so good – and it’s all natural. It’s one of the best performing organic deodorants I’ve found and it also smells incredible (Palo Santo for the win!).

Tata Harper Eye Mask // This is supposed to be an eye mask (it’s ultra rich and creamy) but at night I just put it on and leave it on while I sleep. It’s super hydrating and mild and makes that sensitive area look so much better.

Neutrogena Skin Tint // This is a magical product. It isn’t quite foundation nor is it tinted moisturizer. It has this big wand (think of an oversized lipgloss applicator?) and leaves skin looking flawless, but like you aren’t wearing any makeup. I LOVE it.

Chuda Face Cream // My friend Lauren got me into this cream and it’s absolutely divine if you have dry skin like me. We both came to the consensus that it’s better than La Mer. (It’s also a lot less expensive and the jar lasts forever).

Perricone In Shower Face Mask // I love a good face mask, I love a good multi-tasker, and that makes this an instant favorite. It works with the steam in the shower to deep clean and soften your skin.

Maybelline Mascara // I like my lashes as long and fat as possible and this mascara makes them both of these things. It’s a really good one.

Kat Burki Vitamin C Face Cream // The fruit acids in this cream leave your skin so soft and glowy the next day. I’m halfway through the jar and completely obsessed. Also, it smells strangely of bananas. I cannot explain this but I like it… a lot.

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Stick in Copper // I don’t wear eyeshadow very often but I love the convenience of these shadow sticks and the copper color is SO pretty. It turns your eyelids into molten copper… so pretty, especially on blue eyes.


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Leave a Comment


  1. I’m looking for new cleansing oils to try after my current one (it’s just too expensive to keep rebuying, even though it’s so good!), so I’ll definitely make sure to try out the DHC one. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.9.18 Reply
    • Definitely give it a try – I loved it!

      1.9.18 Reply
    • MarciaMarciaMarcia:

      I’ve used DHC for a couple of years now. I beats others by a mile, both in how well it works and the price!

      1.12.18 Reply
  2. You’ve inspired me – I definitely want to try the Vapour deodorant!! Love your favorites videos. 🙂 Would you ever consider doing a how to video for winter layering clothes?

    1.9.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh please do! Have a feeling you will love!

      I’d think about that but honestly I don’t really layer!!!!

      1.9.18 Reply
  3. brittany:

    The neutrogena skin tint is a game changer! I’ve always loved their Hydro Boost, so to find it in a tinted version was so exciting, especially for winter skin!

    1.9.18 Reply
  4. leah:

    Grace – beauty product question for you. I understand that the eye area is super important to moisturize because the skin is so thin and prone to wrinkles. That being said – is there really a difference between eye cream and regular thick moisturizers (especially night cream)? My eyes never feel different when I use an eye cream vs when I just use my regular night cream. I’d love your insight!

    1.9.18 Reply
    • Hahaha, this is very funny as I have been thinking about it a LOT lately. When I was home for Christmas, I forgot eye cream so I used the Chuda all over my face and patted it on under my eyes as if it were eye cream… my skin was fine! My whole face is really dry and sensitive so I tend to use thick, creamy moisturizers (which are also great for undereye, if you think about it). The exception I would say is if you are using a Vitamin C cream like Kat Burki – you definitely don’t want those active ingredients near your eyes!!

      In all honesty, the Tata Harper eye mask feels a lot like the Chuda cream – deeply hydrating, comforting, etc. etc. So I would say you can probably get away with using a regular night cream on your eye area as long as it is mild and does not contain a lot of active ingredients (acids, vitamin C, in particular). he exception I would say is that a lot of eye creams target very specific things like dark circles (you want a brightener) or puffy bags (you want something like caffeine or a mild retinol to minimize that). An example of that is the VERSO eye cream I’ve written about here – it’s totally different from any cream I’ve ever tried, it really gets rid of bags AND dark circles. Magical product.

      I didn’t feel comfortable just giving you my $.02 – remember I am just a beauty product lover, not an expert or derm, so I did a bit of research!

      More Magazine says you don’t need it:

      Byrdie firmly disagrees (but raises a good point, in that most eye creams are tested by opthamologists whereas face creams are not):

      Honestly though, this is my favorite article and the one I agree with personally – it basically says, maybe you need an eye cream but it depends on your goals/skin. It basically says the same thing as my comment…

      Bottom line, if you don’t have specific concerns like dark circles and puffiness, I think you are fine. Just make sure whatever you are using is ultra mild and that area is so sensitive!!

      Hope this helps (and if any other readers are reading this comment, I’d love for y’all to weigh in!!!) xo

      1.9.18 Reply
      • leah:

        Thank you so much for the thorough comment and links to the relevant articles!! I appreciate it. I think I’ll stick with my (milder – thanks for raising that point in particular!) night creams for now. I seriously feel like I’ve tried 10 expensive eye creams over the years that have had little unique benefit. Thanks as always for your insight!

        1.9.18 Reply
  5. Cy:

    I always love your beauty picks! I just received the watermelon mask ( finally, Sephora was out of stock) and I love it. The link to the Kate Burke seems to be linked to their cleansing balm and not the c face cream, just to let you know. I love cleansing oils too, so will have to try DCH one soon. I also ordered the Farmacy cleansing balm and its gorgeous. Not as pricey as Eve Lom, but similar and organic. Thanks for the deodorant alternative. I’ve been using the Agent Nateur ( on your rec) which I quite like, but oddly thought the Shiva Rose scent worked a bit better than their classic scent does on me. I’m always up to try something new!

    1.9.18 Reply
    • Aw so glad you got the watermelon face mask, it’s amazing!

      I TOTALLY AGREE re: Agent Nateur – for whatever reason, the rose one works a lot better! (For the record, so does the mens’ one!) Strange! Give this one a try, I’m curious about your thoughts.

      1.9.18 Reply
  6. Alex:

    Great video, need to try the Vapour! Quick q. The Neutrogena skin tint looks a lot like Glossier’s — how would you compare?

    1.9.18 Reply
  7. the dhc cleansing oil and neutrogena skin tint have been added to my list! very interested in the skin tint. i enjoy glossier’s, but would love to try another option!

    1.9.18 Reply
  8. Shirley:

    Would you mind telling us the brand of the drink and where to buy? Thanks!

    1.10.18 Reply
    • It’s Health Ade Kombucha in Pomegranate. I got it on Foodkick but I’m sure a google search would point you in the right direction!

      1.10.18 Reply
  9. have you tried this? my hand to god, it is everything.

    1.24.18 Reply