Curl Power!

On November 15th, Paul Mitchell will be lighting up New York and LA in a major way… with your faces, live streamed for the world to see.  Just upload a picture with a short curl confession here.  Your photos will be projected on the hippest locales in NY and LA on November 15th.  Think of it as your 24 hours of fame!

Paul Mitchell wants to see passion, energy, excitement… and a fearless commitment to bringing your curls to life.  Curl POWER!  I pulled the above images from PM’s Facebook page – I think they demonstrate all of these things.  Curls are something to be celebrated!

Details:  All you have to do is submit your confession on Facebook, or post your #curlconfession via Twitter or Instagram anytime before 11:59EST on 11/14.  If you can’t be there to see it in person, projections will be streamed live, starting at 6pm EST on 11/15 for the NYC spectacle, and 6pm PST for the sister event in LA.

Images via here.  This post is brought to you by Paul Mitchell.

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