Cutest Thing Ever…

For whatever reason, I have the hardest time in the world falling asleep at bedtime.  Put me in front of a TV, or give me a few glasses of wine, and I’m out.  I’m also an excellent napper.  But when it comes to actually going to bed, I can’t sleep.  My mind starts to race and I start to think about a million things… work, friends, family, blogging, shopping, arts & crafts projects… really anything.  You name it, I’m thinking about it… (when I should be sleeping.)

The one (simple) thing that works is getting into bed earlier than my “target” fall-asleep time and reading a book.  (Currently, I’m reading Bitter is the New Black, and it’s absolutely hysterical.)

There’s just one problem with this trick.  I sleep at the boyfriend’s apartment a lot, and his room is too dark for me to read.  Sometimes we’ll fall asleep with a movie, but otherwise I toss and I turn and usually end up in a terrible mood by morning.

Last night, he remedied this.  It was the cutest thing in the world.  He made me a nightstand by flipping over a bin, covering it with a tablecloth to make it look prettier.  Then, he moved one of his lamps over to my new nightstand, and voila… just like home.  I fell asleep with my book and slept fabulously.

It’s the little things…  🙂

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