Cozy in Cashmere.

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sweater // scarf // sunglasses // jeans // bag // heels


Today we’re going to talk about cashmere. I’ve said this before but I am a complete and utter cashmere addict. Great cashmere lasts forever and there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a thick buttery cashmere sweater on a cold day.

A few months ago, Grana approached me, asking if they could send over a few of their cashmere sweaters for me to try out. Grana is a Hong Kong based brand, with a focus on creating the best quality clothing at the best possible prices. They were so nice when they reached out. “Just try our cashmere,” they said… and so I did. I’ve had some bad cashmere experiences lately. There’s a brand I once shopped constantly that has started churning out scratchy, overpriced sweaters. Yuck.

But anyway, I opened up the box from Grana and was shocked because the quality of their product is amazing. Thick, buttery, crazy soft… for under $100! There are three key styles on the site – the boyfriend (slouchy with a v-neck), the classic crew (my personal fave // what I’m wearing in this post), and the scarf (so soft and only $59… makes for a great gift.) Consider me converted.

Also! Grana rarely discounts product (they aren’t participating in Cyber Monday today!) as their prices are already so low, but they are offering readers 10% off AND free shipping now through 12/30 with code GRACEXGRANA!

Shop the Post: Grana Cashmere Sweater (save 10% with code GRACEXGRANA through 12/30) // Grana Cashmere Scarf (save 10% with code GRACEXGRANA through 12/30)// Dior Sunglasses // 7 for all Mankind Jeans // Saint Laurent Bag // Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps

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I spoke extensively to the Grana team to get more information about their cashmere and have a few fun facts to share with you today (I hope you enjoy them as much as I do… my inner nerd always loves knowing the history stuff!)

  • Cashmere originates in Kashmir, India. The earliest uses of cashmere likely came in Nepal and parts of Persia, where tribes could harvest the wool of mountain goats to use for clothes. Monasteries could also use the wool of goats as an important source of insulation.
  • The Grana team spent a full year of trial and error and trips to find the right mill + quality pegged down, and determined that Mongolia produces the best cashmere. With altitudes up to 1500m above sea level and temperatures ranging between -40°C and +40°C, Mongolia has the perfect environment for producing cashmere that’s not only soft and warm but also lightweight and breathable.
  • In some countries (NZ, Australia and America) the fleece is shorn rather than combed. This results in a lot more raw material but a higher content of the coarse outer hair and therefore lower quality cashmere.
  • Mongolian Cashmere is removed by hand with bristly brushes that pull tufts of fleece from the animal as they are combed. The collected fibers are then combed and cleaned a total of 4 times. Any stray coarse hairs are removed during the combing process and they are recycled and used to make brushes or stiff interfacing fabrics.
  • The processed cashmere fibers left after combing and cleaning are called ‘virgin’ fibers, which are now ready to be spun into yarn and woven into clothing. Grana strives to use the longest fibers possible, which ultimately leads to reduced pilling. You can learn even more about Grana cashmere here!

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In partnership with Grana.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Melissa:

    Love this outfit. That bag….

    11.30.15 Reply
  2. Love the sweater!

    11.30.15 Reply
  3. Love it!

    11.30.15 Reply
  4. Skinny mini! You look awesome – love this cashmere, too!

    11.30.15 Reply
  5. Loved this post – aside from the outfit, I loved hearing more about cashmere! Since I work closely with fabrics for my job, I love hearing about garment/fabric techniques used! I’ll definitely be checking out Grana!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    11.30.15 Reply
  6. Those heels are phenomenal and I love seeing you in these pretty shades of blue!

    Wishes & Reality

    11.30.15 Reply
  7. The color of your YSL bag is amazing!! Love it


    11.30.15 Reply
  8. Natali:

    Fantastic sunnies and shoes, you look absolutely gorgeous from head to toe in this casual outfit!

    11.30.15 Reply
  9. Sasha:

    These shoes remind me of something a princess would wear:)

    11.30.15 Reply
  10. Those green heels are gorgeous! Add a fun touch to this more casual outfit.

    11.30.15 Reply
  11. Jill:

    Hi Grace – Do you mind sharing what size you are wearing in the photos? I think we are about the same size, so it would be really helpful to know. I have been wanting to pull the trigger on a couple of these sweaters for a while now. 🙂

    Thanks so much!


    11.30.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Jill,
      Of course! I’m wearing a size medium!

      11.30.15 Reply
    • V:

      Be VERY sure on sizes before ordering. I just learned the hard way that there’s a $75 charge for return shipping! I love the quality of what I ordered and would return for another size but don’t want to spend more.

      12.4.15 Reply
  12. Love this with the green shoes!
    – Belen
    Visit my work-life balance blog A Hint of Life

    11.30.15 Reply
  13. I love cozy cashmere sweaters! This outfit is so cute 🙂

    Dani |

    11.30.15 Reply
  14. Such a pretty outfit and I love your heels! Great style 🙂

    11.30.15 Reply
  15. marianne:

    Hi Grace:

    Love this photo! How would you compare the quality of this sweater with Everlane? I know you have endorsed Everlane in the past,

    Thanks so much. Marianne

    12.1.15 Reply
  16. I’m glad I read this post, I’ve been searching for afforable, but high quality cashmere and this may just be it! If only they weren’t almost completely sold out!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    12.1.15 Reply
  17. Woah those sunnies are SO cool!

    12.5.15 Reply