DANNIJO cravings..

Oh DANNIJO… they just have the best jewelry.  Over the years I have managed to find a few pairs of their earrings at sample sales, but my budget won’t allow for much else.  Still, a girl can dream!  Their statement-making necklaces are nothing short of amazing, and the two below are what I’m lusting for… (and, maybe, going to try and DIY my own little version.)
Serena was wearing this one (The Isadore) on last week’s Gossip Girl.  I fell head over heels in love.  It looks a little odd in the picture, but on, it’s just amazing.  It’s also $695, so it isn’t in my future, ever, but I’m thinking maybe I could craft up something similar.
And then there’s this one… the Gia.  Amazing.  It’s the embodiment of DANNIJO style.  Cool, effortless, perfect.  You could throw it on over anything and instantly, the most basic of outfits become stylish.  This one is $370, which almost feels affordable (when compared to the Isadore!) but still, not in my budget. 
I don’t know how the two girls who run DANNIJO do it… their pieces just get more and more unbelievably awesome every season!

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