Cozy Things.


This weather — and being home with my family on Cape Cod — makes me crave all of the soft and cozy things. I was sort of a slob this year in what I packed for the break. Sweatpants, cozy leggings, worn in t-shirts, big cashmere sweaters, and my fave slippers. You’ll find me wandering around my house this week wearing all of the above, my winter scarf, probably holding my cat. #noshame. And also wearing all of my Christmas socks. My aunt gives us a pair every year and I’ve developed quite a nice collection! It’s nice to have softness and comfort be your top priority, every so often! Also, I’m just so obsessed with this heart t-shirt. It reminds me of something I had when I was little.

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  1. sasha:

    This looks perfect for a cozy week with your Family!

    12.23.14 Reply