Craving: Hunter Dixon Neon Pink

Let it be said:  I don’t particularly care for pink.  Under ordinary circumstances, that is.  I have a few pink things in my closet…  a pair of satin pumps, a tulip skirt, and a cashmere sweater… but I can count my pink things on one hand.  It’s just too girly, too prissy, too frilly, not me.  My closet is filled with basic neutrals, and when I do go for color, it’s never pink.

Then, two years ago, I was introduced to Hunter Dixon.  It happened at a Gen Art shopping event.  The ever stylish Danielle Snyder (of DANNIJO) was manning the DANNIJO table, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her neon-pink blouse.  (It was the Mo Mo blouse, pictured at bottom left.)  It zipped up the front, with a fun ruffle collar.  A few stands over, there they were – racks and racks of that same blouse.  I chatted with the adorable designers and (while drooling over the entire line) nearly bought one, but for whatever reason, (probably guilt, as I’d already done a considerable amount of shopping,) I held back.

My decision still haunts me.  Two years later, I still want that neon pink blouse.  Or really, any one of their blouses – but it has to be in neon pink.  The Mo Mo, the Hazel, or the Sara Lib.  All of their blouses are beautifully designed… and all of the colors are great, but their neon pink is unparalleled. 

Right now, everything at the Hunter Dixon ecommerce site is 25% off.  (Use prom code HDPROMO25) The killer?  Not one neon pink blouse left.  I have been stalking the site daily to see if they add more colors, but ?no luck.  In the meantime, I got my pink fix at Forever 21 with a super soft $12 neon pink cardigan, but my craving has not been satiated.  I need the Hunter Dixon blouse. 

Hoping they restock in the New Year.  In the meantime, trust me – these blouses are pretty special.  To still be obsessing two years later, is a lot.

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