Day Off!

Long weekends are such a treat.  For years, I worked in retail buying, and our holiday schedule was a bit sparse.  These days, I get most national holidays off and appreciate each and every one of them.  Having today off was particularly wonderful as I have been going non-stop since returning from Berlin.  I still feel tired, jet-lagged, and “behind” on so many things I need to do.  It’s nice to be able to relax a bit.

(Image via Mary Ruffle)

The boyfriend and I slept in today, and just finished up a late breakfast.  We’re trying to have a nice little “us day” before he heads out to LA for the week, but still be productive. 

This morning, we’ve decided to tackle his closet/bathroom situation and get him organized.  (Right now, it’s a clothing monstrosity,)  From there, he has meetings and I have some writing to do (for this week’s blog posts, as well as some guest posts for Birchbox, which will debut next week – I’m so so excited.)  After that, it’s loads more jewelry making.. and then as a treat, the boyfriend booked us massages at Townhouse Spa, which is (in my humble opinion,) the best massage in the city.

Tonight we’ll have dinner and then I have more writing and jewelry to make. 

Nice little day off, if you ask me!  Happy President’s Day, friends!

PS – If you missed yesterday’s DIY projects, check out my two faux fur neck warmers here and here

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