Current Skincare Routine.

I try to keep the blog up as up to date as possible with my skincare routine, so here is the current lineup (as of July 2023!) I tend to focus on glow and hydration during the day and then at night I pull out the big guns with the more active ingredients.

Current Skincare Routine

Morning (think 7/7:30am):

This is pre workout, I just splash my face with cold water, and then apply a healthy dose of whatever moisturizer (nothing too fancy as this won’t be on the skin too long). Right now I’m using Pharrell’s moisturizer, it is nice but nothing special (I received a PR mailer for it).

Morning Part 2 (think 9:30 or so, post workout):

I work out at 8:15 and when I get home I will shower. I will do a gentle cleanser in the shower, and when I get out, I pat my skin dry. Then I will use the Dr. Dennis Gross LED eye mask for 3 minutes. Afterwards, I do his peel pad. I used to do these at night but find I like daytime better as a) the post shower routine works well and b) it creates a nice smooth canvas for makeup. While I wait the 2 minutes for the peel pad to work, I apply body moisturizers (Bum Bum Cream!). After that I use Rhode’s glazing milk (a hydrating toner), peptide glazing fluid, and bio restore cream. I am really loving this line (I was surprised, thought I was too old haha) but the products are great and give you that super hydrated, “glazed donut” look. They are pretty well priced too. Of course, SPF after. Usually Unseen Sunscreen.


I love a good double cleanse. I am loving Farmacy’s limited edition strawberry shortcake Green Clean cleanser (it smells so good) to start, and then the same brand’s gentle cleanser. Then, it’s just P50 (I use 1970), the U Beauty Eye Cream, and Augustinus Bader’s Rich Cream.

On my lips? Either U Beauty Lip Plasma or Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment (love the salted caramel!)

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  1. Leah:

    I’ve been curious about the Rhode line as well, cool to hear you are liking it! One thing that stood out to me reading about your routine, I think you may be over exfoliating. Both the P50 and the peel pads every day sounds like it might be too much. I *believe* you’re supposed to do one of those maybe 3x a week? Just wanted to throw that out there in case it is helpful!

    7.27.23 Reply
    • Hi Leah, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I worked with Dennis Gross and they said every day is okay and actually encouraged daily use of the peel pads!!!! I don’t always do both… in a “good day” I do. I tend to just look at how my skin is feeling and what it needs and this routine works well for me. I have dry skin and find this combo of exfoliating and hydrating gives me my personal best skin.

      7.28.23 Reply